Have You Found “The One”? 10 Soulmate Signs You Should Look For

soulmate signs

Soulmates aren’t a concept restricted to Disney films and romantic comedies. Finding “the one” drives a lot of people to spend time searching for their ideal relationship.

They’re not alone. 84 percent of online dating app users want to find a serious relationship.

But perhaps you’ve already found a relationship. It’s going well, and you’re wondering if they’re “the one.” Are you asking yourself how do you know you met your soulmate?

Read on to learn what soulmate signs you should look out for.

1. You Can’t Imagine Life Without Each Other

The initial phase of any relationship can feel like a whirlwind. You can’t get enough of each other and you’ll count down the days until you see each other again.

Part of this is down to good old-fashioned lust. It keeps us excited about each other while we get to know the other person.

But if you’re looking for signs you’ve met your soulmate, you need to go deeper.

Do you make each other better people? Is your communication clear and strong?

Most importantly, do you connect more deeply with each other than you have in the past?

These questions are good soulmate signs to look for. You want a relationship where you grow together. And if you can’t imagine building a life without your partner? Chances are, they’re a keeper.

2. You Don’t Feel Anything Is Missing from Your Life

Are you feeling content in your life? You still have ambitions, but you don’t have that nagging feeling something is missing?

Then it’s a good sign you’ve met your soulmate.

Your soulmate should complement your ambitions and dreams.

3. Do You Still Feel Excited to See Them?

As we said earlier, relationships mature with time. The initial ‘lovebirds’ phase gives way to something more meaningful but less ‘exciting’.

If you still get excited to see them, even once reality has set in, then it’s a good sign you’ve found the one.

Though there’s no harm in following these 10 tips for a swoon-worthy romantic dinner at home.

4. You Overcome Any Obstacles to the Relationship

Love doesn’t work with your schedule. So you might find your soulmate when it isn’t necessarily convenient.

Perhaps one of you lives in a different town. Or works strange shift patterns, making it difficult to meet up.

For some couples, these problems prove too great and the relationship breaks down.

One of the key soulmate signs is that you overcome these obstacles with ease. It’s as if they weren’t obstacles at all.

5. You’re Reading an Article About Soulmate Signs

The fact that you’re reading this article shows that on some level, you think this person is your soulmate. Trust your instincts!

Not yet dating your soulmate? Then reading this article shows you’re open to the possibility of meeting them. If you’re keen to start searching for your soulmate, start with a trusted service like iMarriages.

6. You Speak Each Other’s Love Language

Soulmates respect each other on a deeper level than ordinary couples. They understand each other’s emotional needs.

Dr. Gary Chapman popularized the notion of love languages. It’s the idea that people speak a given love ‘language’, like physical touch.

Or maybe you value gifts from each other. If he enjoys receiving, check out these unique gifts for your boyfriend.

By speaking your partner’s love language, rather than your own, you can help maintain that loving connection.

Soulmates do this instinctively, always caring about meeting their partner’s needs first. Because a partner whose needs are met can more easily meet the needs of their partner.

7. Soulmates Share the Same Future Vision

You and your soulmate might want slightly different things in the future. You might want a house with a garden. He wants an apartment with a roof terrace.

But for the things that matter? You share the same vision. You want the same lifestyle.

Ultimately, you want to build a life together. So if you think your current partner is the one? Try asking them what they want from the future.

If it’s the same as you, then they could be your soulmate.

8. You Bring out the Best in Each Other

Soulmates want the best for their partner. That can mean helping their partner be the best person they can be.

Because your soulmate knows how amazing you are, they can help you to express that yourself. And you’ll do the same for them.

It won’t always be easy. Sometimes, it’ll be painful.

But if you accept that both of you want the best for each other? Then it’s a good sign you’re soulmates.

9. You Can Cope When You’re Apart

The connection between soulmates is a special one. It’s built on security so they can feel the connection even when the other is away.

Soulmates can do their own thing without needing to be joined at the hip. But they always come back to each other to share their experiences.

If you can spend time apart without getting jealous or panicking about how much they care? They could be your soulmate.

10. You Share the Responsibility of Being Strong

How do you know if you found the one? You can take it in turns to be the ‘strong’ one.

This can be difficult, especially if the man feels he needs to be the strong one all the time. But in reality, there will be times when one needs to support the other.

Because soulmates want to support each other, they’re happy to step up and provide the strength the other needs.

How Many of These Soulmate Signs Can You Spot?

Now you know what soulmate signs to look out for in your brand new relationship. Hopefully, you’ll recognize a few from this list.

We wish you the very best success!

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with dating and romance, check out more of our articles. We’ve also got the latest on health, wellness, and much more.

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