Top 10 Horror/Thriller Movies You Should Watch Today

Horror/Thriller Movies You Should Watch Today – Top 10 List:
Entertainment provides relief to a stressed person undoubtedly. You can either listen to your favorite music or either watch some drama. Either you can dance, or you can watch a good movie. But what to watch actually? Most of the time people prefer to watch thriller or horror movies in which they can find twists and the interesting climax. Some of them are the best horror movies of all time that despite being released decades back are still frightening us to the ultimate level.

Most of us love to watch such kind of films with mysterious plots and when we try to search, there’s nothing except confusion, what to watch first? What to watch later? What to watch never? LOL! But we assure, that after going through this list, you’ll be able to spend hours of your day watching a good piece of horror or thriller.

Many movies are being released nowadays with amazing trailers structured to attract the audience but no one wants to be fooled in terms of selection of movies. Occasionally, it’s really difficult to pick a movie from so many other films and spend 1.5 or 2 hours. In order to make it easy for you and help you out in the selection of a good movie that you should watch today, we’ve sorted down top 10 horror/thriller movies you should definitely watch as soon as possible. Below are the names.

The Exorcist   –   Watch Now 

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The Exorcist (1973) is the story of an actress Chris MacNell and her 12-year-old daughter Regan, who used to live a peaceful life before something unusual happened to them. After playing with an Ouija board, Regan began behaving suspiciously, making mysterious noises and shaking her bed violently. Her mother consulted certain doctors, but no way out. Later on, it was decided to meet  two priests who seemed to be the last hope for the worried mother. This Halloween, ‘The Exorcist’ and other horror films will be the tent-pole mazes for Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Machinist   –   Watch Now

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The Machinist (2004) is the story of an industrial worker Trevor Reznik, who was a victim of insomnia and other psychological problems and due to which he didn’t sleep in a year. All his colleagues turned against him after the accident in which his co-worker, Miller lost his left arm due to his abnormal and unusual behavior because he was distracted by an unfamiliar co-worker Ivan. After he was terminated from his job, he went into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusion.

Saw  (Series)   –   Watch Now

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Saw (2004-2010) is basically a horror franchise consisting of seven feature films revolving around John Kramer also known as ‘Jigsaw’ or ‘Jigsaw Killer’, a fictional character whose character was introduced in detail in Saw II. John used ‘Billy’, a puppet looking like a ventriloquist’s dummy to deliver his messages to his victims whom he used to assign some ‘games’ or ‘tests’ in order to determine their will to overcome a physical or psychological torture. Even though John was executed in Saw III, still, the Jigsaw’s posthumous influence was continued to be focused throughout the series.

The Visit   –   Watch Now

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The plot of the movie revolves around the two teenage siblings, Becca and Tyler, who spent their vacations with their maternal grandparents visiting them for the first time. Their mother went with her boyfriend as her husband (their father) left her after ten years of their marriage for another woman. The children were going to meet their grandparents for the first time and were scared of their disturbing and weird behavior during those vacations. Check out, what the two innocent siblings did in order to escape from this situation.

Final Destination (Series)   –     Watch Now

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Consisted of five movies, Final Destination is a series of horror movies, novels and comic books. The first movie was released in 2000 while the last was released in 2011. The film revolves around a teenager having a horrible vision of him and his friends killed in a plane crash. He, with the help of others tried his best to prevent the accident, but subsequently, were killed in a sequence of strange accidents repeatedly looking like Rude Goldberg machines in their complication.

Wolf Creek 2   –   Watch Now

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This horror film is the true story of three backpackers of which two were British (Liz and Kristy) and one was an Australian (Ben). They all used to chill, party, hang out usually together and decided to drive to the Australian outback where they met a local man, Mick and were befriended by him. The guy met him when their car stopped working and offered them some help. He gave them some water, and after drinking it, they fell unconscious. Later that guy turned out to be a brutal maniac and make those three friends suffer torture and pain. The movie is about their sufferings.

Wrong Turn (Series)   –   Watch Now

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Another series of six terrible movies, Wrong Turn released its first movie in 2003 and the last one in 2014. It has featured a variety of different man-eaters/ zombies who were usually aggressive towards any human they met except Maynard, a serial killer and indicated no repentance for their casualties. In the film, no clear communication is shown between these cannibals, but still, they have their own communication medium and they run vehicles as well. They used to live in teams with other monsters and reproduce to grow their generations.

I’m Legend   –   Watch Now

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This movie has an outstanding and extremely interesting plot that revolves around a scientist named Robert Neville, who was fortunate enough to survive a man-made, incurable virus that either left people in the world dead or converted some of them into mutants who were having an eye on him even before he discovered him in the world. The sole survivor struggled a lot to find the cure if he can alter the effect of the virus in some possible way. He sent radio messages daily to explore the survivors if any. He was a legend, a last hope for the mankind. Watch the movie, what happened next to the struggling scientist.

The Hills Have Eyes (Series)   –   Watch Now

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The American slasher, ‘The Hills have eyes’ is the series of two horror movies released in 2006 and 2007. The series is inspired by the movies ‘The Hills have eyes’ which was released in 1977 and is the respective movie’s remake. It is the story of a suburban family who was chased by an inbred clan residing in a desert who murdered everyone they confronted. The movie was created due to the inspiration from Sawney Bean, who was a serial killer and was well known for killing and eating thousands of people with their families.

The Woman   –   Watch Now

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It is the story of an ordinary family living an ordinary life. A lawyer named Chris Cleek used to live happily with his wife, a son and two daughters. While hunting, Chris saw a woman taking a bath. He put a net on her and brought her home and asked his family to work together in civilizing her. She was a hard woman to handle; her strange and weird behavior was suspicious. Check out, what the family will do and will face in the presence of this abnormal woman.

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