Rock That Body: 8 Stylish Plus Size Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

Beautiful woman wearing fall sweater, ripped jeans and glasses drinking take away coffee standing against cafe wall on city street. Casual fashion, elegant everyday look. Plus size model.

Let’s get it out of the way. Big is beautiful. More to the point, you’re beautiful. You have voluptuous curves that any man would want to skim his hands down and, beyond that, there’s a brain inside that head of yours. 

But, here’s a fun fact. Did you know size 16 is the average size for US women? So, how are you going to box all that beauty up and showcase it to the world?

Well, these plus size fashion tips are going to break you out from behind swaths of black. We want to see you in bold, beautiful colors while you walk into that room, oozing with self-confidence and joy. Ready to rock everyone back on their heels? 

1. Invest in Your Undergarments

Let’s start with the inside. Before we can talk about shapes and patterns, we have to consider what we wear underneath. It’s wise to invest in a couple well-made bras and panties. 

You want the right bra that will lift and support and not pinch. The worst case scenario is having a bra that bites. You’ll want full-coverage and strong support. 

The same goes for panties. Make sure they’re well-fitted and supporting. If you don’t feel like you fit comfortably into them, look for another size, another pair, another brand. 

2. Consider Your Next Layer Wisely

Then, it’s time to consider your layering options. Good tanks, tees, and leggings are important, not only for comfort but for style. When looking at tanks, select a few that have thicker straps. This will hide that hard-working bra. 

Also, whether it’s a tank, a tee, or a long-sleeve shirt, consider a non-cotton stretchy material. It’ll shape and smooth as you wear it. Then, it’ll layer nicely under a cardigan or sweater without any bumps or wrinkles. 

3. A-Line Is Still Your Friend

You don’t want to hide your curves. That’s the precise thing that makes styles for plus size ladies enamoring. With a cinched waist and a flowing skirt, you’ve just created a gorgeous shape.

Embrace the A-line skirts and dresses, but make sure your top half isn’t baggy. You’ll want a nice, snug fit up top in order to appreciate the elegant flow down below. 

4. Black Isn’t Your Only Friend

It’s a tendency for plus size women to flock to black. But, isn’t that a shame? You’re looking for ways to hide yourself or mute your style.

Sure, a few black pieces are comforting and can help create wonderful shapes. But, don’t choose it if your primary goal is to hide yourself. 

Rather, embrace bold colors, interesting textures, and create beautiful shapes. If you’ve got your eye on a great A-line dress, see if you can select a shade of royal blue or bright plum.

Let the cinched waist and flowing skirt do all the work. Stand tall above the crowd. We all know confidence is the strongest armor – more than any color, shape, or size. 

5. Accessorize Sparingly

Remember, you’re your best accessory. Your confidence, your careful style choices, and your self-love are going to radiate better than any statement piece necklace. 

Here’s the only stipulation with accessorizing. If you’re selecting a chunky necklace because you think it’ll draw people’s eye away from your stomach or your waist, toss it aside. That’s nonsense! Your face, your smile, your bold color choices are going to stand as your signature pieces. Don’t hide behind anything, ladies. 

That said, if you want to wear a fabulous piece that you bought during your recent travels or trip to a consignment shop, that’s another thing entirely. That’s self-expression. In that case, whip it out and wear it proud! 

6. Pick Up a Few Wide Belts

The entire goal here is to highlight your curves. They’re sumptuous; they’re voluptuous; they deserve center stage. 

The tricky thing here is that sizes are different in every brand. So, you’re going to have to try on a few different sizes in each shopping venture. As such, it’s likely some pieces are going to need tailoring. It’s true for anyone. 

But, in the times when you have a hot date coming up or a nice cocktail hour on the horizon, you might not have time to take your new dress to the tailor. This is when it’s helpful to have a lovely selection of wide belts to choose from.

It’ll hide the extra fabric and bring those lovely lady curves back where they belong – center spotlight. 

7. Don’t Avoid the Beach

How many women groan when they hear swimsuit season is on the horizon? Nonsense! The beach is healing. The ocean waves are transformative. No one should be kept from that! 

Instead, pick a swimsuit that makes your heart swim with joy. Select a solid piece with some nice lace detail across the bodice. Select a two-piece with a nice crop top. No matter what you choose, you can feel comfortable with a colorful kimono or silk skirt in the mix. The important thing is: don’t avoid the beach!

Heck, you should even go wild and consider renting a boat for the day and going scuba diving. There’s an entire world beneath the seas that no one should preclude themselves from exploring. You might consider the dreaded wetsuit debate, but this comparison will get you outfitted for the exploration of your dreams.

8. Be Your Own Makeup Artist

Since we’re all about real talk, let’s be real for a moment. There are going to be days when nothing fits right and nothing makes us feel like a goddess. Okay. But that’s one element of the entire outfit. 

In these days, sure, you can revert back to your old black styles. But only for the day! Then, move on to your hair and makeup. No one can deny a beautiful face and a well-coiffed sweep of hair. 

Don’t overlook hair and makeup as something frivolous. Rather, embrace the art. A bold plum lip or cherry eye palette will elevate your style game to new heights. Throw on a set of lashes. Practice your winged-eye. 

Get the knack of beachy waves down pat – whether you work with a flat iron or a curling iron. Put on your favorite playlists at night and practice your hair and makeup game until you’re comfortable to rock it in your everyday streetwear. 

Plus Size Fashion Tips for the Win

We hope these plus size fashion tips will help you embrace your beauty. The cliche is true! Size is just a number.

If you walk into a room feeling confident and remembering you have a lot to offer the people you meet, then you’re already dressed for success. 

If it helps, why not treat yourself to a new accessory once you feel the change inside yourself? Consider investing in a luxury handbag. You deserve it and you’re worth every bit of time and money you invest in yourself. 

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