10 Recommended Movies That you Must Watch at Any Cost!

You know traveling become an integral of our life, and in a meanwhile of the journey we all need something to time pass, then why not movies, which are rare and the best movies so far. You won’t see the new movies or upcoming movies as so many other sites have ranked them already, thus I only have put the films which you certainly watch in this year. all those below movies have different genres, and I believe while scrolling down the list most of the movies you have not seen yet, tho they are the best and high rating films.

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These Are – 10 Recommended Movies That you Must Watch at Any Cost!

Moon – Watch Now

Moon Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
Scientific films become more prominent than any other Hollywood action, comedy and dramatic films. At the time we have bought one of the best sci-fi movies, Moon. Duncan Jones is not only the director but also a wide visionary human being, who just has done a wonderful film as the moon, amalgamated with a beautiful conundrum. On the other hand, Sam Rockwell proved that he’s not only the American Hollywood film actor, the emotions and the kind of work he has completed in the movie is commendable. The story is far better than any other Sci-fi movie and will not disclose here as it has the wonderful climax, which really a Jaw dropping.

Limitless – Watch Now

Limitless Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
What if you get something which makes your brain faster than other humans, not only humans but beyond, where everything seems possible? American director Neil Burger has shown up by the movie that if someone gets something like that, what will be happened next. On initial level, everything looks fine in it, until Bradley Cooper as Edward introduced by the NZT-48 drug, which makes him limitless and changes him as super human. The movie has no action sequence but the story has the power to make you glow with the screen till the end.

The Revenant – Watch Now

The Revenant Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio once said that he’s fortunate that he had been part of Titanic film, which helped to fetch a face in Hollywood industry but unfortunate that he did not bring an Oscar from the movie. The Revenant type of movie only could be done by Oscar winner director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, who possibly can make an encounter of two great leading actors DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Those of us, who like watching movies on smartphones and tablets while sitting home or on traveling, The Revenant is for you.

The Machinist – Watch Now

The Machinist Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
Let’s talk about crime and violations. The collaboration of Brad Anderson and Scott Kosar, and dedication and hard work of Christian Bale ended up with some best English movies, The Machinist. I myself an ardent fan of Christian, who is devoted to what he does and the amount and type of movies he has gone trough in his career, I don’t think any other better actor can do this. The movie can beautifully define the meaning of insomnia, where the leading actor having struggle throughout the movie by that.

Whiplash – Watch Now

Whiplash Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
If you are a fan of motivational movies or you wanna do something in your life, this movie is perfect to those who are enthusiastic towards their goals. I don’t think in the movie as a teacher any other could have done the better role than J. K. Simmons. Damien Chazelle is another epic director, who just started directing movies. Despite being as young Damien has made several good movies in the just couple of years. Miles Teller as Andrew Nieman wants to become the great drummers but struggles a lot while learning and another side he faces an aggressive and unexpected side of the teacher.

Wolf Creek – Watch Now

Wolf Creek Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
Lover of thriller/horror and bloodshed movies? Stay here, as the wolf creek is so violent that will make you bolt from the blue. The best part of the thriller motion picture is that its based on true story that had taken place in Australia. Australian director Greg McLean unmistakably converted Ivan Milat murders case into film story. John Jarratt as Mick Taylor has played a wonderful role as murder and also seen in Wolf creek Part 2 with the same role. Watch this movie, if you like the movie it has the second part as well.

Perfume – The Story of a Murderer – Watch Now

Perfume – The Story of a Murderer Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
Can say a horror movie, a thriller movie or a superman movie, the cult classic ‘perfume’ has everything in one bucket. The movie revolves around a slum fish market, where a women births a child, who looks normal till the time he discovered his own the extraordinary talent “sense of smell”. Tom Tykwer has portrayed the set of 18th-century France with effectively and method cinematography. Germany economy as we all know not really up to the mark, but the movie is “one of the most expensive movies in the country”. If have not you watched yet, the movie Rated R, which mean you will have to concern before watching.

The dictator – Watch Now

The dictator Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
If you love satire movies especially on politics, this movie is awaiting you to be watched. Sacha Baron Cohen is a fabulous comedian and his collaboration with Larry Charles made the movie on the top. Charles has already finished some comedy satire movies before ‘The Dictator’. If we describe the dictator in our language, you will understand the movie motto, but in satirist and humorous way. In the movie Sacha as Aladeen is making acute nuclear weapons to destroy Isreal but somehow when he asked to join the meeting of UN, he kidnapped and the movie went on another tangent. The movie also starring the gorgeous woman Megan Fox for a scene.

Back to the Future – Watch Now

Back to the Future Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
In the movie, you will see the long last future till 2015, but due to its hit, the movie has more parts, which exceed further years. Robert Zemeckis the director has demonstrated one thing very beautiful the Nike brand sneakers, how it will look, and work in future, tho it has made by Nike till 2015, but not that we have seen in the movie. The movie is comedy and adventures like ‘star wars’. The visual effects and graphics have been used in the movie in that year, it very much reached till audience, which worked and appeared realistic.

Troy – Watch Now

Troy Best English Movies to Watch in 2017
It’s the epic movie and must be on the list of “best movies you should in 2016”. Wolfgang Petersen has put a lot of effort and invests because the movie is high budgeted and highest grossing movie of 2004. The film based on the old war typo of ‘Trojan War’, which is also discussed in ‘Greek literature’. The movie starring brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, who just worked like we are watching their fight at ground. Highly suggested and must watch a movie from our publication.

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