Want to Live a Healthy, Happy Life? Make Room for Creativity, Studies Show

No matter your background, skin color, or income, creativity is alive everywhere. 

Whether you’re an artist yourself or an engineer, creativity has had an impact on your life. It’s inspired the shows you watch, ads you see, and music you hear. 

Creativity is all about opening your mind to greater possibilities and finding a way to express them. It’s looking around you and absorbing inspiration even in the mundane moments of life. Best of all, creative expression brings you happiness.

Making room for creativity can lead to a healthy, happy life. If you don’t believe it, or even if you do, keep reading. 

It’s Limitless

One of the quickest ways to kill your mood is boredom. Studies have shown terrible results stemming from workplace boredom, such as dissatisfaction in life or aggression. 

Boredom is often created by completing the same task over and over, going until your brain seems fried. Creativity is wonderful in the fact that it contains no rules or limits. You can do anything you want. 

Because you can do anything you want, you never have to do the same thing twice if you wish not to. One day you could create a bowl with clay and the next you can pick up freelance writing

Exploring different avenues of creativity on a regular basis can add to a healthy, happy life. The only situation in which you might repetition is becoming better at a certain skill in your artwork. Trust us, it takes a lot of practice to draw human hands. 

Focus on the Moment

Becoming wrapped up in worry and anxiety leads to a decreased quality of life. Physically, it can cause headaches, upset stomach, and insomnia. No matter what side effect you may experience from anxiety, none of them are beneficial.

By expressing creativity, you’re engaging in activities that allow you to tune into the moment before you. You can let go of the stress from a recent breakup by focusing on creating a color palette for a painting. Forget about the angry customer you dealt with by diving into a new graphic design project.

A study has shown art reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is your body’s primary stress hormone. Reducing the amount of it is key when learning how to live a happy life. 

Take some time to go to the store and grab art supplies. Don’t worry about being good. Only focus on being creative best. 

If you aren’t even sure how to do that, click here to read more

Let It Out

Have you ever gone through the day with emotional weight on your chest? Has it ever aggravated you that you aren’t even able to pinpoint what’s bothering you?

Creativity is an awesome way to discover and let out emotions you could be bottling up inside yourself. It may seem silly to sit in front of a blank canvas with no plan of action, but sometimes putting yourself in a creative space is the best way to reach inside yourself. 

You don’t even have to make something. Sometimes all it takes is an empty house and blaring dance songs. Always remind yourself of the phrase, “Dance like no one’s watching.”

By keeping emotions bottled up, you increase your chances of aggressive outbursts or extreme sadness. These things can damage relationships or cause you to isolate yourself from things you love.

If creativity didn’t work, art therapy wouldn’t be so successful. Art therapy allows individuals to communicate emotion through creation and expression. Many times, individuals convey emotions in their art they weren’t even aware of. 

Appreciate the Outcome

During the process of creation, many artists experience frustration. Maybe they used the wrong color or made an error in the drawing. However, the greatest satisfaction comes at the end.

At the end of your creative process, you can step back and look at what you’ve done. When satisfaction hits you, you feel a sudden wave of joy. This joy is key to a healthy, happy life. 

Always keep in mind the view you’ll get once you finish the climb.

Create a Community

We aren’t sure who the longest living human is, but we are sure they didn’t make it through life alone. When you tap into your creative side, you also have the opportunity to tap into a community. 

There are plenty of people around you who share the same passions and interests you do. There are also plenty of people who could teach you a skill or two. Dive into your community while you create.

If your friend is great at drawing, ask them to help you. Take the dance class that caught your eye last week. Encourage your friends to start a band with you. 

Push Yourself

While challenges may not seem fun all the time, the results contribute to a healthy, happy life. Creativity always allows for improvement, and challenging yourself brings great results.

If you think you’ve mastered a creative skill, set strict guidelines for your next project that push you to think outside of the box. Tell yourself you can only paint with certain colors or you can’t write a poem less than 250 words.

Don’t get down on yourself if you fail a few times. You learn from failure. Sometimes failing can show you better ideas you wouldn’t have considered before. 

Do you want to take the extra mile? Once you complete a work, ask for honest feedback from people or take it to open mic night. You’ll be surprised what an honest critique can do for you. 

Creativity Contributes to a Healthy, Happy Life

A great way to work towards a healthy, happy life is diving into your creative side. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be artistic or good at making things. All you have to do is let go and try new things.

By just trying a new recipe or learning a dance, you let go of plenty of anxiety and challenge yourself. It helps you build community and leave boredom behind. 

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