Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands of 2018 Men & Women

The trend of wearing stylish and fashionable clothing won’t come to an end. In the highly competitive market, there stand the top 10 world’s bestselling jeans brands of 2018 that are always in the status of tug-of-war with each other pulling each other’s market share.

These brands include Wrangler, Lee, Diesel and many others who have a large variety of denim jeans and other casual wear. Their outlets are open worldwide where the customers can easily get their preferred product.

These jeans for both men and women hold the feeling of handsomeness and elegance with the promise of comfort and customer loyalty. The jeans possess the sensation of feminism and delicacy with the potential of ease and trust.

Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands 2018 Men & Women:

1. Wrangler

Wrangler best jeans brands in the world 2017
Wrangler has been the ideal choice for jeans lover in the case of both men and women. The company was founded 113 years ago and the headquarters are based in North Carolina, USA. This corporation is the evidence of passion and adventure of Hudson, who started this business together with some people and initiated the operations by purchasing some sewing machines. The organization used to be known as Hudson Overall Company throughout the era from 1904 to 1947. The brand is preserved by VF Corporation. The brand makes clothing worn by labor during work and other sartorial items.                                 

2. Levis Strauss & Co.

Levis best jeans brands in the world 2017
On 1st May 1853, something happened that brought a revolution in the history of cloth-making. Levis Strauss & Co. was founded by Levi Strauss whose jeans brand is highly popular with the name of Levi’s. The company has 2800 stores all over the world and earned a revenue of 4.494 billion USD in 2015. From 1960 to 1980, the era was perceived as the blue jeans era because at that time they were very trendy. Therefore, it was a golden period for the business as they grew meaningfully that particular time. The very well-known scientist Albert Einstein used to wear Levis Leather Jacket which was sold last year against £110,000.             

3. Diesel S.p.A.

Diesel S.p.A. best jeans brands in the world 2017
Diesel S.p.A. was previously known as Moltex. It is an Italian company founded in 1978 by Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso. The business started when 15-year old Renzo started stitching jeans and began selling to his family, relatives, and friends at a small price. Later on, he started working at Moltex possessed by Adriano. Jeans have been available online since 1997 and also they’ve launched anti- counterfeiting technology to all its jeans at the end of 2017. Their marketing strategies in the form of advertising movements are tremendous and always out of the box.     

4. Lee       

Lee best jeans brands in the world 2017
This denim jeans brand was founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee. The headquarters are situated in Kansas, USA. The enterprise usually gives emphasis on advertising the brand and their casual wear are famous for their comfort and pleasant experience. Lee produces garments for men, women, boys and girls which gradually becomes a trend and are usually admired by the majority. The 1960s was the golden era for the business as it grows and opened in 81 more countries which gave a boost to the revenue of the corporation and it expanded.

5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein best jeans brands in the world 2017
49 years back, an intelligent fashion designer established an American fashion house of the same name as his own in New York City. At NY Fashion week, Calvin Klein show brings political message replicating the environment through the music and the clothing. Although this company produces underwear, sport wears, jewelry, watches and much more, but their jeans are extremely admirable among all their products due to high sales and pleasant feedback from the customers. Their outlets are currently operating in UK, Russia, Egypt, India, Germany and many other countries along with opening in more nations.

6. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans best jeans brands in the world 2017
In 1973, Pepe Jeans was founded by three individuals in London. The CEO of the company, Carlos Ortega somewhat keeps the company, except for the 80% whole company is owned by him. This jeans brand is famous for its distinguishing customer service and unique material used in the manufacturing of the products. Pepe Jeans has added a new brand, Norton Clothing, as an honor to the British motorbike product founded in 1898. Pepe Jeans has been worn by millions of users worldwide and it is a choice of generations. The head offices are located in Spain.

7. True Religion

True Religion best jeans brands in the world 2017
This American clothing business was founded 14 years ago by Jeff Lubell and now has been listed among the top legendary jeans brands of the world because of the high-quality manufacturing. True religion has always focused on customer satisfaction and has reached the level of customer delight with their great efforts throughout the years. They’re also more concerned with their shareholders and also have certain plans and schemes for them. True religion jeans are cool, trendy and fashionable which make them most wanted by everyone including adults and teens.

8. Lucky Brand Jeans  

Lucky Brand Jeans best jeans brands in the world 2017
This brand was originated in 1990 at California. The CEO is Carlos Alberini and the association is acquired by Leonard Green and Partners three years back. They also have separate store containing kids’ collection. They also have hand-stitched jeans for ladies and gents initiated in 2013 particularly made in Los Angeles. This corporation is renowned for their unique outlets with attractive designing and decoration. There’s a large variety of jeans for both men and women considering their preferences and likings. The enterprise is also involved in welfare activities and charity work.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger best jeans brands in the world 2017
This company has been serving since 32 years and has now become an established brand because of its high-quality products and customer care. Founded by the famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, this enterprise makes upper market attire for ladies, gents, and kids, and also an extensive range of licensed merchandises such as footwear, home stuff and much more. There are several product lines and among them, there is Hilfiger Denim which targets the customers aged between 18 to 30. The remarkable strategies of the firm have mesmerized the world and there’s much more on the way. 

10. G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW best jeans brands in the world 2017
This Dutch company was originated in 1989. In total, G-Star has more than 6500 franchises. G-Star RAW usually known as G-Star is another effective player among the well-known jeans brands. They produce denim from recycled plastic taken out from the ocean. Their designs are influenced by military wearing. In 1996, they launched denim jeans for their customers. This business usually come up with new ideas and always has fresh and exciting plans every season for their consumers which leave everlasting impacts on the buyers’ mind.

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