Nothing But Net: 10 Hacks That Will Boost Your Home Internet Speed

increase wifi speed

Did you know that you can increase wifi speed at home?

In 2017, the FCC suggested that maybe Americans don’t need fast internet. But the backlash it got for this statement shows that nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you’ve wished for faster internet, you need the hacks that will let you speed up wifi. Countless people don’t have the internet speeds they need.

Ready to stop wishing and start web-surfing? Keep reading for our guide to how to increase wifi speed at home!

Check Your Speed

Before you do anything, you should check to see where your internet speed is currently at.

You need to find out how much speed you should be getting from your internet service provider (ISP), and how much speed you’re getting. So before you even do a speed test, check with your ISP and find out what level of internet speed you’re paying them for.

Keep in mind that even if you live in a rural area, you don’t have to settle for slow speeds – companies like Wave Direct still offer high-speed internet options.

You’re ISP likely won’t list the amount of speed you have in their information – just the package you’re signed up for. You can use the name of your service package to check the speed you should be getting on their website.

However, if the ISP doesn’t list speed minimums and maximums on your account, you might need to do some more research. You can usually call the company or use an online chat feature to get the answers you need.

Make sure to pay attention to maximums or where it says “up to.” They’ll probably advertise the maximum speed you could get with your package, but you likely will never have that speed. Instead, look at the minimum speed listed to make sure yours isn’t below it.

How to Run a Speed Test

Before you run an internet speed test, you should turn off any activities that take a lot of data. Turn off any online games, pause your downloads, and turn off music or videos that you were streaming.

The more devices you’re running, the slower the internet speed is going to be. You’ll get a more accurate measure to the available speed if it’s not being taken up by these things.

If you can, do the speed test in the hours that you typically use the internet most. However, if that’s not possible, it’s okay. Just make sure to pick the same time for your before and after speed tests, and run each test from the same speed testing site.

This helps you make sure the reading is as accurate as possible. There are several speed test sites you can use. It’s a good idea to get measures from a few of them, so you’ll know the results are accurate.

Ways to Increase Wifi Speed

Now that you know where your speed is lacking, it’s time to look for ways to boost it. These simple tips will help you get more from your internet.

1. Use Current Hardware

The latest technology will help you get faster internet. Make sure your router is up to date, and if it’s not, consider replacing it.

Some companies have even created small network routers that you can place around your home to make sure the wifi signal reaches every corner. You’ll use one as the base, and others plugged in around the house. You can set them up easily on your smartphone, and can make a big difference in your internet speeds.

2. Move Your Router

Instead of buying a new router, you can try moving the one you already have instead.

Everyone knows that routers are ugly. But if you’ve hidden yours behind layers of furniture, you might be hurting your internet speeds. For the best signal, your router needs to be uncovered and in the open.

Move any obstructions out of the way and make sure walls can’t block your connection. Place it on a table or another flat surface if you can. If not, find out if it has mounting holes so you can wall mount it or use a mounting bracket from a third-party company.

Place the antenna perpendicularly, and raise the router off the ground as much as possible. You might even put it on the highest floor of your house, like the attic. Finally, putting it at the center of your home will help make sure the signal reaches as many parts of the home as possible.

Sometimes, you can’t move your router because the internet connection enters your home at a specific place. Invest in long Ethernet cables and cable clips to fix this problem.

3. Choose the Best Wireless Channel

If you have neighbors nearby, their routers can interfere with your router. This makes the signal degrade so your internet isn’t as fast.

Your wireless router can operate on different channels, and the best channel will be the one with minimal interference. Try different channels and see if your connection changes.

4. Check Other Devices

In addition to your neighbors’ routers, other devices can mess with your internet signal too. Appliances like microwaves and even cordless phones can have an effect. Consider buying a dual band router, or moving your router away from the appliances that might be causing problems.

5. Use Security Measures

If your wifi isn’t protected, there will always be thieves who take it – and this leads to lower speeds for you.

Use cloaking to make sure people can’t connect to your network. You can hide it by hiding the name of the network, so people have to manually type it in to use it. And don’t forget to add a good password for protection.

Ready to Increase Wifi Speed?

It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to increase wifi speed. Follow these tips, and you should start to see results. But if you don’t, it’s time to look for a new ISP.

When you have a faster internet at home, you’ll feel inspired to make all kinds of other upgrades, such as turning your home into a smart home. For some ideas on how to get started, check out this guide to luxury appliances.

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