Spice up Your Relationship With These 9 Tried and True Bits of Advice

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Are you starting to feel bored with your relationship? This doesn’t mean you love your partner less, you’re just used to being with them.

There are a variety of ways to spice up your relationship. They don’t even have to be related to the bedroom.

Continue reading for nine bits of tried and true advice to help you bring excitement back to your relationship.

1. Physical Affection

Physical affection is a way to show your love to your partner. Not everyone is a fan of physical affection, but if you and your partner are, don’t be afraid to hold hands, hug, and give quick kisses in public. Cuddle with your partner when you’re in the living room watching a movie or just whenever you feel like it.

A public display of affection or PDA shows you’re confident in and proud of your relationship.

Physical touch increases oxytocin and reduces stress – the longer the hug the better it is for you and your partner! Oxytocin aka the cuddle hormone or love hormone plays a role in sexual pleasure, social bonding, and childbirth. It’s found in both men and women, but (understandably) women have larger quantities of oxytocin.

2. Follow Your Own Interests

Do the things that interest you. Don’t attach yourself to your partner’s side and settle for doing whatever they want. You’ll be happier in a relationship in which you can take part in the things you like.

Maybe you like video games, travel, sports, art, or film. It doesn’t matter if your partner doesn’t have all of the same hobbies that you do. Show your partner that you’re independent enough to do the things you love.

They’ll appreciate that you strive to be yourself and be inspired to follow their own interests.

3. Share Your Goals

Get closer to your significant other by telling them about what you want to achieve in life. Sharing these deep thoughts allows you to be vulnerable with your partner. They’ll know you feel comfortable talking to them about these things and they’ll probably share their own goals.

You’ll both appreciate that you can talk about such a topic truthfully. Don’t put down their dreams and don’t let them do the same to you. Be supportive.

4. Compliment Them

Many relationships lose this as time goes on. Couples that have been together for years may stop complimenting each other because they feel they don’t need to anymore. Being comfortable with your partner is something you want, but your relationship will benefit from little things such as compliments.

Let your partner know they look great and praise them. Use your words to show how much they love them. They’ll also get a confidence boost!

5. Listen

This should be obvious. Stop yourself from starting an argument and take a step back. Listen to what your partner has to say.

It’s important to the relationship that you understand where they’re coming from even if you don’t agree with them. Remain calm and never raise your voice throughout the conversation. Ask that they also listen to your side.

People in a relationship do best when they strive to understand each other’s thoughts and opinions. Two people can have different opinions about something and still work in a relationship. It all comes down to listening and staying open-minded.

6. Make Sacrifices

You have to willing to give in to your partner every now and then. They should also give in to you.

You don’t need to change yourself (neither should your partner), but you might be surprised that you enjoy an activity you didn’t think you would.

Maybe you don’t like sitting in the cinema, but you find that it’s a nice experience because you’re with your significant other – and the movie is good. Perhaps you like hiking and nature. Your partner isn’t the biggest fan, but they end up having fun.

7. Alone Time

Every couple needs their own space. You may be a couple, but you’re not one person. You can’t constantly be around your partner.

Couples must take breaks from each other. Go to the movies, go shopping, read a book, watch a TV show, hang out with your friends, or visit your family. Make sure your partner gets the alone time they need as well.

Relationships should never feel claustrophobic. Let your partner know if they’re being too clingy.

8. Quality Time

Spend quality time with your partner without any distractions. Put away your phones and stay off the internet. It should just be the two of you.

Couples can have quality time by watching a movie or show at home, playing a board game or card game, cuddling, or getting a little more intimate. You and your partner can even just sit and talk for hours.

Quality time can be even more relaxing with a nice glass of wine, a can of beer, or some weed. Check out this bong.

9. Invest Time

Put time aside for your relationship. Don’t constantly cancel plans or show up late and give excuses. You may be tired or don’t feel like doing something, but this can’t always get in the way of the time you spend with your partner.

You have to give your relationship priority as often as you can. Show that your partner is important to you by putting your tiredness aside.

On the other hand, don’t always cancel or refuse plans with your friends and family. Spending time with them is important as well. Find a balance between time with your partner and time with your friends and family.

Spice Up Your Relationship

Bring life to your stagnant relationship by following these 9 bits of advice to spice up your relationship! No matter how long you’ve been with someone, it’s always beneficial to show your love.

Let your partner know how much you love them by praising them, giving them attention, putting time aside for them, using physical touch, and more.

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