4 Online Poker Tips That Will Help You Dominate Your Digital Competition

online poker tips

Good poker games may be harder to find at casinos these days, but online poker is currently in a new renaissance.

Over 20 million people play poker online every year, and with new online casinos popping up every day, this number looks like it’ll only grow more.

If you want to try your hand out on the digital felt, you should abide by these four essential online poker tips first.

1. Play a Single Table When Starting Out

Many new online poker players hear stories about people making hundreds of dollars a day playing online poker by playing several tables at once. But doing this as a beginner is a terrible idea, even if you’ve got tons of real-life poker experience under your belt.

Online poker is a different beast and it moves at a much faster pace. So start slow, and play one table at a time. Your bankroll will thank you.

2. Cut Out Distractions

You need to treat your online poker table like a real-life poker table. This means paying attention to your opponents, not browsing Twitter or checking your email if you’ve folded your hand pre-flop.

It’s much easier to get distracted on a computer, but if you aren’t tracking the other players’ habits, they’ll take all of your money.

3. Find Sites with the Biggest Fish

The easiest way to win money by playing poker is finding the easiest games available. With online poker, this means finding sites full of “fish,” a.k.a. weak and dumb players.

The big-name sites like Bovada, America’s Cardroom, 888 Poker, and PokerStars are all going to have pretty stiff competition.

But a site like Global Poker, in our experience anyway, has a much weaker player pool. A site like Global Poker also disallows the use of expensive Poker-tracking software that pros use to develop statistics on your playing habits, so the playing field is a bit more even.

But there are truly tons of online casinos you can get started at. If you need more recommendations, view here for more.

4. Capitalize On Your Big Hands

Poker isn’t like a slot machine. You actually have to play smart to win. In poker, that means capitalizing on your big hands (high suited connectors, face cards, pocket pairs, etc.) and folding or minimizing your losses with weak hands.

Typically, if you’ve got a big hand, the general wisdom is to hide it. But when you’re starting out in micro-stakes online poker games, there will almost always be someone willing to call your bets. So when you’ve got a big hand, bet big. You don’t have to worry too much about being transparent at this level.

And when you’ve got a bad hand, don’t try to get tricky. Because again, there will always be someone willing to call your bets if you’ve got a weak hand.

Now That You’ve Got These Online Poker Tips…

You should now be ready to hit those online poker tables and watch your winnings grow with these online poker tips.

If you want more advice on how to win big at the casino, online or in real life, check out our other article on the most profitable casino games with the friendliest odds.

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