The Top 10 Facts About SHAHRUKH KHAN

Shahrukh Khan is regarded as the world’s second richest actor. The ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’ has been ruling many hearts for decades with his magical romance and extremely killing looks. King Khan is one of the most influential Bollywood actors of all time.

Many realities of the legendary superstar’s life are still unknown or lesser known to his fans and followers. Of course, some are never revealed or if they’re ever disclosed by the superstar himself may be many of the fans missed it. So for the sake of their knowledge, this article is providing some of the interesting and fascinating facts about SRK.

Starting from his early life, this article will let you know about his personal life, his career, his likes, dislikes, and much more that you’d like to know about him. Obviously, you’d definitely sought for the unknown facts and actualities of the person whom you love the most and undoubtedly, King Khan is one of the most beloved people not within India but on an international level.

SRK has given numerous hit movies to Bollywood and his real life itself is really inspiring and admiring filled with romance, love, thrill and much more which will urge you to think that SRK isn’t just lucky but also a hard working person who did too much to fulfill his dreams. He proved that success is a combination of luck and efforts both,  but of course, the proportion of efforts should be higher than fortune.

Following are the top 10 facts about Shahrukh Khan’s life that will stun you and make you fell in love with him more than before. Below mentioned are these.

Let’s Read Facts About SHAHRUKH KHAN – List of The Top 10 

Originally named ‘Abdul Rahman’

ShahRukh Khan was originally named Abdul Rahman by his maternal grandmother. He said the fact at The Anupam Kher Show. He is thankful to his father who later changed his name as the previous names sound so odd for him.

Wanted to join the army

SRK once told NDTV that he wanted to be an army man. He declared that he wanted so to fight for the protection of his country,  but his parents were against his will. He acted in a drama serial ‘Fauji’ as a symbol of his passion for joining the armed forces.

Sleep in Ironed Pajamas

King Khan daily assures whether his pajamas are freshly ironed before going to bed. He believes that one could meet anyone in nightmares so better be prepared before going to bed to prevent any shameful moment.

Mumtaz and Dilip’s Fan

ShahRukh Khan is a diehard fan of Mumtaz and Dilip Kumar from the very beginning and always an inspiration to him. According to Times of India, he had a crush on Mumtaz and according to him, Dilip Kumar is the forefather of Bollywood.

Didn’t Want to be An Actor

It is really shocking to know that SRK didn’t think of being an actor. As discussed above, his interest was towards the army. It’s really surprising that a man who never wanted to be an actor is now among the best actors now.

Was Offered a Film by Harman Baweja’s Father

Harry Baweja, father of Harman Baweja once offered him a film but he refused to do that as he had no interest in acting. He lets the offers pass and refused politely to those offers.

Wanted to Make Movies

SRK confessed, “I want to make an Indian film for the international audience.” His dream goal is to make movies according to the Indian Express. He added that he want to make a film, especially for his international fans.

Signed 5 Films in One Day

Obviously, it’s really difficult for a newcomer to start a career in a film industry, but shockingly, the King of Bollywood signed neither one nor two, but 5 movies in a single day before starting his career in Bollywood.

Gauri 14 and Srk 18 When Met Firstly

SRK and his wife Gauri were 18 and 14 years old when they saw each other for the first time and they fall for each other at the very first sight. On October 25, 1991, the lovebirds married each other and still are, living a perfect life with their three children.

Poor Command of ‘Hindi

In school, SRK’s Hindi was poor. His mother assured to take him to the cinema if he cleared his Hindi exams and, as young SRK was fond of watching movies, he began to achieve good grades in Hindi from the day onwards.

Extra Editon

Rs.50 – First Salary

ShahRukh Khan’s first pay was Rs 50 which he got by working as an attendant at a Pankaj Udhas concert in Delhi. He spent the money to buy a train ticket to Agra and see the Taj Mahal and he did so.

‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na’ for Rs. 25,000

ShahRukh traded tickets at the booking window of a Mumbai cinema on the opening day of 1994 movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, directed by Kundan Shah. SRK did the entire film for Rs. 25,000 only with the signing amount of Rs. 5,000.

SRK’s father – Youngest Freedom Fighter of India

King Khan’s father was one of the youngest Freedom Fighter of India. Although he did his best to keep up the businesses he started but failed every time. He even installed a tea shop. Shahrukh Khan at the time being met several great theater artists and somehow started taking an interest in acting.

Sports Mania

SRK was fond of sports when he was a kid and he still loves sports. At zonal and national levels, he was the captain of football and hockey teams and played cricket. He told in many interviews that his father always encouraged him to play at least one sports.

Emotional Attachment with ‘Mannat’

Emotionally, Shah Rukh Khan is very devoted to his house ‘Mannat’. The reason why he purchased it is because it had a beautiful prayer room. And, he further stated that even if he were broke, he would never trade Mannat.

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