The 15 Best Things to Sell on Craigslist

best things to sell on craigslist

Looking to unload some things you no longer use? Need some extra cash for an upcoming holiday? Maybe you need to supplement your income on an ongoing basis.

Selling things on Craigslist is an easy and quick way to make some extra cash and clear out the attic. You can find anything you want, but the best things to sell on Craigslist will bring you the most cash quickly.

Take a look to see what is for sale, get an idea of what price you can get and open an account. It’s pretty easy and your turn over is pretty fast if it’s an item people need.

Here are some of the top-selling items.

Best Things To Sell on Craigslist

Even things that are not in top shape will sell, as the price to fix it may still be worth it to the buyer. Be sure to post it with a picture to get more people to look at your ad.

Ads without pictures get way less traffic, so take a few pictures from different angles to give people a great idea of what is on offer.

1. Computers

Any type of computer will sell quickly. The ones in good shape will get a better price, but people will also buy older models for parts, for other project and even for educational purposes.

Older, big desktop computers, tablets, laptops of all makes and sizes. These are always popular. People may want them for their child’s first computer, a backup laptop, just in case or to have in case they need to take parts from it later on.

2. Cell Phones

Hot ticket item will be your old cell phone. People lose their phones all the time, look for cheap deals and buy used phones for a second phone or one for their kids to have.

People like to upgrade all the time, as well, because they need to have the latest gadget. You may have just bought a new phone you don’t care for or you want to unload your old one.

Usually, after a few years, people tend to have a few sitting around. They might seem useless to you but someone will be happy to take them off your hands. Check out what prices are on similar items and price yours accordingly.

3. Appliances

Fridges, stoves, microwaves, but the smaller appliances, as well. Blenders, waffle makers, juicers are another hot items, depending on what diet fad is on at the moment.

Even appliances that no longer work will be sold for parts and for training new technicians at the local college. Vacuums, hair dryers, curling irons, irons, toasters. They all sell.

4. Cars

A good way to sell your car, get it listed and you will have people calling right away. Everyone loves to get a good deal on items that are normally expensive. Better response yet if it’s a vintage or sports car, or whatever is trending.

You can sell cars you think are only ready for the junkyard, as people love to get them back into running shape. They might need them for parts and they make great learning tools.

5. Bikes

Very popular. Kids bikes. Mountain bikes, motorbikes, they are always in demand. With the increase in transit prices, gas prices or the need to get a bit of exercise, they are always popular. If you have an exercise bike, throw that in, as well.

5. Homes

Not just for renting, but you can list a house for sale on Craigslist. Why not list it and see what happens. You might be surprised how quickly you get a response and an offer close to your asking price.

There are a few things you need to know about listing your house this way, so for detailed information from a professional, click here. It might actually save you a lot of money down the road buy listing your home on Craigslist.

6. Kids Items

Kids toys, bikes, games, clothing and any other gently used items you no longer use. These items are expensive to buy and they get used for short periods of time, as kids grow so fast.

Most items you have are likely in great, near-new condition, so you should be able to get a good price and send them off to someone who needs them. You can box up smaller items and sell them as a package.

7. Sex

If you’ve got some to sell, sex sells on Craigslist. It’s popular for both sexes to offer and seek sex trade workers and much safer than off the street. You can list very specific services offered and make very tight guidelines for yourself and clients.

8. Books

Not everyone likes the e-reader. With bookstores closing and everything moving techno, you can sell or even trade books with people who also love books. These can be sold in bunches if you have complete sets or if you have older, vintage books and first editions, these are still wanted by collectors.

9. Tools

If you have ever priced out some tools, you know how expensive they can be. Sell yours online to make someone happy and get a good price for them, while still saving someone money.

You can list them in a bunch or individually, depending on what you have and what shape they are in. Most tools of any quality can be repaired and polished up to look good, as they tend to work well for many years.

10. Furniture

All furniture will sell. Even the ragged old couch you’ve had for years might still seem like a heck of a bargain to a student, or someone looking for backyard furniture for their BBQ area.

Beds, couches, kitchen tables and chairs, end tables, anything you have that you don’t need will be happily bought up by someone happy to have it for a great price. Old dressers are also popular, as they can be easily refinished or repurposed for other useful items around the house.

11. Sporting Equipment

Exercise equipment, baseball mitts, ice and roller skates, knee and shoulder pads. These items are pricey and get used for maybe a season before junior loses interest. If you’ve got a bunch sitting around, make some hard-working parents happy by posting them for a good price.

12. Jewelry

You will always be able to sell your jewelry. Whether it’s grandma’s antique earrings or a box of costume pearls, someone will want them. Older jewelry may be wanted by artisans to melt down to make their own creations.

You may even get a better price on Craigslist than a jewellery dealer or pawnshop. You avoid paying the extras that are involved and they are only looking out for their own interests.

13. Tickets

Concert tickets you need to unload quickly when your plans get changed. The best place to list them for a quick sale. Even when it’s close to the actual date of the concert or event, people use Craigslist to look for these types of things all the time.

They may be barely listed before you get an offer. If it’s an event that is sold out, you may be able to get a better price than you paid for them, thereby making up for having to miss the event. Small consolation, but we take it where we can.

14. Yard Equipment

Moving to a condo or have decided to hire professionals to take care of your yard, list those hedge clippers, lawn mowers and all your rakes and other yard tools to make some cash and send to them to a home they will be loved.

Shine up the tools and lawn mower to make them look presentable and make sure they all work. Oil the hedge clippers to make sure they open and close easily. You will get a better price even with a little cleaning and polish added to them.

Even old planters and other

15. Clothing

Label clothing and newer clothes will move just as quickly as vintage dresses and accessories. Purses, name brand jeans and anything trendy at the moment will be gone in no time. Many people just want the label, they don’t care where they get it. Better used than a knock-off.

You’d be surprised what types of clothes that will sell. Children’s clothes, hats and other accessories like belts and shoes can be packaged up as a box of goodies for a set price.

A to Z

If you are tired of always having to move that stair exercise machine and tripping over that old printer, get them listed for sale. Take a look around your home, you probably have all the best things to sell on Craigslist without even knowing it.

Take a good look through your attic, your basement and your closets for all those items you no longer use. You could well be sitting on a lot of items you can sell and pay for your next vacation.

Once you have all that extra space and that money in the bank, here are a few more ideas of where to spend it. Please keep reading for some holiday tips.

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