11 Incredibly Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend That He Will Love

gifts for your boyfriendBoys are pretty simple to please. If you’ve been with your man for a good while already, you know nothing makes him happier than his favorite food, a fun night out with the boys, or a cozy afternoon at home with you.

As easy as it may be to enjoy everyday moments together, this can present a challenge when you want to do something nice for your boyfriend. When it comes time to celebrate his birthday, holidays, and your anniversary, what are you supposed to get him?

Here are a few gifts for your boyfriend ideas to help you decide.

1. New T-Shirts

T-shirts may not sound like the best boyfriend gifts, but think about this: you’ve probably stolen all of his favorite ones by now! He still needs a few go-to t-shirts, too.

These are the ultimate attire for a lazy day together or a quick gym sesh with the boys. Stock up on new t-shirts for him so you can hold on to his old ones you love.

2. Dress Socks

If your man is more of a dress-up than a dress-down kind of guy, get him new dress socks. Everyone knows a suit isn’t complete without a cool pair of socks to go with the outfit.

Classic white and black styles just won’t do anymore. Search for socks with cool patterns or fun sayings to help your man turn heads when at a work event or an upcoming interview.

3. A Nice Watch

Maybe your man already has his sock game down. If so, save up for a nice new watch.

This is going to be a little more expensive than some of the other gifts for boyfriend ideas on the list. But, it’s worth the effort if you’re coming up on a year together or if you’re already past that mark and celebrating something else.

A watch is a special way to show some extra care, and it helps your man upgrade his personal style too. Plus, he’ll think of you every time he checks his watch!

4. A New Wallet

Another great idea among the best gifts for your boyfriend is a new wallet.

Think about all the bags and purses you own. It’s part of a lady’s design to have an evening bag, a day bag, a travel bag, and more! We can’t help ourselves when we see a cute purse in the store.

Men, on the other hand, barely ever replace their wallets. They put tape on it to keep it functioning and wait until it really falls apart to get a new one. Not when you step in, though.

Find your man a new wallet for your upcoming anniversary or his birthday celebration.

5. Good Cologne

There’s nothing like being held in his arms and smelling the cologne on his clothes, right? If you know your man wears expensive cologne on special occasions, get him a new bottle of it.

Men are kind of like women in this sense. They have an everyday cologne as well as a special stash for certain occasions only. He’ll appreciate it more than you know if you get him a bottle of the good stuff.

6. Music Festival Tickets

Sometimes, a special occasion doesn’t have to be an anniversary or a birthday. It can be a big event you both enjoy, like a championship game or a music festival!

Try saving up to get both of you music festival tickets this year. Purchase tickets for the festival you’ve been dreaming of attending together or go back to the festival you first shared as a couple. Either way, this is one of the great gifts for men that you can have fun with, too!

7. Band Merch

Can’t make it to this year’s festival? Get him some band merch instead! Most bands make new merch available online when they go on tour.

If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, see if you know anyone who’s going to the festival you’re missing. Ask them to buy something for you and give them the money they’ll need to do so. It will take a little more time for you to have the merch in-hand, but it will be well worth the wait.

8. Sports Memorabilia

If your boyfriend is more of a sports guy than a festival-goer, get him sports memorabilia instead. This is like band merch for a total bro.

It’s ideal if he’s the type to go to every home football game as a college alumnus or if he follows the playoffs like they’re a religion. Check to see what kind of memorabilia he has already so you can better complete his collection.

9. Promise Rings

There’s the matter of completing a collection of items, then there’s knowing when you’ve found the person who completes you. If your man is that guy, consider getting a pair of promise rings.

Promise rings are amazing for a variety of reasons. They show how serious you are about the relationship without pushing either of you to move too fast in other aspects. They’re also a great reminder to have of each other every single day.

You can see more here about different kinds of promise rings and how to order one.

10. A Custom Key

Do you feel like you are ready to take the next step? If you and yours are really hitting it off, it might be time to get them a custom key to your apartment!

A key to your place is a huge sign of trust. It shows how comfortable you are together, and it may help you get the ball rolling towards moving in together if that’s something you want.

11. A Cool Alarm Clock

Speaking of moving in together, you may want to consider a new alarm clock for when that does happen. It’s a nice housewarming gift you can give yourselves to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible.

This is especially true if he snores or if you’re terrible about hitting snooze over and over. A new alarm clock now can save you a lot of little arguments later.

The Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend and for You!

Although an alarm clock can calm things down in the bedroom, you may want to consider a few gifts for your boyfriend to spice things up. There’s nothing wrong with turning up the heat in your love life from time to time.

This makes him feel special and appreciated and it does wonders for you, too. Here are a few gifts for ladies that your man will totally enjoy having around the house.

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