Bottle up That Bathtub Beer: 5 Top Tips for Making Homemade Beer

Brewing your own homemade beer is an exciting way to take your love of beer to the next level.

But after you’ve done the essential how-to readings and bought all the equipment, you still might have a lot of questions. 

Don’t stress out. Read on for our top five home brewing tips to help you succeed in your new journey! 

1. Invest in a Chiller

After you’ve boiled the water, let the grains steep, and added some malt, it’s time to let your brew cool. You need to get the temperature down as quickly as possible so there’s no time for bacteria to grow and contaminate the mixture. 

You can throw some ice in your bathtub and hope for the best, but it’s much better to invest in a chiller. 

2. Make Your Own Yeast Starter

The quality of your yeast goes a long way in determining the overall taste and quality of your beer. The quantity is also important — which is why lots of homebrewers use yeast starters to lower how many yeast cells they need to use from each package. 

You can buy yeast starters, but it’s way easier and cheaper to just make your own twenty-four hours before you start your brew. 

3. Understand the Different Fermentations

All beer has yeast in it, but the way the yeast is used will change how your beer ferments. 

If you’re trying to make a lager, you’ll want to buy yeast that ferments at the bottom of the container. For ales, on the other hand, you need a yeast that ferments at the top. 

Make sure you learn about the process for each type of fermentation so you don’t get an unexpected surprise when you take a sip of your beer. 

4. Use a Glass Fermenter

The longest part of the beer brewing process is letting the mixture ferment. You’ll need to let it sit in a special container (a fermenter/carboy, depending on which name you prefer) for at least one to two weeks before it’s ready to serve.

You can buy plastic fermenters, but if you want your brew to last longer, shell out for a glass one instead. These are also much easier to keep clean — the last thing you want is to get sick from your homebrew. 

5. Take the Time to Bottle Your Beer

Finally, even though you can technically serve the beer out of your fermenter, take the time to bottle your beer. This will make it much easier to preserve and store if you’re not planning on drinking your batch all in one go. 

Bonus — this is also a fun way to feel like a legit brewer. If you really want to go the extra mile, take the time to create custom labels for your brand. Show them off when you bring a six-pack of your own beer to your friends! 

Sip on Your Delicious Homemade Beer

Learning how to brew your own beer is a fun (and delicious) experience. With these five tips, making homemade beer will be easier than ever. 

Don’t stop here — learn more about the history of bottling beer by discovering how bottle openers were invented. Cheers! 

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