What Are the Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana? A Beginner’s Guide

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It’s 4:20 AM, do you know where your tree apparatus is? You can’t sleep. You head to YouTube and you notice some videos on the marijuana industry in your recommended section.

As a non-smoker, you are clueless about how to smoke weed. You’ve been to parties in college but were always intimidated socially. In one of the videos, the influencer is showcasing the many ways to smoke marijuana.

This catches your attention and you want to try. School and work have been stressing you out. Everyone deserves some downtime.

Just like your grinder, we’ll break down the best ways to indulge. To find out what they are, take a puff and enjoy the content.

1. One-Hitter

For the stealth enthusiast, use a one-hitter. Whether in public or you just need to be discreet, a one-hitter is your choice. These devices resemble cigarettes and are perfect when you’re on the go and need a quick high.

While you can’t pack as much in the bowl, you’ll be sure to equip one in your 420 fanny pack. Get that hitter.

2. Joints

Smoking a joint is one of the classic ways to smoke marijuana. Your first time partaking is likely to have been with a joint. 

You’ll first want to learn how to properly roll a joint. The process takes a bit getting used to, but once you’ve got it you’ll be a pro. The only things you’ll need about 1-1.5 grams and a half of cannabis, rolling papers, a grinder, a tip, and a lighter.

Joints are great when social and/or for outdoor usage as well. Take in all that nature has to offer while you slowly inhale and exhale.

When going the joint route, your coin will go far. This makes the experience all the sweeter. That’s the joint, that’s the jam.

3. Blunts

A blunt is very similar to a joint. The main difference is that it’s combined with tobacco. You can achieve this phenomenon by cutting open a cigar and placing the weed inside.

These days, it’s much easier to get the blunt effect by buying tobacco-based blunt papers. Think of a blunt as a double whammy for getting high. You’ll reach the psychoactive states with the marijuana and feel calm from the nicotine.

Rather than rolling multiple joints, a blunt can save you a lot of time and effort. They’ll hold copious amounts of weed so you can kick back and enjoy your strain. Let’s be blunt about it.

4. Pipes

If you’re wondering how to use a pipe, then you’re in luck. One of the best ways to smoke marijuana is with a pipe.

Pipes for smoking weed are very beginner-friendly. If this is your first time smoking weed, a pipe is a sure-fire way to enjoy the experience to the max.

Not only is it fun to decide which one you’ll use, but they are also works of art. Soon enough you’ll have a glass pipe collection on display for your friends.

5. Vapes

This isn’t exactly smoking, but vaping is the next level. If you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to smoke marijuana, then look no further than a vape.

Without burning the weed, a vape will break down the weed through heat. It is a much cleaner experience sans carcinogens.

While it may not get you completely blitzed, a vaporizer is a quality choice. Welcome to the vape nation.

Explore the Many Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Is it 8:40 yet? With bloodshot eyes, you are blazed. You are highly looking forwards to all of the ways to smoke marijuana in the future.

Whether you’re a loner stoner or social “bud-er-fly”, we’ve got you covered. Reading and smoking go so well together. We recommend you sticky icky around on our blog!

By doing so, you’ll achieve higher levels of consciousness!

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