5 Ways to Cure Libido Loss in Men and Women

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1 in 5 men experience libido loss in their lifetime at some point, and unfortunately for women that number is much higher. The sexual frustration that comes with losing libido in women or men can make intimacy seem like a distant memory. With that being said, there are ways to combat libido loss for both sexes. 

This article outlines the 5 best ways to cure libido loss. So if you are ready to learn how to cure this common problem and reignite the flame then let’s get started!

1. Medications

There used to only be medication options for low libido in men, however, recent breakthroughs have brought possible cures for women who suffer from low libido as well. There are currently two FDA-approved medications for women that aim to cure the loss of libido and there are even more options for men. 

2. Hormonal Therapy 

In many cases, for both men and women, a loss of libido is due to a hormonal issue or Menopause in women. Hormonal therapy using hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen to correct imbalances that could be causing libido loss. Your doctor will most likely require some tests such as blood tests to make sure that this type of treatment is right for your needs. 

3. Couples Sex Play 

Sometimes the loss of libido can be caused by a loss of sexual desire or intimacy between partners. Engaging together in play like mutual masturbation or watching sexually charged movies could help rekindle the flame between couples who are both suffering from a loss of libido. Cam Girl Sins is an adult couples chat that could be just what the doctor ordered!

4. Sex Therapy 

Sex therapy is a type of therapy that is conducted by a licensed therapist who has a special focus on relationships and sex. In therapy issues such as body image, self-esteem, and communication are addressed in a safe space between couples. Sex therapy helps dive into the root causes of loss of libido and then aims to find the appropriate course of action to cure the problem. 

5. Lifestyle Changes

Loss in libido can be caused by certain lifestyle habits in both men and women. For example, smoking can lead to circulatory issues that could lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Diet is also a factor in libido loss. Not eating a healthy and balanced diet can affect the libido by causing issues like metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular problems. 

Managing Libido Loss

These 5 simple tips can help cure libido loss for both men and women. You must communicate with your partner openly and honestly about libido loss to help avoid any sexual frustration. Finally, always remember that you should communicate with your doctor before ever starting any kind of treatment for low libido. 

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