Holier Than Thou Presents: 4 Religious Gifts for the Believer in Your Life

“Happy wedding/birthday/anniversary to you, my Christian friend! I had no idea what to get you so I got you a generic gift card!”

Does this sound like you? Sometimes people who are very religious are hard to shop for.

Want to make sure you’re getting religious gifts that they’ll love without having to pray for inspiration? We’ve got some suggestions below.

1. A Fancy Bible

There’s no doubt that your religious friend has a bible, but do they have a bible that has room for notes? One with a personalized cover? You can get some really pretty bibles with leather name-stamped covers.

There are also color-the-cover Bibles and those with some (but not a ton of) illustrations. If they have a child a kid’s bible is always a good gift idea.

What about a couples Bible? That would make a great engagement or wedding present for the couple that has three people in their relationship – Them, their spouse, and God.

2. A Specialized Psalm

If you didn’t know, Psalms are like little sayings from the bible. One such Psalm says “He counts the stars and calls them all by name”, which is from Psalm 147.4.

You can find about anything with a Psalm on it, from posters to water bottles, to car decals. The best way to find a Psalm you like is to Google “Psalms about” and then your favorite thing about the person.

So if they’re a great friend, you’d do “Psalms about friendship”. From there you can find the number of the Psalm you like and shop for items with that quote from there.

Can’t find a Psalm that you love? How about gifting them a book of Psalms for friends, or new moms, or even an adult coloring book?

3. A He > i Decal or Ring

If you’ve driven around and seen decals that say He > i, you may have wondered what it meant.

It’s a Christian movement that means He (god) is bigger than I (myself). For those that subscribe to this movement, it’s a reminder that there’s a guiding force and that they can and should be humble.

You can get the decal on jewelry, water bottles, and even in a plain vinyl decal so they can put it on anything they choose.

4. Christian Wall Art

When we say Christian art, we don’t mean you have to gift them a photo of the crucifixion, with all the gory details. The holyart can be anything that references god in an artistic away.

A lot of people have canvases of bible verses or psalms they love on their walls. If you’d like to go all out for your present, you can find metal cutouts of these verses which give their walls a 3D effect.

Look online and in stores like HomeGoods for these items.

Religious Gifts

The best thing about religious gifts is that most Christians can find a way to love the verse or Psalm you chose for them. Leave them a little note about why you chose what you did, and don’t be surprised if it’s their new favorite after they read it.

You don’t have to understand their passion to support it.

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