8 Glaring Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair ASAP

air conditioning repair

There’s nothing worse than having AC problems when it’s hot outside. This is especially true during the dog days of summer when you tend to seek solace from the heat by heading indoors. We typically take good AC for granted until it goes out.

When you notice that the house isn’t staying as cool as usual, that’s when you know to call for air conditioning repair. But there are other signs that you’re having air conditioning problems. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you might notice that tell you it’s time to call for help.

8 Glaring Sign You Need Air Conditioning Repair ASAP

Have you noticed that your AC hasn’t been working quite as well as it used to? Here are 8 signs you need to have it looked at right away.

1. You’re House Isn’t Staying Cool

This is probably the most obvious sign you’ll notice when things aren’t running properly. The purpose of your AC unit is to keep your home nice and cool, so when this isn’t happening, something’s up.

If your house feels warmer than normal, be sure to check the thermostat. Perhaps the setting got changed by mistake. But if the setting is normal, yet the house is heating up, you know it might be time to call for repairs.

2. Reduced Airflow

It’s very possible that your AC unit is producing plenty of cool air, yet it’s not reaching the interior of the house where you need it. Airflow can get obstructed in a number of ways, keep it from flowing through the house as intended.

3. The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Your thermostat is the control unit in your home. It’s the device that allows you to control the temperature. When a thermostat breaks, you won’t be able to accurately gauge the temperature within your house.

The thermostat is designed to tell the AC how much cool air it needs to generate and then to measure that it’s doing its job properly. Signs that the thermostat isn’t functioning could be when the AC won’t turn on or off, or it runs for only short periods of time before shutting down.

A trained HVAC tech will need to take a look to see if the electrical components need to be replaced.

4. Air Conditioner Noises

When your AC unit is running normally and efficiently, it will hum along nice and quiet. But perhaps you’ve noticed that it has started making clunky noises, or bumps, or even whirring sounds. These are all sure signs that something is wrong.

Whatever kind of noise it might be making, the fact remains that your AC unit isn’t supposed to be making any noises at all. If it is, it’s likely broken.

We suggest paying close attention to any unusual sounds your unit might be making, and call for repairs as soon as possible. Failure to have it serviced could result in an expensive breakdown.

5. Your Energy Bill is Unusually High

No one likes paying unnecessarily high energy bills. And there’s nothing more frustrating than wasting money when your house isn’t staying cool. When your air conditioner is broken, your energy bill will likely go through the roof.

Keep in mind it’s more expensive to put off the repair and leave the unit running because you’ll be paying for cool air that you’re not actually getting to enjoy.

Be sure to always carefully read your energy bill. If it’s higher than usual, this is a sign that you need to investigate the problem.

Talking to a professional HVAC service company is the best way to learn more about keeping your AC unit in top running condition.

6. You Start Noticing Moisture and Leaks

Believe it or not, your air conditioner does more than you realize. It not only cools your home, it also removes moisture. Humidity can easily cause serious structural damage that requires expensive repairs. Living with moisture in your home begins to feel uncomfortable and gross.

Water leaking onto the floor might be evidence that the tube that disposes of condensation has become blocked or is broken.

Another sign to watch out for is freon refrigerant leaks. Freon is poisonous, thus not something you want to deal with or handle yourself.

7. Unpleasant Smells

Bad smells coming from your air conditioning could be caused by any number of things, including mold spores blowing into your home. This is a serious health risk that needs to be addressed immediately.

Keep in mind that bad smells are never simply bad smells. There is always a cause. Musty odors can indicate mold in the AC unit itself or in the ductwork. Foul or pungent odors normally means the wire insulation has become burned out. Pay close attention when the AC doesn’t smell right and call a licensed repair service right away.

8. Your AC Unit Stops Running

The surest sign that you have a serious air conditioning problem is if you notice that the unit has stopped running. HVAC units have a certain lifespan, and if yours is more than ten years old, you could reasonably expect it to die at any time.

Even though you might be very disciplined about keeping it serviced on an annual basis and regularly change filters, your AC unit simply won’t last forever. This is especially true in warmer, humid climates that require AC to run harder for more of the year.

So if you notice the unit doesn’t start running when turned on, this is pretty solid evidence that repair might not be enough to take care of the problem.

Recognizing AC Problems

Air conditioning troubleshooting starts with simply learning to be aware of the temperature within your home, and listening for unfamiliar noises. There are many things you might notice that will tip you off to the need for air conditioning repair.

There’s no science to recognizing air conditioning problems. It’s a useful skill that anyone can learn, and it will help keep your home cool year round.

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