What Are Rolling Papers? A Beginner’s Guide

Medical Marijuana on Rolling Tray with Papers

If you love a good toke and want to optimize how you use cannabis in your lifestyle, it doesn’t get better than having some solid papers. Once you find the brand you trust, you’ll make it your go-to way to smoke. 

So how can you find the right fit? Use the tips below so you can stock up on rolling papers. 

What are Rolling Papers?

First off, you might no have a clue of what rolling papers actually are. They’re razor-thin slips of paper, hemp, or other materials that are often sold many to a pack. You stuff your weed evenly in the papers, roll it tight but not too tight, seal it shut, and voila — you’ve just rolled the perfect joint. 

Finding your personal favorite weed rolling papers is a rite of passage. Before you rush out and buy a pack, you should understand the true value of switching to rolling papers. 

What are the Benefits of Rolling Papers?

So what makes papers so great? Each pack you buy comes with the following benefits:

1. It’s Healthier Than Some Other Methods

While smoking weed is less healthy than eating your THC in the form of edibles, smoking quality papers is one of the healthiest ways to smoke. 

It’s safer for your respiratory system than rolling blunts, which have tobacco, nicotine, and artificial chemicals. Joints also burn cooler, and won’t damage your lungs badly as hotter smoking methods. 

2. Rolling a Joint is Super Convenient

Rolling papers are also the best because they’re a low-maintenance way to smoke. A pack of 50 to 100 rolling papers is often smaller than a pack of gum. 

Grabbing some rolling papers out of your pocket or purse during date night is seamless and won’t break the vibe. You won’t have to worry about keeping a device clean or having fresh water available like you would for bowls or pipes. 

You also don’t have to wait for a device to charge as you would with vape pens. As long as you’ve got some papers, lighters, and a fresh bag of weed, you’re in the smoking business. 

3. You Can Taste the Weed

When you roll papers, you grow your appreciation of cannabis, because now you can actually taste it. Weed has hundreds of different terpenes that all have their own physical and chemical characteristics. 

You’ll develop your pallet with each puff, learning how the aroma and flavor notes correlate with the feeling that the cannabis gives you. Today’s cannabis aficionado treats their smoke the way that wine tasters appreciate their vino. 

The rolling papers act as the vessel while not blinding you to the taste and aroma notes of the plant itself. 

4. Many Rolling Papers are Made of Hemp and CBD

Rolling paper companies have also improved the way that they produce their papers. Instead of smoking actual paper, you can buy products that are made with organic hemp and CBD. 

Smoking hemp and CBD papers works with the weed since they come from the same plant. It’s a light smoke that is far better for you health-wise and is environmentally friendly. 

5. Smoking With Papers is More Discreet

You’ll also love rolling papers because they’re discreet.

Cannabis is still in iffy legal territory, depending on where you live. Even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use, you should still use discretion with how you use and travel with it. 

Keeping rolling papers on you is far more discreet than carrying around a bowl or other device. You can easily slide them in a bookbag, your pocket, or your glove box. Your papers will go through airport scans with no problem. 

How Can You Buy the Right Papers?

So what should you look for when it’s time to make a purchase? These tips will set you straight:

1. Try a Few Popular Brands and Develop Your Personal Tastes Through Smoke Sessions

You’ll want to try out a few brands to see which you prefer. That involves trial and error, so you won’t know what you like until you give them a few test runs via smoke sessions. 

You’ll find some papers lighter or heavier than others, or perhaps harder to roll. Some taste better than others. Think about what’s important to you when you shop for these papers. 

2. Look For Papers That Come With Filters, Cones or Other Options

You’ve got no shortage of options when you’re shopping for papers. 

Perhaps you prefer blank rolling papers. Lots of people swear by pre-rolled cones and won’t smoke any other kinds of joints. 

Try a few specialties and features and choose what’s best for you. 

3. Buy Papers That Burn Slow

You can’t compromise when considering how the papers burn. Papers that burn too fast make for an unpleasant smoke and a severe waste of weed. 

Choose papers that are the best so that you can relax and enjoy the smoke. 

Find Rolling Papers for Your Next Smoke Session

Whether you’re burning an Indica, Sativa, or a good hybrid, use these tips to buy the right rolling papers. 

Cannabis is a way of life, so little things like having a favorite set of papers matters. It’ll bring presence and consciousness to each smoke session, as you take time out to enjoy a little slice of life. 

We’ve got you covered when you want to learn more about papers and other topics. 

Check back for more 420 friendly content, in addition to articles about entertainment, travel, and so much more. 

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