Want to Make It Past the First Round of Your Draft? Then You Need This Fantasy Football Advice

fantasy football advice

In the market for expert fantasy football advice?

Did you know that fantasy football is a $70 billion market? A small percentage of players are doing more than making a hobby of it. They’re making a job out of it and raking in $100,000 or more each year.

Even if you’re playing with only a small group of friends, there’s competition to beat and money to be made. But only if you know what you’re doing. Which is precisely why we’re here.

In the article below you’ll find the top tips and tricks of experts in the industry. So throw on your pads and get your game face on. Whenever you’re prepared to dominate your league, read on.

Don’t Go Blindfolded

The foremost rule of Fantasy Sports is to study your rules and scoring system. Not all rankings are created equal. Especially when you’re reviewing the scoring system.

If your quarterbacks get four points for a touchdown instead in six, your position is devalued more. If you’re in a “points per reception” league, your pass-catching running-backs are bumped up the board. Your kicker-distance scoring can even make a difference.

And for a close game, it may mean the difference between a win and a loss.

If your league calls for a flex and three starting wide receivers, wait till the middle rounds to pick up your quarterback. That’s especially true if you have a four-point passing touchdown.

Before you’re ready to pick up complex strategies, you must do your homework. Stay updated with a list of preseason injuries and the latest depth chart battles. If you walk into the draft room with last-minute questions, you’ll be marked.

Then you’ll be the target of well-deserved barbs and, potentially, a shaky draft.

Throw Away Your Bias

Who’s your favorite team? Wrong. When it comes to Fantasy Football picks, the answer is “I have none.”

Whoever you root for in real life should not affect your game. If you draft with your emotions rather than the stats, you run the risk of weakening your ideal roster.

For instance, if you build a team comprised primarily of Seahawks, you can’t expect to win your defensive battles. Different teams and different players have distinct characteristics. To create the ultimate team, you need value based on stats, not bias.

If Russel Wilson is on the board during the third round, check to see whether you need wide receivers or running backs more than a QB. If no QBs have been drafted, be smart. Pick up a key player for another critical position.

Patience sets pro players apart from the rest of the chaff. Pros also use lineup optimizers. Click here for more info.

Finishing Up Our Fantasy Football Advice

Well, did you learn a few new strategies? The complexity of the game increases each year as dedicated fans rush to learn new tricks. The only way to stay on top is to seek expert fantasy football advice.

Then decimate your league.

If you found this article helpful, take five minutes to browse our vast library of popular topics. Do it now while it’s still fresh in your mind. So long and good luck!

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