Kicking the Habit: How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

Tired of watching someone suffer from the effects of smoking, even though they want to stop? Addicts are vulnerable to smoking triggers, especially if they already have it on their mind. It can be as simple as a smell, an emotion, or an anxious feeling.

What is often most addicting is the act of holding something between their fingers. Are you looking for tips on how to help someone quit smoking? Tricks to make it easier are available from resources all around you!

Substitute a Better Habit

Keeping someone’s hands busy is an important part of kicking this habit. Encourage them to hold a pen or other productive tool to keep from grabbing cigarettes. They may even discover opportunities to showcase their various talents when they start using their hands more. 

Offer them suggestions based on what they already enjoy doing. Then, help them work up a schedule to participate in these throughout the day.

Become Their Accountability Partner

Let them know you’ll be an accountability partner for them anytime they get the urge to smoke. This will give them a way to talk through the feeling instead of giving in. Tell them they can text you, so it gives them something to do with their hands.

It might also help if you give them an accountability journal to use. Show them how it’s helpful to write down their feelings when they’re anxious.

This way, they’ll start to express their urges in a healthy, productive manner. Writing down their thoughts also allows them to identify their daily patterns.

As they begin to understand which parts of the day trigger them most, they start to plan ahead. Planning in advance helps prevent a breakdown in their quitting process.

More Tips on How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

Alternative medications like CBD oil or holistic treatments may also be helpful. Be smart in the choice you make and avoid anything that’s not doctor-recommended.

Health professionals prescribe medications to help you achieve your goal in steps. This type of treatment is monitored by a doctor and more effective in the long-term. It’s important to find out more and take care of your health above all, especially when it comes to being able to breathe.

Choose a Program to Quit

Find out what your insurance provider will pay for with medically-sponsored programs. This can help you avoid costly fees and expensive prescriptions. Since you’re already paying for coverage, there’s no reason to avoid using it.

Learn more from your insurance provider. They refer individuals to programs to learn how to help someone quit smoking. They will also tell you what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.

When you’re ready, or a family member or friend is ready, to give you this habit, there’s plenty of help available. Gather information on what works best for you individually and your schedule.

Your efforts will repay you with a lifetime of health dividends. You’ll also have the ability to enjoy your favorite activities with those you love. Check out our other blog posts for more interesting facts about healthy living! 

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