3 Awesome Gadgets That Can Make Kids At School Safer

kids at school

Over 215,000 students have experienced gun violence since the 1999 Columbine shooting.

Whether your a teacher or a parent, this statistic is scary. There are many safety measures on the market today that will help ease your worries.

Read below to discover three awesome gadgets that can make kids at school safer.

1. SwiftShield

The SwiftShield is the number one tool when it comes to keeping kids at school safe. It allows you to lock down a classroom in seconds. It’s easy to use so that all teachers or students are able to install it. You pick up the SwiftShield, slide it over the door handle, and secure it fast.

SwiftShield consists of reinforced carbon steel, which makes it indestructible. It’s designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. The SwiftShield also resists bullets fired from different types of firearms.

SwiftShield has a Shield Our Schools initiative. This invites corporate sponsors to invest in the safety of their local schools. The business joins an online listing as an official sponsor. They are also publicized to local media outlets.

2. BulletBlocker

The BulletBlocker is a protective backpack that parents can buy for their children. The company has seen sales rise over 300 percent due to the recent school shootings.

The backpacks come in different designs and sizes. To the untrained eye, they go unnoticed. The backpacks include ballistic panels that only weigh an extra 20 ounces.

The best part of BulletBlocker is that it’s mobile. It is wearable anywhere that danger or large crowds will be present. The BulletBlocker will move with your kids, protecting them no matter where they are.

3. The Sleeve

The sleeve door lock is a product of Fighting Chance Solutions. This company consists of a group of school employees looking for a safety solution. The Sleeve slides over the arm of a door closer to prevent the door from opening.

No door modifications are necessary for The Sleeve, making it quick and efficient. Its made of 12 gauge carbon steel and can withstand over 550 pounds of force.

Other Ways to Protect Kids at School

When it comes to children, there are never enough safety measures. If any of these gadgets save a life they are well worth the cost and effort. Once you have these safety measures in place, get creative with other ways to protect kids at school.

Offer a gun safety class in your community. Thinking you will be able to get rid of all guns is unrealistic. It’s better to make sure people know how to use, operate, and store their guns. Consider these tips:

  • Always store a gun unloaded.
  • Keep your ammunition stored in a place separate from the gun.
  • Never point a gun in someone’s direction.
  • Add gun locks to each firearm.
  • Buy a gun safe.

Surveillance videos are a great use of school technologies to protect children. Staff members can watch the cameras in real time. This will allow the staff member to notify officials immediately.

Read more about the need for surveillance cameras here.

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