Top 10 Best Perfume Brands & Companies for 2018

We are usually selective and careful when buying a fragrance. There are lots of confusions in our mind and to avoid those misperceptions, here we’ve shared the top 10 world’s bestselling perfume brands and companies of 2018.

There are certain colognes available online as well as on retail shops and all of them look so attractive and appealing that we are somehow puzzled what to buy. These mature brands have large sales and huge market shares in the industry and despite the fact that numerous fresh perfumes have been introduced, these products are evergreen and have a timeless elegance.

Below mentioned are the 10 of the best fragrances for women and men that are undeniably popular because of their retained loyal customers and strong advertisements. Also, their pleasant odor makes us feel nostalgic usually. They’re ready to bring excitements and joys for their consumers this year.

Here are the top 10 world’s best selling perfumes brands 2018:

1. Chanel 

Chanel Best perfumes in the world 2017
Chanel has a wide range of products including ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry, accessories and Haute Couture. But the most famous and admirable among them are the perfumes they sell. Chanel’s colognes are famed because of their durable and pleasing fragrance. Chanel No. 5 is the first scent introduced by the company and it became the reason of boosting the sales. Last year, the organization generated a revenue of $5.2 billion. The business was initiated on 1909 and is operating at 310 different locations. The perfumes include Chance, Coco, Les Exclusifs, etc. The business is set to introduce fragrances, handbags and a small movie series in 2017 as a tribute to its legendary founder.

2. Prada     

Prada Best perfumes in the world 2017
Perfumes are manufactured by numerous companies but after Chanel, the only high-quality scent can be found in Prada. They produce fragrances for both men and women but mostly for the female segment. Their watches, clothing, cosmetics and other products are also sold worldwide but there is no replacement of their fragrances. Although their spring ready-to-wear collection has been introduced to the customers, but they are also waiting for Prada’s new perfumes. The business has been generating sufficient sales through the diversified products and in the near future, they’re ready to launch more.             

3. Gucci        

Gucci Best perfumes in the world 2017
Gucci needs no introduction. The Italian company produces luxury goods for both male and female segments. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the outlets are present worldwide including Spain, New York, Spain and in many other regions of the globe. Gucci’s fragrance for men includes Guilty, Oud and Gucci while for women, they have flora, bamboo and other. The bottles are extremely attractive and classy that the customers who visit the outlets can’t come out without buying at least one. Everything about this brand is sensational and astonishing. Once you’ve bought Gucci and you’ll be the loyal customer. Recently, Beyoncé has been spotted wearing an extravagant printed silk Gucci kimono at the NBA All-Star basketball game in New Orleans.

4. Hermès

Hermès Best perfumes in the world 2017
This French manufacturer has been producing tremendous products since 180 years. Thierry Hermès established the enterprise in 1837.Masculine and feminine fragrances are available. Galop D. Hermes is the most recent perfume for women. Also, unisex perfumes are there including the Garden Collection, Cologne Collection, Eau De Hermes and Voyage De Hermes. Like other top manufacturers, the customers are expected to increase by the time because of the consistency in their quality and fulfillment of the promises they made to their customers. The brand has already succeeded but still, the efforts are being done by the production teams.                        

5. Christian Dior 

Christian Dior Best perfumes in the world 2017
Miss Dior is the first perfume launched by the company in 1947 while the second one Diorama was introduced in 1949. Despite the fact that numerous perfume brands have entered the market, Christian Dior still has its fresh impact in the minds of the people. The headquarters are situated in Paris, France. The fragrance ‘Poison Girl’ is extremely catchy and it’s almost impossible to ignore it when it’s on the display. They always focus on stylish advertisements and most of the time focus on influencing the world. They also offer make-up stuff, skin care products and so on so forth.

6. Versace

Versace Best perfumes in the world 2017
I bet after having a look at Versace perfumes, you’ll grab one without leaving the shop. Even if you see them online, you won’t waste a single second for falling in love with the beautiful and appealing packed bottles. There is a huge variety of perfumes for men and women. The color preferences for both the segments are being considered very deeply and this is what makes Versace even more captivating. Since 1978, the firm has been actively participating in the industry and currently, 500 employees are working for it. The head quarter is situated in Italy. A few days back,

7. Tom Ford

Tom Ford Best perfumes in the world 2017
What best can describe the prestige of this brand when we come to know that Katy Perry has chosen to wear Tom Ford for Grammy Awards this year? Here comes another bestselling cologne with the name of Tom Ford. They just not sell perfumes but also shoes, bags, eyewear, ready-to-wear and other accessories. These perfumes are distinguished because of the decent packaging and distinctive fragrance. This luxurious scent generates sex appeal along with eternal stylishness. This premium perfume brand is one of the most wanted colognes worldwide generating high sales and earning revenues from the scent market. In the upcoming years, people are going to be more familiar with the prestige and high level of the enterprise with the introduction of more products and brands.

8. Burberry

Burberry Best perfumes in the world 2017
The company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The headquarters are located in London, England. Apart from the fragrances they produce, they also distribute sunglasses, cosmetics, and other fashion accessories. By the year 2014, Burberry functions under 3 sub-brands which are Burberry London, Burberry Brit, and Burberry Prorsum. The outlets are located in numerous countries of Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Since 161 years, this brand has been serving the world with premium products and now has built a strong image in the minds of the buyers. The title of the brand is catchy and unique which is a major reason for its fame.       

9. Bulgari

Bulgari Best perfumes in the world 2017
This Italian luxury brand produces jewelry, cosmetics, watches and other products as well but the most sold products are the colognes they manufacture. Sotirios Voulgaris established the organization 133 years ago and with the passage of time, the brands grew and now it has been considered among the top perfume brands worldwide. The headquarters are set in Rome, Italy. The brand is written as BVLGARI as the logo in the classical Latin alphabet. The fragrances were launched in the early 1990s. Get ready for the new launches and fresh products from this luxurious brand.                       

10. Armani

Armani Best perfumes in the world 2017
Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is another top selling cologne brand of Italy. They produce a wide range of eyewear, cosmetics, home interiors, watches and leather goods. The head office is located in Milan, Italy. Armani is famous for producing ready-to-wear as well but the fragrances they manufacture are up to the mark. This fastest growing fashion brand has won the hearts of millions of its consumers and the market shares are increasing day by day. The upcoming years are expected to generate more revenues for the company.

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