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10 Party Hacks to Turn Your Summer Hangout Into a Bash to Remember

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Summer is in full swing and with this season comes long nights, beach trips and memorable bashes with friends. If you’re looking to host some of that summer fun, you may be thinking about throwing an awesome bash in the coming months.

With hosting a party though comes a few things you need to consider…

What kind of party are you going to throw? What kind of food are you going to serve? How much is it all going to cost? Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you’re racking your brain as you’re trying to put together a day to remember this summer, our team is here to help!

Below, we’ve compiled our list of 10 awesome party hacks that will streamline your party planning process and make your event one for the ages!

1. Systematize Your Ice Cream

Ice cream is a summer party favorite but scooping it out can get a little messy. You can’t leave the ice cream tub outside for long and when you do, you’ll have multiple people scooping various sized scoops which makes portion control a mess.

To circumvent these issues, try one of our top party hacks!

Pre-scoop your ice cream into cups or even cupcake wrappers. Then, put the scoops in the freezer on a tray and every now and then, make your rounds asking people to grab one!

2. Get Creative When Cooking Corn

When you’re cooking for a lot of people, stove space is going to be at a premium. If you’re running into a stove top real estate issue and are planning on boiling corn, you can get creative and boil your corn in a cooler!

You heard that right!

Coolers provide great insulation for boiling water. That means you can put a ton of corn in a cooler, pour boiling water inside and let it cook out of your way!

3. Make Your Space Fun

Most people will be throwing their summer party in their backyard. To get the most out of your event, get creative with the seating you put out and your decor. Read more about where you can score awesome summer decor.

For example, create as many makeshift hangout areas as you can. You can partition these areas off with plants or other backyard items to give people a sense of privacy without completely cutting them off from the rest of the event.

4. Take Games Seriously

All of the party hacks in the world will be meaningless if your guests aren’t entertained. To get people having fun passively, spread a ton of games around your party that people can hop in and out of.

You can have a board game table going where people can grab games and take them back to their seats. You can have a couple of monitors out running party games on different game consoles people can have at.

It can also be fun to have one party wide game like a raffle or something that keeps people passively unified.

5. Water Balloon Ice Cubes

This is one of our favorite party hacks that ads a splash of practical decor to any event. Instead of keeping your drinks on ice, consider freezing water balloons and using those as your ice cubes.

The best part about this is that once your water balloons melt, you can use them for water balloon wars! Just make sure they’re fully melted before hitting people.

6. Make Opening Bottles a Cinch

If you’re serving bottled beverages at your party, don’t put your guests in a situation where they’re wandering around asking where they can find a bottle opener. Instead, use this tip which is a party hacks must:

Take a bottle opener and, with a fun looking ribbon, tether it to your cooler where people are pulling bottled beverages out of.

7. If You’re Not Going Disposable, Take Labels Seriously

This is one of our serious time-saving party hacks. If you’re looking to ditch disposable cups for your drinks, you’ll want to make sure guests label their glassware and use it throughout the night so you’re not left cleaning cups/finding more drinking apparatuses all night.

To do this, use gift tags you can string around the stem of your glass or easy to remove stickers you can have guests pop on their glass’ body.

8. Supply Sun Screen and Bug Spray

Looking for party hacks that will make your guests really happy? Have a bucket filled with sunscreen and bug spray out that people can use at their leisure.

Seriously. Nothing sends people home from a summer party faster than getting dangerous sun burns or being eaten alive.

You can help your guests avoid that fate by offering ways to safeguard themselves.

9. Use Your Washing Machine as a Big Cooler

If you’re looking for insanely creative party hacks or just don’t have a cooler big enough to accommodate your guests, your washing machine can help.

Just pour ice in it like you would any cooler and throw drinks in.

The big issue with this is that a cooler’s insulation is going to be better than your washing machine’s which means ice will melt faster. If you’re in a pinch though, this is a viable solution!

10. Keep Your Ice Cream Cones Drip-Free

Have you ever had an ice cream cone that after a while started dripping out from the bottom? Remember that sticky gross feeling it creates?

We certainly do.

That’s why, to make the possibility of drippy cones history, we recommend dropping a small marshmallow into your guest’s cones before scooping ice cream in. The marshmallow will act as a plug at the bottom of your cone keeping dripping at bay.

It’ll also serve as a delicious prize for people when they’ve finished their ice cream!

Wrapping Up Party Hacks for Your Summer Bash

Throwing a summer bash can be a fun and rewarding experience. In order to make your party one to remember and one that doesn’t bankrupt you, get creative in the way you optimize your guest’s experience!

We recommend going through the party hacks above and applying as many to your party as you deem appropriate. Just a few of them are sure to save you money and get guests talking about your party throwing ingenuity!

Looking for more of the best life hacks the internet has to offer? If so, check out more of our content on Curiosity Human today!

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