Here’s the Complete Wedding Checklist for the Best Man

Did you know that 48.2% of all Americans age 15 and over are married?

If you’ve got a lot of friends then the chances are that you’ll be attending one or several weddings in the future and some may even ask you to be the best man.

Keep reading to discover what the best man’s role is and use our best man checklist guide to make sure you help out your best friend as much as possible.

What Is the Role of Best Man?

If you’ve never been a best man before then you might be a little overwhelmed and feel out of your depth. But don’t worry, we have a complete checklist with everything you need to do to fulfill your best man duties. 

Firstly, the role of the best man is to provide assistance to the lucky couple throughout the planning process and during the wedding itself.

Common best man’s duties include:

  • giving moral support to the groom
  • giving your opinion on the wedding venue and the things needed for the wedding
  • organizing a bachelor party
  • ensuring the groom looks amazing on the day
  • producing a speech at the wedding reception
  • and much more.

Basically, your job as a best man is to help out the bride and the groom to ensure that they have a truly unforgettable time. The role of the best man will include being a best friend, being a confidant, being a brother, and taking initiative. 

The Best Man’s Complete Checklist

The first thing you might have to do is help the groom choose an engagement ring for the bride. This might even be before the groom has asked you to be his best man. The most important thing to remember here is to give your honest opinion about the rings and remind the groom of his budget and requirements.

1. Shop for Formalwear

As the best man, you need to make sure that the groomsmen and the groom all have the correct formalwear. This might include shopping with the groom to find kick-ass suits, having them tailored to each man’s measurements, and collecting the suits when they are ready.

2. Provide Assistance and Give Encouragement

Some grooms might take control of the planning process and want to do it with their bride-to-be, while others might want their best man to be more involved. For example, the groom might ask you to visit the wedding venues with him and help select the best one.

Whatever the groom asks you to do, always make sure you can help him out. You should also always provide encouragement and support, after all, weddings can be very stressful to organize. 

3. Organize the Bachelor Party

Perhaps the most enjoyable part about being a best man is designing a bachelor party. The bachelor party should be a fun day, night, or several days and nights filled with activities that the groom will enjoy doing. It is a celebration of your friend’s last few days as an unmarried man.

Tailor the bachelor party to suit what the groom loves. For example, if he is an outdoorsy man who loves kayaking and waterparks then you could book this stag party weekend. Or if the groom loves cars and racing then you could organize a day on a racetrack. 

4. Help Wedding Guests

During the wedding planning and at the wedding, it is very important that you’re approachable and help the wedding guests. Before the wedding, some might want to ask questions about the events and the venue so make sure you’re clued up and on hand to answer any queries. 

During the wedding, you also need to make sure you’re playing host and greeting the wedding guests. You should also be assisting the guests with any issues they might be having, such as finding the toilets.

5. Craft a Killer Best Man Speech

At the wedding reception, you’ll be called upon to say a few words so make sure you’re prepared. Creating a best man speech is no easy feat, but it’s all about speaking from the heart and throwing in some jokes can help to engage with the wedding guests. 

You might choose to run the speech by the groom before the big day and make sure he is happy with what you’re about the say. 

6. Keep the Wedding Running on Schedule

During the wedding, it is important that the events run on time so make sure you know about what is supposed to be happening and when. Ask the bride and groom for the wedding’s schedule so you can help keep the day running as smoothly as possible. 

7. Sign the Marriage License

Once the ceremony is finished, you’ll need to sign the marriage license as a witness. This is a very important part of the day because, without the marriage license, the couple isn’t married.

8. Pose for Pictures

The bride and groom will have organized a wedding photographer to come and document their big day, so it is important that you are present for the photos. Make sure that you and the rest of the people in the photos look presentable and are smiling. These pictures will be very important for the bride and the groom. 

9. Have a Good Time and Enjoy Yourself

After you’ve completed all of the things on our checklist, be sure to have a good time and enjoy the wedding. The celebration is meant to bring friends and family together to take part in a very big day in the bride and groom’s life.

Become the Best Man You Can With Our Best Man Checklist

Take control of your best man’s duties by following our best man checklist. By following our complete checklist you’ll be sure to be the greatest best man this world has ever seen. Remember to offer help, advice, and assistance wherever you can during the wedding planning and the wedding itself, to help relieve stress from the groom. 

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