World’s Top 10 Best Sound Quality Headphone Brands for 2018

Almost all of us use earphones to listen to music, watch movies and looking into some short interesting videos on social media. At least one of these world’s top 10 most popular headphone brands for best sound quality for 2018 must have been used by almost all of us because their sales are high and their fame is enormous.

They’re available online on various shopping sites as well as on the company’s respective sites. Also, you can grab your favorite set from their outlets. Their manufacturers include the famous organizations such as Apple, Sony, Bose, JVC and much more belonging from various states of the world like USA, Germany, Japan, etc.

They can be chosen by using various filters according to customers’ performance. Some of them are wireless, some have Bluetooth connectivity, some have are in-ear and some have other distinctive features.

Let’s check out top 10 most popular headphone brands in the world of 2018:

1. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica World's best headphone brands in 2017
There is a complete series of headphones launched by Audio-Technica in the 1970s. Every unit has its own specifications and features. Their microphones have been used in the Grammy Awards for several years because of the reliability and ease of use. Moreover, they’ve used certain awards and honors for their outstanding products. Among their many notable products, the majority of the portion is taken by headphones. We’re looking forward to more innovative products from this business.

2. Sony        

Sony World's best headphone brands in 2017
We don’t need to mention the reason why Sony is here. In fact, it is an obvious thing that when it comes to talking about high-quality electronics, we’re obliged to mention this company. Many of us have experienced at least one of its products. Their televisions, mobile phones, video players, and other electronics are vastly consumed by people around the globe. Sony is a huge organization that also involves entertainment and music. This giant business has also excelled in manufacturing headphones. Their Walkman was introduced in the late 70s, which was the first handy music player ever.

3. Sennheiser

Sennheiser World's best headphone brands in 2017
The credit of introducing world’s first open headphones goes to Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG. This audio business also deals with microphones, telephony accessories and other sound-oriented electronics. They also retail conferencing systems, aviation, amplifiers and other headsets. Available at Amazon and other online shopping sites, their headphones can be selected on their websites if you want to select them on the basis of application, popular searches or by wearing style. Also, they can be filtered according to their features, NoiseGard, connectivity and other aspects. Their in-ear wireless earphones can also be useful with apple gadgets.

4. Apple

Apple World's best headphone brands in 2017
Products of Apple are known for its sophisticated appearance and reliability. So are their in-ear headphones that are being immensely bought by people around the world. With every mobile set, a beautiful pair of ear buds is there and by seeing them the excitement gets doubled when we think of listening music from them. They’re also available online at OLX and eBay as well. Moreover, their wireless headphones are the coolest thing on earth. Their gold and black colors are breathtaking and their prices are justified by the value we get after purchasing them.

5. Grado Labs

Grado Labs World's best headphone brands in 2017
Founded in 1953 by Joseph Grado, this company majorly produces earphones along with cartridges. The headphones are available in a number of series, including prestige series, statement series, in-ears, reference series and professional series which either distinguish in terms of earpads or termination. The promotion begins with a word-of-mouth and gradually through using other advertising appeals the brand starts becoming famous. Their headphones are used by various airlines on their flights. Plastic, aluminum, wood and other materials are being used in the manufacturing.

6. Bose      

Bose World's best headphone brands in 2017
Amar Bose established this organization in 1964. This business has spread worldwide and has hired 11,700 workers. Their audio electronics are exceedingly famous for the best frequency and high-quality results. Especially when it comes to their noise-cancelling headphones, they’re on the ultimate level of style and excellence. There are two manufacturing plants specific for making different types of products including speakers and other sound systems. In 2004, they collaborated with Apple and there was a time that their headphones were retailed through Apple’s outlets.

7. Shure

Shure World's best headphone brands in 2017
Here comes another top headphone manufacturer. In 1925, Shure was established which initially provided radio components. Later, this company started producing electronics like microphones, sound reinforcement systems, conferences, earphones and are majorly known for manufacturing headphones. For their high-quality products, they’ve received certain awards announced by some magazines and Hall of fame. Also, they were honored with the TEC Awards several times. The portability, packaging, reliability, colors and designs are enormously classy. Shure always ensures the maintenance of high standards of advancements and innovation in their new products.

8. AKG

AKG Acoustics World's best headphone brands in 2017
Manufacturing microphones, Wi-Fi and headphones, AKG Acoustics is another famous brand that produces electronics and re enjoying high revenues and a large market share. Their products are technologically advanced and within the category of headphones, they’ve introduced several products. The supra-aural model was released in 1959 for the first time ever by any company. The model names are K50, K812, K1000, K702 and much more with different designs and specifications. Their stuff is used by many renowned studios for recording purposes. You can see their K240 Monitor in one of the famous music videos ‘Party all the time’.

9. Klipsch

Klipsch World's best headphone brands in 2017
This US based electronic company is well known for producing audio products like loudspeakers, headphones and other sound systems. It started its journey in 1946. The special thing about their headphones is that an ear gel is used which enables them to be easily inserted into the ear canal of the user. Manufactured by experts, they’re made with the consideration to prevent any harm to the body of the customers. There is a seal to stop air and the voices that disturb the sound frequency of the music or whatever you’re listening to. Their Bluetooth speakers are regarded as the best comparatively from others by Business Insider.

10. JVC

JVC (Victor Company of Japan) World's best headphone brands in 2017
Founded in 1927, this best headphones brand is also known for manufacturing outstanding Televisions. They have introduced high-quality products including headphones, security cameras, projectors and much more. They’re not available everywhere but still generates large sales. It is owned by JVC Kenwood Corp. and more than 19,000 employees are working there. Their subsidiaries are in India, Australia, US, UAE, Canada, Austria and other states. They have a wide range of products including camcorder, radio, TV, CD player and much more. Among soccer lovers, this brand got huge fame because of sponsoring certain teams and clubs.

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