Growing Marijuana for Beginners: The 7 Easiest Strains to Grow

Do you want to grow cannabis, but are totally new to it? Start with the easy strains. Here are the 9 easiest strains to grow for marijuana.

Not all marijuana is created equal.

Different strains of cannabis can vary in potency, flavor, color, and resilience. While some strains require fewer nutrients, others can survive tough diseases or droughts.

As a beginner, there are a number of marijuana strains that are more forgiving and easier to grow, all while still giving you quality bud. For your first crop, keep things simple and stick to something that won’t give you much trouble.

But, where do you start?

Novice strains are less demanding than some of their pickier counterparts, and they tend to be some of the easiest strains to grow. In this guide, we’ll run you through some of the best marijuana strains for beginners so you can start off on the right foot.

What to Look For

When you’re choosing the easiest weed to grow, here are some things you should look out for:

  • Hardiness (resistance to weather, disease, insects, etc)
  • High yield (how much the plant will produce)
  • Autoflowering (no required light regulation for your plants)
  • Good potency/THC (how powerful the strain will be)

You want a plant that can fend for itself against something like cold weather, drought, disease or insects. A plant that’s too fussy about light schedules, watering or nutrient levels may not work out. All it takes is one slip up for your plants to suffer.

Natural resilience, an easy budding process, and a high-quality product are key to finding the right strain of marijuana for you.

Also, don’t shell out more than $10 per seed on your first grow. A lot of things can go wrong and there’s no guarantee you’ll have a successful yield. Especially if you’re planning on selling your marijuana, don’t break the bank on your first try.

Of course, you can’t forget about all the external factors that influence the success of your plant. Be sure that you do your research and have a great growing space. Humidity, flowering time, watering schedules, and lighting can have a huge impact on whether your crop makes it or not.

Once you feel ready to take on more difficult strains, discover more about advanced marijuana growing techniques so you can take on new challenges.

Easiest Strains to Grow

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of having your own successful crop of marijuana.

For beginners, there can be a pretty steep learning curve. But even if you don’t know much about growing cannabis, you can still be a successful grower if you put the time and effort into it.

If you’re just starting out–or you’re just looking for an easy strain–there’s no need for you to lose out. There are plenty of marijuana strains that are simple to grow and still produce high-quality bud.

Here are the top seven easiest strains to grow for you to try.

1. Blue Dream

This strain is one of the most popular for novice growers.

It’s easily available for both growers and consumers. Blue Dream’s popularity stems in part from its sweet berry fragrance and mellow high.

It’s one of the best indoor strains but can thrive in an outdoor climate as well. Blue Dream grows tall, so be sure to give it plenty of trellis support.

2. Northern Light

Another popular strain for beginners is Northern Light.

Northern Light is one of the legends of the cannabis world. The roots of this plant can be traced back to Afghanistan and Thailand, and it provides a strong, long-lasting buzz.

This strain is mid-sized and can be harvested after just 6-7 weeks of flowering. Because it thrives in warmer temperatures, this is the best strain to grow indoors.

3. Easy Bud

As the name suggests, you can’t get much easier than Easy Bud.

This is a well-rounded choice for beginners who want a good introductory plant. It can grow anywhere — outdoors or indoors — and produces a high yield.

It’s an auto-flowering strain which provides a nice, easy grow for beginners.

4. Skunk XL

This hybrid strain is based on the classic Skunk cannabis that was developed back in the 1970s.

It’s known to be a low maintenance plant which can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. It flowers after 7-8 weeks and provides bud with a sweet, fruity taste.

For a relatively low effort plant, the yield and potency are pretty high. This is a great choice if you want to get the most out of your time and energy.

5. Green Crack

While this one might be hard to find outside the West Coast, it’s a long-standing popular strain in California.

With a sweet, citrus taste and high-energy effects, this strain gives an uplifting and unique high.

Sativa-dominant plants are usually hard to grow, but Green Crack is more manageable than other plants of its kind. It has a quick flowering time and a high yield.

6. White Widow

This 50-50 hybrid strain first came to popularity in Holland during the 1990s and is considered a legendary Dutch strain.

It has a clean, citrusy taste with a high yield and 19% THC.

White Widow is known for its resilience in any weather conditions and can handle fluctuations in humidity or temperature.

7. Black Domino

This strain is popular because of its unique, smoky taste.

Black Domino is mainly indica, which gives it the bold, spicy flavor and intense high. It also works great for chronic pain or sleep issues.

For its powerful high, Black Domino has a relatively quick flowering time and can handle less than optimal weather conditions.

The Bottom Line

If you’re just starting out growing your own marijuana, it’s best to steer clear of the more advanced strains.

Turning to some of these beginner strains instead can help ease you into the growing process. These hardy, low maintenance plants are some of the easiest strains to grow so you can enjoy your first crop without the hassle.

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