Top 10 Weirdest Female Sex Toys

Hey, ladies! Today, you’ll encounter with the most erotic topic as we are going to share the top 10 weirdest female sex toys with you all.

With multiple features, various modifications and advancements, we’ll be revealing the top bizarre sex toys for women. Some of them are award winning, some are the most accessible, while some are too comfortable and easy to use or control. Counting from the Eiffel Tower Dildo to the Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator, here is the list of the most strange female sex toys for her which may be you haven’t tried yet but should.

Below is the list of Top 10 Weirdest Female Sex Toys

Eiffel Tower Dildo   –  Buy Now

Eiffel Tower Dildo Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

Are you seeking monumental pleasure? You should definitely spend on the Eiffel Tower Dildo. This dildo is manufactured with the same structure of France’s most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower, but in a small size obviously, LOL! It was even developed in France, adding to its originality. Constructed of body-safe materials, the Eiffel Tower Dildo stands arrogantly at 10.5 inches, with 6 inches of injectable length much more convenient than the real Eiffel Tower’s height of 1,063 feet. This female sex toy is kinda pleasing one to see and to feel both.

Ora 2   –  Buy Now

Ora 2 Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

LELO Ora 2 is the first ever award winning oral sex toy in 2014 to win a Cannes Lions Award. LELO started working on the product even after winning the award. Ora 2 is specially designed for women who will settle for nothing less than award-winning oral sex as the product 2 allows them to melt into a moment of authentic joy. It offers a better-than-real sensation of oral sex one want to have desperately and a must-have toy for every girl. The world’s most experienced Oral Sex Simulator is with her sleek midnight blue curves and revolving and rotating that can circle and shake averse to a clitoris like a tongue and vibrate at the same time.

Sqweel Go   –  Buy Now

Sqweel Go Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

Here comes the small, sexy and extremely powerful, the Sqweel Go oral sex simulator for ladies presenting the feeling of oral sex with the bonus of expert precision with certain powerful speeds and mouth watering patterns. The oral sex stimulator is USB rechargeable and usually pocket-size. With patters-light shudders, intense pulsation, fast licks, Sqweel Go offers certain advanced and modified features to the users to enjoy and feel pleasure. Having silicone tongues, the toy gives ultimate oral sex pleasure. It will provide incredible sensations as well as a sexually fascinating experience to the users that they won’t forget ever.

OhMiBod   –  Buy Now

OhMiBod Weirdest female Sex Toys (2)

OhMiBod is a musical-powered vibrating sex toy which is actually the device interprets an electronic music output into shakes and vibrations. The volume and beat of the music identify the strength of the vibrations. The website for this stupendous sex toy includes “Club Vibe” which allows users to unknowingly provide playlists and experiences. The users have a memorable and everlasting experience after using it. It is available in either Wireless Remote Control Mode or Club Mode. It is also rechargeable with a play time of up to certain hours on full charge.

Sh! Clitoral Pleasure Vibe   –  Buy Now

Sh! Clitoral Pleasure Vibe Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

Manufactured by Sh! The toy is a specially shaped vibrator designed to brace the sides of the clitoris, where many ladies realize the most pleasurable. With vibrating arms deliver tingling feelings to your erogenous zones, the sex toy is available with various vibration levels, escalation and pulse patterns to investigate. The user can enjoy the vibrator for longer sessions. It is easy to use and control this outstanding vibrator. To increase the life of the toy, it is always recommended to remove batteries from your vibrator. The beautiful and attractive sex toy is a reliable device.

The Sybian Machine   –  Buy Now

The Sybian Machine Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

Melissa Jones, the Executive Director of Sexology Institute assures the provision of the ultimate, transcendent, full-bodied orgasm by the Sybian machine. She added that only Sybian presents the highest degree of sexual excitation that no other sex toy can offer. It raises female pleasure beyond all imaginable pinnacles and lives at the core of our orgasm-training program. The Sybian provides the fundamental, unique, full-bodied orgasm. At ‘, an experience of a woman has been shared thanking Sybian for the orgasms she has and for the sexual pleasure she feels in her married life. Girls usually enjoy using it and share their memorable experiences as recommendations for others.

Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure Balls   –  Buy Now

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

It’s almost impossible that you are fond of erotic movies and other sex-related stuff and you missed the movie ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. In that movie, a toy has been shown which got fame after that movie as people started using the sex toy frequently. They are made of smooth and solid metal with a combined weight of approximately 221 g. They are available online so don’t miss a chance to experience the most interesting and exciting sex toy. The heightened pleasure while playing with these balls is beyond words.

WV4 Plus

WV4 Plus Weirdest female Sex Toys

Here comes the best sex toy for couples. The We-Vibe 4 has been frequently used and has given a weird but awesome experience to the users. The device is manufactured like an oblong C  is having one end of the toy inserts inside you (the G-spot stimulator), while the other, larger point rests on your labia (the clitoral stimulator). Once you firm the vibrator on your vagina, it will set and you can regulate your vibration.

Cupid’s G-spot Smoothie Vibrator   –  Buy Now

Cupid’s G-spot Smoothie Vibrator Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

It’s time to try Cupid’s G-spot smoothie vibrator as it’s made all the easier with a g-spot vibe. Designed to set inside you with the tip angled so it will massage on your g-spot, the Cupid’s G-spot Smoothie Vibrator also has five various settings which you may well require, as many women realize g-spot stimulation even acuter than their clitoris. The users need to explore the features and encounter the best feeling they could ever have.

Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator   –  Buy Now

Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator Weirdest female Sex Toys-min

The Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator is available with luxurious silicone plating,  giving you the sensations of very strong vibrations. They are waterproof and very expensive as well. The controls may be tricky for the users.

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