12 Smoking Accessories Every Cannabis Lover Needs

smoking accessories

Smoking is different for different people.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, finding the right pot accessories to take your game from amateur to pro can be intimidating.

There’s so much to choose from, and how much of it is stuff you really need?

Join us today, as we break down twelve of our top-scoring smoking accessories, and why each one is going to change the way you smoke forever.

Grinders of All Shapes and Sizes

While pot has become available in more varieties than ever before, the number one option for smokers still has to be herbal. And where there’s herb, there are the most stoner gadgets of all time: the ever faithful grinder.

A cheap grinder makes for a quick solution to a simple problem. But, much like anything else, the lower the quality the more likely it is to break over time.

Ideally, you want a container made out of a sturdy material, with plenty of space to store what you grind, and a mesh sieve. In a perfect world, for a stoner of true style, you’ll also want to find a model with adjustable grinding settings.

What luck, then, that we’ve found the ideal grinder: the Kannastor SKJCL-M4-25. With dynamic stainless steel construction, and a multi-chamber design, it’s hard to imagine a better grinder out there.

Although, if you were going to try to find the best weed accessories out there, there’d be no better place to start than with this company.

A Better Stash Box

They say “home is where the heart is”. When it comes to good marijuana, though, “home is where the stash is” is closer to the truth.

But keeping it away from prying eyes is a problem we’ve all encountered at some point. Hence the proud tradition of the stash box: a container to keep your ground, separated, rolled or loose pot in when you don’t want it laying around.

Unfortunately, in most cases, these end up being old cigar boxes, shoe boxes, or cookie tins. Hardly the sign of a discerning smoker. If you’re going to take your weed romance to the next level, there’s no better place to start than with a truly great stash box.

Look for false-bottom drawers, miniature houses, gun replicas and other interesting boxes online. And take your time. The right box is out there and, once you have it, you’ll be ready to smoke in style.

CBD Candies

While it might sound like overselling it, there really is no gift out there with the universal appeal of some good candy. Perfect for any occasion, and discrete, these candies are not “for the kids”.

And, when it comes to marijuana candies, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Stylish box designs and a huge selection of flavors make these a far cry from the amateur pot shortbread or tacky gum of a few years ago.

We recommend the Punch Edibles line of chocolates for their potent effect and the fact that you can break off as much as you want. Be warned, though: we’re not kidding when we say “potent”.

Improved Ashtrays

Silicone ashtrays are the perfect stoner accessories for one reason: they never break. That alone should indicate why it’s time to make the shift if you haven’t already. You’ll also feel comfortable bringing it along with the rest of your supplies when you go traveling or make an appearance at a party.

And it’s not just ashtrays, either. Smoke killing containers help to put out your blunts in a hurry and cut down on smoke and most lingering smells quickly.

A Pot Cookbook

Pot has become a multimillion-dollar industry, with more people discovering it every year. And there’s no more awesome a use for your marijuana than in the kitchen.

Depending on your tastes, diet, ability, and interests, there is a weed cookbook on the market that fits your bill perfectly. Learn to cook, bake, and create mouthwatering desserts with your favorite herb and get ready to transform the way you get high. With everything from cookies to cocktails on the cards, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Some Organization

Another good way to improve your smoking experience is to invest in your smoking area. Specifically, in keeping your pot, tools, and surfaces clean and organized.

Some simple organizing accessories can help cut grime, keep your pot fresh, and create a first class smoke.

Some ideas to try include:

  • transparent plastic fishing tackle boxes
  • plastic labels for different strains
  • lighter supplies
  • a small brush to help clean up spills

Lighters That Mean Business

It’s a tale as old as time, and a problem that affects everyone from pot enthusiasts to casual cigarette smokers. You’ve got a generic lighter you’ve grown really comfortable with. You let someone borrow it with all the best intentions and like that, it’s gone forever.

Maybe this kind of mishap would be less common if we all used lighters we actually wanted to keep our eye on, though.

For the pot smoker in your life’s next birthday, consider a nice lighter. Different smokers are bound to have different opinions on what works best. Some go Zippo, keeping with the lighter fluid smell and copper hinges of old school smokers. Others go in for new technology, choosing lighters that use electrical currents or high-end heating coils.

This may sound reductionist, but really all you need is a good quality lighter of any build. The biggest concern you’ll likely want to keep in mind is finding a lighter that works upright or upside down, to make it easier on whoever’s using it. Check the reviews, find a design you think they’ll like, and it’s hard to make a truly bad choice.


Rolling is a special thing to everybody who does it. Some people are very proud of their finish. Others just use it to get to the end product: a serviceable joint.

Whatever the case, your rolling papers have a lot to do with what you smoke. And there is literally no way we can imagine to come out with a more majestic blunt than with 24 karat gold papers.

And there’s a lot to choose from, don’t get us wrong. You can try everything from fruit-flavored to Hello Kitty stamped and only scrape the surface of what’s out there. But, for your money, Shine 24K gold papers offer a masterful finish with barely any difference in taste. And, not that we’d expect a successful rolling paper to ever taste like metallic paint, but that alone has us sold.

Cannabis Candles

There’s no getting away from it: a huge part of the pot-smoking experience is the smell. There’s something about that wet, delicious aroma drifting around the living room that puts you in the right mood to unwind.

Enter pot candles. Packing in floral scents and a heady aroma, these are the thoughtful pot accessory that makes a house a home for any marijuana enthusiast.

And with advances in candle scent techniques, you don’t just have to settle for “generic marijuana” anymore, either. Spread the fragrance of your favorite indica or sativa strains any time of day, even when you’re not in the mood to smoke.

A Party Box

Maybe we’re overthinking what makes a perfect gift to your discerning pot friends (or yourself). Maybe you don’t need high-tech lighters or gold rolling sheets. Maybe the best way to step up your marijuana smoking is to smoke more.

You’ll be glad to know, that’s exactly what you get when you sign up for a weeb subscription box. Like cooking boxes come with recipes and outfit boxes come with suits, weed boxes bring great smoking supplies.

Our top recommendation here has to be the Daily High Club (formerly dollar high club). Monthly shipments include basic weed essentials to candies, paraphernalia, clothes, and glassware.

Vape Pens

With some smokers, there still seems to be a question of pride when it comes to smoking joints or opting to vape. Whatever your thoughts on the matter are, it’s hard to argue with the benefits of using a vape pen to enjoy your favorite herb (or, rather, some THC oil).

  • No fire or combustion means less stress on your lungs and throat when smoking
  • There’s a larger yield in a vape than from smoking joints
  • They’re more discreet
  • Compared to medical marijuana prices, vape pens are more cost-effective

A New Rolling Tray

The last piece of stoner tech on our list today may seem inconsequential, but it’s so important. If you’re cutting, rolling and working on the back of an old magazine, you’re underperforming.

Rolling trays make for a time-saving and attractive way to prepare your pot. Separate cutting and gathering areas mean you can work more effectively, with raised sides so you never spill anything.

Because if we cut bread and food on boards, why not our pot as well?

Smoking Accessories: A Whole New Ball Game

And there they are: twelve of the best smoking accessories on the market, today.

Did you find the best weed gadgets for your smoking kit? Get some inspiration for your smoking buddy’s next big Christmas gift? With so much to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Interested in discovering more of these and other great lifestyle blogs? Check out some of our other awesome articles, and sate your curiosity, today!

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