Watch and Learn: 6 Must Watch TV Shows for Budding Entrepreneurs

You’re focused and motivated. You’re a budding entrepreneur! But any entrepreneur would tell you that starting your own business takes a lot of work.

And it’s filled with stressful situations. But all of the hardships are worth it in the end if you can stick it out. So don’t lose your motivation!

If you’re thinking about starting your own business and entering the world of entrepreneurship, then you need some great inspiration to keep the ball rolling. And one way to get that inspiration is by finding through something that you do every day anyway. When you sit down at night and click on the television, consider flipping on a series that every entrepreneur should watch.

Are you not sure which television shows are best for motivating budding entrepreneurs? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Keep scrolling for 6 must watch tv shows for entrepreneurs!  

1. Silicon Valley

Longing for a good mix between technology television shows and business television shows? Look no further!

If you’re a rising star in the tech industry, then “Silicon Valley” is the show for you! It’s loosely based on actual people and companies. It provides viewers with laughs while depicting the reality of the cut-throat and stressful life of being an entrepreneur in this industry. 

The show follows 5 men who founded a company in Silicon Valley. So it’s the perfect series for someone looking to start a company in the tech industry. The struggles are relatable.

Entrepreneurs will feel at ease when they realize that they’re not alone. And it teaches it’s viewers what it takes to turn an idea into a profitable business! Series like these are must watch tv shows!

2. Billions

“Billions” is a show that takes you one step ahead of entrepreneurship. It focuses on the fictional lives of two billionaires. The hardships of maintaining both wealth and morals come into play.  

Corruption is a major theme. And it gives viewers quite the idea of what becoming a billionaire might entail. The main character deals with being in the public eye and everything that comes along with it. 

Being a billionaire in the public eye isn’t always the easiest. It comes with lots of fake friends with ulterior motives. For those aspiring to become rich and famous, this series may be a good hint of what you have to look forward to. 

3. How I Made My Millions

Have you ever wondered how those big named companies made it to the top? Well, you definitely have because you’re making your way there right now. So, if you’re curious to know how companies like Honest Tea, Jelly Belly, and even Dyson got so big, then “How I Made My Millions” is worth a watch. 

You’ll love learning how some of the smallest ideas turn out to be the absolute best ones. And you’ll also learn that no success story comes without hardships and obstacles to overcome. It’s an awesome series that teaches everyone who watches that it takes even more than a lot of hard work to make your dreams become a reality.

4. Girl Starter

“Girl Starter” is a reality series that is based on pure competition. Six girls compete against one another to have their own ideas funded. Throughout the show, the girls are paired up and must create new products.

The purpose of the competition is to see which girls can make it in the business world. They must show that they can succeed in using the six-step formula. The formula that they must follow is as follows: 

  1. Start it
  2. Plan it
  3. Prove it
  4. Build it
  5. Brand it
  6. Fund it

This six-step process is a great learning tool for entrepreneurs. And anyone looking to start a business from their own ideas will find many benefits from watching this show. And if you like shows like Shark Tank, then you’ll love this show. 

5. TVF Pitchers

Have you ever sat at your desk working your office job imagining the day when you can finally break free and start your own company? If yes, then “TVF Pitchers” might be a pretty relatable show. Although this is a fictional series, many people can relate to it and are inspired by it.

The main character decides to quit his job in a spur of the moment drunken phone call. After making such a big decision, he then convinces three of his friends to quit their jobs as well. The 4 had been talking up some ideas for a software business for some time.

And now they finally come together to make their ideas a reality. It’s an awesome show that teaches entrepreneurs that sometimes you have to take big risks if you want to see success!

6. Small Business Revolution

Business tv shows can often time be quite exciting! Business experts, Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec, work together as a team to help small businesses become successful. They go to different towns for each episode and find the problems holding local businesses back so that they can then help fix them.

This series tackles issues that hold a business back from starting up and from staying profitable. It’s a good show for anyone wanting to start up a retail business. The dynamic business duo focuses on issues like online selling, inventory, and marketing. 

So it’s a good way to learn the ins and outs of small company start-ups! Click on this useful link to discover more ways that marketing can benefit your company.

These Must Watch TV Shows Are an Entrepreneur’s Guide 

All entrepreneurs will enjoy any series on this list of must watch tv shows. For those looking for just some great shows in general, head over to our blog now. And read up on the 10 best tv shows!

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