7 Facts You Never Knew About Challenge Coins

More than 20,320 military officers return with serious injuries after overseas warfare as part of their duty. Most of these war veterans endure immense emotional, physical and mental torture. Challenge coins serve as part of the traditional recognition of these selfless individuals.

You may wonder what a challenge coin is especially if you do not have a military background. Do not worry, you are not alone. Challenge coins remain an uncommon concept despite these souvenirs bearing historic value.

Here’s all about challenge coins and why this memento is historical.

What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins have an indelible value, especially within the military. The souvenirs act as a symbol of hard work among service men and women. Since time immemorial, the military has been keen on the use of these artifacts to honor selflessness.

You may ask if these coins are your ordinary denominations. Challenge coins refer to small, metal like coins that have an indicative design. Different organizations use these kinds of coins to honor diligence and hard work.

Seven Things You Did Not Know About Challenge Coins?

The next time you need to honor employees, associates or coworkers you may need to consider challenge coins. The challenge coins have an emblem that is symbolic of honor. The insignia may include the organizations’ motto and individual fete.

Here are 7 more interesting facts about challenge coins.

1. Challenge Coins Have a Historical Background

Did you know that challenge coins date back to as early as a century ago? During World War I American soldiers would receive these coins as a sign of appreciation. The military tradition would continue into the 20th and the 21st century as an emblem of honor.

2. Each Coin Has a Unique Story Behind It

It is common for a soldier to receive a challenge coin from the president or senior commanders during a military event. What you may not know is that each time such servicemen receive this honor there is a unique story behind the coin. Often, challenge coins within the army act as a form of recognition upon graduation.

The military also gives challenge coins as a symbol of recognition for sacrifices made by war heroes. One of such examples is the recent honoring of the heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan. Within the forces, platoon commanders also give soldiers challenge coins as an indicator of being in one accord and a shared bond.

3. The Number of Service Coins Represent the Level of Seniority and Rank

Most retired or currently serving military officials hold on to hundreds of challenge coins. The coins are a representation of their rise through the ranks. The more the challenge coins the higher such officers may be high up the ranks.

4. Challenge Coins Have Monetary Value

Did you know that challenge coins can earn you thousands of dollars? Collectors hold sentimental value about challenge coins. The more challenge coins you have, the greater the likelihood that you may gain monetary value from them.

Struggling veterans have found these coins to have real exchange value in the streets. The extent of sentimental value attached to the coins makes them a valuable artifact. Collectors exchange the coins for money and later use the coins as artifacts in museums.

5. Challenge Coins Are Not a Reserve of the Military

This fact may shock you, but challenge coins are not a reserve of the military. Well, they used to be but this has since changed. At first, the use of challenge coins was enshrinement within the army, but this is changing gradually.
As a corporate sector manager or CEO, you may find these challenge coins as a valuable companion.

The challenge coins have become an acceptable tool used to recognize employees. The corporate setting is borrowing from the success that the military has had with challenge coins.

6. Challenge Coins Can Be a Tool for Fostering Motivation

The need to challenge the meaning of challenge coins among corporate leaders is due to the evolving focus on motivation. As a manager or employer, you may use challenge coins to motivate your staff towards a common course.

The evolving use of these emblems means that more organizations may be keen on challenge coins to foster intrinsic motivation. The coining of the insignia allows you to inscribe the name of the employee and the fete. This may contribute to the cultivation of a culture of recognition and appreciation.

7. Challenge Coins Can Be Utilizable to Commemorate Accomplishments

The world is changing and so are the perceptions around recognition. A challenge coin can be a sentimental award for achievement. Private Citizens can use challenge coins to recognize friends, relatives or colleagues for varying accomplishments.

The idea of challenge coins is evolving. As such, the gifts industry is warming up to the use of these emblems. The emblems are unique and personalized to fit the respective objectives.

Challenge coins make moments and events special. You can meet peoples’ intrinsic need for recognition through these special coins.

The Price of Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are a sentimental tool of honor and appreciation for various accomplishments. The pricing of these special coins may vary. The variance depends on the sizes, design and the color schemes on either side of the coin.

Once you provide the specifications, the designer does the rest. The Final coin is custom made to suit your needs. The pricing of the coins also depend on the dealer and the number of coins needed.

Where Can You Get Challenge Coins?

Challenge emblems have become accepted as a source of credit and appreciation. Different dealers offer varying options for these special coins depending on preference, design, and size. The dealers are both online and in physical shops across the country.

Look Into Challenge Coins for Your Next Gift Idea

Challenge coins will revolutionize the view you have about commemorations, anniversaries and other memorable events. As you consider a fancy and unique gift to mark a special event or achievement you can settle for these special coins.

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