7 Essential Sexual Wellness Tips for Men

sexual wellness

What if your sex life was dying and you didn’t even know it?

For men, sexual wellness is deeply tied to personal happiness. However, it’s easy for even a very healthy sex life to decline if you don’t work hard at keeping it strong.

Want to be as sexually healthy as possible for you and your partner? Keep reading to discover what sexual wellness is and our seven essential tips to preserve it!

What Is Sexual Wellness?

We hear the phrase “sexual wellness” quite often. Despite this, there is still a lot of confusion as to what the term really means.

Wellness is not tied into some kind of magic number of times to have sex in a given period. Instead, it refers to having a sex life that leaves you and your partner happy, healthy, and empowered.

That’s what makes these tips so important. Not only will they help improve sexual health, they will likely lead to more frequent sex with your partner!

Now that you know what sexual wellness is, let’s get on with the very first tip.

1. Have Sex Often

We know that it probably seems silly to encourage men to have more sex. After all, it’s a running joke in our culture that men think about sex all of the time, so you might expect that all men are already sharing this goal.

In reality, though, life often gets in the way. Children, jobs, and old-fashioned stress can put a serious dent in your sexual frequency.

However, it’s important for you and your partner to find time. In fact, your lives may be on the line: recent research shows that having sex three times a week or more may give you an extra decade of life!

2. Open Communication

If you’ve fallen into a sexual slump, then getting back to a regular sex life is an important way to improve sexual health. How do you have more sex with your partner, then? It all starts by asking them!

Yeah, yeah–we can hear you laughing. But most sex lives fizzle because partners are unsure of what the other wants. This may encompass everything from sexual frequency to sexual variety.

The key is to regularly talk about your mutual sexual life and needs. It may feel weird at first, but pretty soon, it will be a regular part of your relationship.

Trust us: regular communication is your key to regular sex!

3. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

For many men, things like alcohol and cigarettes (or maybe even harder substances) are a regular part of their lives. Unfortunately, these things often lead to your sex life suffering.

This may sound paradoxical because plenty of guys have fond memories of drunken nights of passion. However, regular drinking and smoking is bad for your overall health, and being healthy is key in how to improve your sex life.

Drinking less also makes you more fertile, which may make sex feel more passionate whether you are trying to have kids or not. Ultimately, your nights will be just as passionate…you’ll just be able to remember them better!

4. Vitamins

Speaking of fertility, there is another simple way to boost male fertility: vitamins. Despite this, many men do not take vitamins like they should.

Some men scoff at vitamin supplements because the supplements make them feel old. Other guys simply don’t want to worry about one more set of pills they need to take every day.

However, the whole point of supplements is to make you feel healthier, happier, and more vital. And when your body is feeling better than it has in years, it will show itself in more energetic and passionate lovemaking.

5. Understand Your Partner’s Changing Body

Your sex life is going to inevitably change as you and your partner get older. You understand some of the changes that have happened to your body. But do you understand the changes happening to hers?

By the mid-30s, a woman’s fertility has been cut in half, which may affect sexual desire. And things like childbirth may leave her with a stretched or dry vagina.

Later on, things like menopause can further reduce libido and add stress while removing confidence. And it can also lead to a dry or painful vagina.

Fortunately, these are all problems that you can solve together. Try to read more about the possibilities of vaginal rejuvenation!

6. Practice Self-Care

For some men, lack of sexual desire is a vicious cycle. They lack desire, they stress over lacking desire, and then they lack desire worse than ever.

As it turns out, though, stress probably created the initial lack of desire. And if you reduce stress, you may boost your sexual wellness. This means doing more of the things you love.

Maybe you need to exercise more or listen to some more music. Alternately, you can go out dancing like you used to do. Whatever it is, finding your happy place out in the world can help to make your bed a happy place once again.

7. Make Love Longer

In long-term relationships, there is always a danger of sex becoming transactional. That is, you each try to have an orgasm as quickly as possible and then call it a day.

Sex becomes boring when it becomes routine, and you may find each other avoiding sex like you avoid anything else that is boring. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this.

Try to concentrate on having sex for longer periods of time. Use this as an opportunity to change things up: new positions, new toys, and so on. Listen to music while you make love, and never stop communicating your needs to each other.

It’s actually pretty simple. If you want to improve sexual health, try having better and longer sex. The problem may just take care of itself!

The Bottom Line

You know now just how to improve your sexual wellness. But do you know where you can find out more?

Curiosity Human is devoted to giving you the information you want (and sometimes even info you didn’t know you wanted). To learn more about keeping your sex life healthy, come check out our Sex and Relationships section today!

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