7 Crazy Facts About Gambling and Casinos You Never Knew

casino facts4.2 billion people have gambled at one point in their lives. That’s over half of the entire human population!

Casinos are like playgrounds for adults. They offer us the thrill and hope of walking away with a fortune while taking the risk of going home with nothing. It’s this “take a risk” factor that leaves us wanting more.

Anyone who’s ever gambled will know this thrill-seeking feeling, but there’s a lot you don’t know about gambling and casinos!

Read on to find out seven crazy gambling and casino facts you never knew!

1. Voluntarily Banning Yourself from a Casino is a Real Thing

If your affinity for gambling gets out of hand, then you can voluntarily ban yourself from ever stepping foot in one in some states. By voluntarily banning yourself from casinos, you make it a crime to gamble at any casino in that state. You can ban yourself anywhere from one year to a lifetime.

2. Penny Slots Pull in the Most Casino Profits

In 2016, penny slot machines pulled in over $7 billion in profit for casinos! Whereas, table games only made a profit of just over $4 billion. Number don’t lie, and we can understand how risking it all for that next interactive bonus seems totally worth it!

3. Card Counting is Legal Yet Totally Frowned Upon

Card counting has been popularized in movies such as Rain Main, 21 and even The Hangover, but if you get caught doing it the casino can throw you out. It is considered an “intelligent strategy” by the courts, but the casinos don’t tolerate it and can ban you from gambling at their casino.

4. Dealers Required to Reveal Their Hands to Cameras

Before leaving a card table, dealers are required to show their hands to a camera that verifies that they have not stolen any chips. It is known as “clearing your hands.” Cameras in the ceiling are constantly watching the dealer’s moves, and at the end of their shifts they must “dust” their hands and show their palms to the cameras.

5. Casinos are Designed to Keep You There

Casinos want you to lose track of time and continue playing as long as possible. This is achieved by designing casinos with no clocks or windows. The less you can gauge the time, the more money they make!

6. Average Loss Per Customer

The average monetary loss per customer is $80. The majority of casino profits are lost at none other than the slot machines. In fact, “Average Joes” playing slot machines are more profitable to casinos than high roller players.

Ironically, the best gambling odds come from table games! So next time you’re wooed by the flashy slot machines consider betting your money on a table Black Jack instead.

7. No Lottery for Nevada

Nevada casino’s headed the movement to outlaw the state lottery. Despite the potential tax benefits of having a state lottery, Nevada’s casino industry is a big proponent of outlawing it.

Mind Blown After Learning About These Casino Facts?

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