How to Win at the Slots: 10 Slot Do’s and Don’ts

how to win at the slots

If you were to ask 50 experienced slot players how to win at the slots, you’d likely get 50 different answers.

The one thing they would agree on is that cheating is a big no-no. Though live casinos are more vulnerable to scams than online casinos, the odds still won’t be on your side. Plus, this is a good way to warrant a stiff prison term.

Fortunately, trying to game the system is not the only slot machine strategy. Sure, the odds on the slots are unchanging. That said, some approaches may help you more than others — depending on your goals and strategy.

Want to find out how to win at slot machines? This list of 10 do’s and don’ts should help you out.

1. Do Consider Higher-Denomination Machines

It’s a known fact that higher-denomination machines yield higher payback percentages. Dollar slots pay more than quarter slots, which pay more than nickel slots, which in turn pay more than penny slots.

Of course, higher-denomination games also involve more risk. Betting $3 on a 3-coin slot will lose you more money on average than betting 40 cents on a 1-cent slot. In the end, it all comes down to what you want from a game.

2. Don’t Start Small

Some players assume that they won’t win straight away. To take advantage of this, they start with small bets and work their way up.

In slot terms, this method is called “priming the pump.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. No matter how much you bet, the payback percentages will stay the same.

Back in the day, pro slot player Chuck Flick did some extensive testing of this method. In an average of five trials, he had one winner and four losing sessions. This is a normal outcome even if you’re not priming the pump.

3. Do Stay Within Your Budget

Sure, slot machines are a great way to enter the gambling world. Nonetheless, most slot sessions will result in losing money. The only thing you can do about it is not to bet money that you can’t afford to lose.

As a general rule, your bankroll should cover at least 250 bets. This gives you a 90% chance to last three hours. If you tackle a dollar slot with a $200 bankroll, be prepared to walk away if things don’t work out.

4. Don’t Focus on Slots at the Ends of Rows

According to an old theory, slot machines at the end of rows are more likely to pay out. Why? Simple: those machines are visible to passers-by, and casinos want them to see slot players winning.

Even if this was true once, it’s not the case anymore. For starters, the obvious signs of winning are pretty much gone. In modern casinos, most slot machines pay out in bar-coded tickets instead of coins.

5. Do Take Advantage of Bonuses

The best slot machine strategy at your disposal is to give yourself as many advantages as you can. With online slots, that means taking notes of bonus packages. If you know where to look, there’s a lot you can get for free.

For example, take a look at what All Slots Casino is doing. Other than the generous welcome bonus (of up to $1300), they run many promotions throughout the year. Plus, their loyalty program is quite engaging.

6. Don’t Look for Near Misses

Before choosing their machine, many slot players like to do some scouting. They usually look for games with jackpot symbols on the screen that fall just short of winning. In other words, they’re scouting for the proverbial near misses.

Though scouting can add some interest to the games, it won’t tell you how to beat slot machines. No matter how close they are, near misses aren’t a sign of future outcomes.

7. Do Bet Enough on Progressive Slots

On progressive slot machines, each wager influences the jackpot. On 3-coin slots, for instance, you can’t win a progressive jackpot by betting one or two coins. Instead, landing the top combination will pay out a reduced fixed amount.

Interested in trying out a progressive slot machine? Make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot. If you’re not ready to bet that much, find a different game.

8. Don’t Test the String Theory

If you happen upon a 3-reel slot machine, you may be tempted to try out the string theory. As far as cheats go, this one is quite simple. You tie a coin to a string, drop it into the slot to trigger the mechanism, and pull it back out.

There are two vital reasons why this isn’t a good idea. First, today’s coin acceptance devices are more robust than in the old days. More importantly, you run the risk of being caught and prosecuted.

9. Do Avoid Video Reels

As you may know, video slot machines are getting more and more popular. To an extent, this is understandable. When compared to the traditional slots, video reels do seem a bit more attractive.

However, did you know is that video slot machines pay back less than the normal machines?

You see, all those video and entertainment features take a bit longer to display on the screen. During those precious moments, the casino isn’t making a profit. To account for it, they design these machines to take more money from customers.

10. Don’t Scout Other Machines

When it comes to finding the best slot machines to play on, you’ll hear many differing opinions. Some players like machines that have paid out big recently, figuring they’re “hot.” Others avoid them, believing they’re “due to go cold.”

As you may imagine, this is yet another faulty theory. Simply put, slot machines don’t do streaks. Every single spin of the machine is an independent event, and the percentage of past wins is irrelevant.

More on How to Win at the Slots

Hopefully, these slot machine tips will help you get more out of your games. Remember, choosing the right game will depend on your playing personality. Experiment with different slot machines, and you’re bound to find one you enjoy.

Want to know more about how to win at the slots? Interested in the different variations of online slot play? Take a look at our online slots guide!

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