Zodiac Elements: What They Have to Do with Your Tarot Choices

Tarot cards are a particular set of playing cards that are thought to connect a person with this world and the divine world. There are 78 cards in total, with 22 cards in the Major Arcana deck and 56 cards in the Minor Arcana deck.

Tarot cards, essentially, are used to tell your fortune. There are allegorical images on each card that can be used to interpret different meanings about your life, revealing events like marriage, birth, or death. 

Zodiac elements feature across tarot cards, extrinsically linked into their meaning. Get a firmer grasp on what this could mean for you when looking at the cards.

The Zodiac Elements of Tarot Cards

Every astrology sign is linked to a different tarot card in the Major Arcana. 

Astrology is more of a mathematical process that’s linked to where stars are located in the sky, while taro cards are more of a spiritual experience that’s focused on the mythical world. Linking the two brings together a powerful set of factors that can be used in psychic readings to bring a new level of insight into the fortune that the teller can read for you.

Your Zodiac sign can guide many things, and influence the way that you ask questions about the tarot reading that you’re going through. 

The Zodiac signs are linked to their own tarot cards, and the tarot cards can bring a great amount of detail into explaining your reading.

The Zodiac Signs

Whether you’re viewing your tarot card reading as a creative experience or as hard, solid truths, it helps to know what you’re getting yourself into. Once you know your star sign, see how it links into the Zodiac elements found below.

Pisces: The Moon Card

Pisces is a water sign, and is a highly emotional sign. This could affect the way that certain questions are asked or the way that information is received when learning about your card reading.

If the Moon Card appears during the tarot reading, then high emotion and energy of the Pisces might be in close proximity.

The Moon card could also be pointing that information is currently too obscured to see it clearly.

Aquarius: The Star Card

Aquarius is often mistaken as a water sign, but is actually an air sign. The most quirky sign out there, Aquarius is linked to the Star Card. This card could be telling you that there are beautiful things that are lying just in wait for you, and you only need be patient and wait.

Capricorn: The Devil Card

This earth sign is most likely to have been born a leader. They’re usually traditionalists and have a clear sense of right and wrong.

The Devil Card is asking you to let go of doing some things the wrong way, or else give up doing them at all. It also could mean that a Capricorn is simply about to deliver you a message.

Sagittarius: The Temperance Card

This fire sign is always changing and goes through a series of emotions. They have to balance their ever-constant energy and their large amount of love. The Temperance Card is asking you to invite that balance into your life, and explore how to work that out, potentially with travel.

Scorpio: The Death Card

You don’t have to be as alarmed as you think you might have to be if you pull a Death Card out of your tarot reading. It could just simply mean that a Scorpio has a message to give to you.

Scorpios are full of fiery passion and tend to cut people out of their lives in an escape from drama. This card can also mean that you’re ready to go through some sort of transformation in your life.

Libra: The Justice Card

Libras are all about being balanced, and it’s no surprise that the Justice Card denotes just about the same concept. Libras can’t stand to see conflict arise, so their card could mean that there is some sort of conflict in your life that needs to come to a close.

Virgo: The Hermit Card

This earth sign is a quiet and hardworking one. They’re introverted because they’re reflecting on life, and contemplating a spiritual existence.

Take a cue from the Hermit Card and move your life more slowly. There may be an answer inside yourself that you are looking for, but you’re moving too quickly to realize it.

Leo: The Strength Card

Leos are typically full of loyalty and fierce love.

You might need to gain more control over your world if you see the Strength Card, and gather the courage to be able to do so.

Cancer: The Chariot Card

This card is the ruler of family, children, and fertility in the Zodiac.

They are also hard workers and represent success. If you’ve put in a lot of hard work into a project lately, this could mean you’re going to see the fruits of your labor soon.

Gemini: The Lovers Card

It probably doesn’t take too much of a leap of logic to understand what might happen if you reveal this card in your reading.

As well as potentially spelling out a love connection, it could show that you need to be able to make decisions more clearly.

Taurus: The Heirophant Card

This card appears to those who need to do the right thing.

Taurus is a sign that’s rooted deep in traditional and classic ways of doing things, which might be a cue you need to follow to solve a dilemma.

Aries: The Emporer Card

The Emporer Card symbolizes decisions that are made quickly and fairly. You need to take the lead of a situation and stop letting it control you. It’s your turn to get the job done.

Follow that Sign

When you look at the Zodiac elements in your cards, they’re probably telling you to do something, or that something is about to happen. Do you need to improve your life? Work on your health and wellness?

Use your Zodiac signs to bring a positive experience to your life. Bettering yourself is all a part of the process, so learning what the stars are telling you to do can help you live a more fully realized life.

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