What Do Pawn Shops Buy? 5 Products Pawn Shop Owners Love

what do pawn shops buy

Currently, there are almost 10,000 pawn shops in the United States, with the largest concentration of them in Texas. They help many Americans out of tight financial spots by giving easy and quick loans.

Pawn shops have been immortalized on television with a variety of shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn. And while you may have found yourself engrossed in the show, you may have also wondered exactly what do pawn shops buy?

Read on for the top five things pawn shops go wild for.

1. Scrap Metal and Gems

Diamonds and gold will never go out of style, and will always be a good bet against inflation. As such, a pawn shop will almost always purchase scrap metal from you. Unlike electronics and other items you can take in like cars or electronics, gold, silver and other gems will never depreciate.

Alternatively, jewelry is also a good bet for pawnbrokers, so you’ll definitely be able to put jewelry you don’t want anymore up for sale.

2. Video Games and Consoles

Although electronics are a depreciating asset, meaning they have less of a market value as they age, they are still a good way to make a quick buck. If you’re looking to sell some old games or want to upgrade your console, you can get a few quick bucks from selling them to a pawn shop.

Keep in mind if you want to sell video games, you’ll need to sell more than one to see any real monetary return.

3. What Do Pawn Shops Buy? Luxury Handbags

Do you have an old Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag you bought 10 years ago or inherited from your rich great-aunt? If so, you’ll be able to get some quick cash for it from a pawn shop.

If your handbag is authentic, like jewelry and other vintage items, its value will appreciate over time. This, however, depends on its condition. If you want to get a high value from your item, it needs to be in good shape, free of flaws, marks, and imperfections.

4. Electronics

Any high-end electronic devices are a hot commodity for pawn shops. Think newer electronics, flat screen televisions and anything else that retails for a lot of money. Phones aren’t necessarily as big of an item unless they’re brand new and sell for thousands of dollars.

5. Musical Instruments

Any musician knows that musical instruments aren’t cheap, so they can sell for a good amount of money in a pawn shop. Like anything, they do need to be in good condition and playable in order to have them put up for sale.

Should You Take Your Items to a Pawn Shop?

If you cannot make ends meet, taking your item to a pawn shop can be a good idea to help get you through the month. They can also help you get quick cash for things you have hanging around in your home.

What do pawn shops buy? Honestly, just about anything as long as it has some kind of monetary value.

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