The 10 Best Android Cases On the Market

best phone cases

No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone, only to drop it and have the screen crack. So we all buy a case hoping it will save us when that dreaded day comes and we drop our phone.

By 2022 the mobile phone accessories market will reach $107.3 billion. This is partly because we need a new case every time we get a new phone.

Keep reading for our list of the best phone cases of 2018.

1. Spigen’s Slim Armor

The Slim Armor case from Spigen has double layers to offer the ultimate in protection. The hard external exterior provides protection on all sides.

There is shock absorption on the top, bottom, and corners. This provides extra protection during bumps and drops.

The form fitted design has a sleek look and feel. It comes in a sleek grey with black accenting. There is no screen protection provided with this case.

2. Incipio’s NGP

This flexible and shock absorbing case looks as good as it is protective. The outer shell has a slim and low profile look.

This case’s design complements the design of the phone it goes on. The raised edge provides protection for the screen.

The cases are stretch and tear resistant. This lets you change out your case as often as you like.

It is compatible with the Plex Plus Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This gives your phone the ultimate protection.

There are four color options, clear, lilac, midnight blue, and smoke. The coloring of the bottom half solid and the top half less opaque.

3. CustomEnvy Custom Clear Cases

This sleek case is protective and customizable. It features a hard plastic back with rubberized TPU siding.

The edge of the case has a raised bezel to give your screen protection. The back has a raised edge to protect your camera and phone.

Shop now for your custom case. Choose from pre-made designer options or create your own.

4. Speck CandyShell Grip

Candyshell Grip cases provide military grade protection. The raised rubber detailing provides a nonslip grip.

There is a shock absorbing internal rubber layer. The outside has an impact resistant hard shell.

The raised bezel edge protects your screen from scratches. The phone’s buttons have protection from the rubberized covers.

The case comes in four color options, white/black, grey/teal, grey/lilac, and black/grey. For those more creative there are patterns like flowers, galaxy, glitter, and animal prints available.

All of Speck’s cases go through testing by an outside lab. Cases experience extreme drops, temps, and chemicals. Antenna interference, damage fit, and bending are also tested.

5. HTC’s Dot View

HTC has their own case available for sale. This case features a front protective flap.

Notifications, weather, and time display through the front flap. This is thanks to a series of holes in the front flap.

Simple tasks are also possible. This includes answering or declining phone calls, getting app alerts, and controlling music. You can play games such as HTC dot Breaker.

There are a wide variety of colors available. Choose from black, grey, gold, blue, red, and pink.

6. Griffin’s Reveal

The rubber bumper on this phone provides the ultimate protection. This one-piece design is a polycarbonate outer and inner rubber lining.

The super thin design adds just over a millimeter of thickness to your phone. The rubber edges add grip and cushion.

The clear back allows for the beauty of your phone to show through. the black edges add a durability and toughness.

7. Case-Mate Barely There

If you are looking for a super thin case, this is a contender. The lay-flat bezel edge will protect your phone while it’s face down.

The hard shell covering the back and sides is impact resistant. The sleek design maintains the size and shape of your phone.

The anti-scratch technology keeps your case looking good. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

8. Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox has a reputation for having a bulkier feel and the Defender follows that trend. The extra bulk is worth it for the durability and protection.

All ports have covers which are not a feature you find on most cases. The case provides shock and impact protection.

These covers can get tricky when using headphones with this case. You’ll need to put the covers back in place to have complete protection.

This case comes as multiple pieces that you’ll need to put on your phone. The inner piece protects from shock.

The outer layer is impact resistant. Finally, the screen protector keeps your screen looking scratch free.

9. Griffin Survivor Slim

If you aren’t ready for the full Otterbox, the Survivor Slim is a great alternative. Its tougher than your average case, but not as bulky as the Otterbox.

The case consists of a silicone jacket and polycarbonate inner shell that wraps around your phone. It wraps around the front of the phone to provide screen protection.

The buttons are also covered to prevent damage. The sides have texture to provide grip.

10. Case-Mate’s Naked Tough

Another clear case, only you can’t customize this one. The Naked Tough is a completely see-through hard shell back.

This shell pairs with a rubber ring that goes between the phone and the shell. This rubberized middle absorbs shock from drops.

The phone’s buttons get covered by metallic accenting. This gives the case a more premium feel over other plastic cases.

Best Phone Cases Roundup

Choose from the best phone case brands for the one that fits your needs. For a custom case, the CustomEnvy is the one for you.

For a rugged and waterproof case, the Otterbox is going to be best. If you are a gamer or heavy texter, the Speck non-slip will deliver the stability you need.

If you own an HTC, the Dot View will give a unique look to your phone. The Case-Mate Barely There is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to feel like there is a case on their phone.

Now you know the best phone cases available, check out the most expensive mobile phones in the world.

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