Wood You? 3 Cool Woodworking Projects That Are Beginner-Friendly

Carpenter working with electric planer on wooden plank in workshop.

Have you always wanted to build something of your own?

Woodworking can be a great way to relieve stress. The ability to make something out of nothing has captured the imagination of people for generations. The hobby of woodworking can feel exceedingly difficult when first starting out. However, it’s important to not get frustrated, like anything else there is a learning curve. You can still have plenty of fun when first starting out though.

Below are three cool woodworking projects that any beginner can do. Relax, have fun and enjoy the process!

1. Pallet Shelf

You can even reuse an old pallet for a more worn look!

The first of three cool woodworking projects is a pallet shelf. This project will need sandpaper, wood screws, a pallet, an 1/8 inch drill bit and any paint or stain you like. You will also need a drill, and a handsaw(or orbital saw if you have/know how to use one). 

A quick tip: it can be easier to paint each piece of wood first before assembly, but it’s not required. 

First, you will cut the pallet to meet the backing size you are looking for. After cutting the pallet, you will cut a wood board to fit exactly the length of the back of the pallet and then screw the two pieces together. From there you will have a pallet shelf, in which to hang and display anything you want!

Cool Woodworking Projects #2. Coat Rack

Woodworking can be a great way to build exactly what you need… for less!

You can easily create a coat rack that will look beautiful and will make your home feel less cluttered. If you want to do every step of the process with wood you find, why not try a log splitter that uses kinetic energy

In order to create your new coat rack, you will need a 6ft long piece of wood that is 1×4. You will also need any hangers that you feel would look best. From there you will screw the hangers onto the board, and then the board onto the wall. 

Don’t forget to paint or stain the board though! From there… hang up your coat you’ve done a great job!

3. Address Planter Box

Show off your new woodworking skills with a new address box.

This simple project won’t take you much longer than an hour and will be a beautiful addition to your entry. All you need is a drill, a sander, a cedar board, some wood stain, metal letters, and a fence picket. You will screw the fence picket to the cedar board, then tack the numbers to the top. 

After staining the board, you will add your succulents or other plants and you will be ready to hang it. With only an hour and minimal work, you have created something new and beautiful that makes your home feel like new.

Time to Make Something New

Do you think you are ready?

You can create something out of nothing. With only an hour of time, you can start to hone your craft. The three cool woodworking projects above are just the beginning. You can make anything with the right materials and time, all it takes is time and practice. 

If you have always wanted to learn woodworking it’s never been a better time to get started. You can create something beautiful today! 

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