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Zoom Into 2019 With The Coolest Electric Scooter Predictions For This Year

Interested in purchasing an electric scooter? You’re not alone!

With the rise of shared scooter companies across the country like Bird and Lime, the easy to use mode of transportation is more popular than ever. 

They’re pretty failsafe, so learning how to use one is relatively simple and you can shave tons of time off your work commute or shoot on over to your favorite restaurant without having to brave the traffic. 

You also save money on gas and high insurance payments when you select a scooter over a car. And if you find yourself using rideshare scooters often, it may be time to invest in your own. 

But with all the scooters on the market, it can be difficult knowing which one to select. 

Not to worry, we’ve listed the coolest electric scooters around.

Read on!

Razor EcoSmart Metro

You probably associate a Razor with the original electric scooter. They became very popular with kids and adults tooling around on them nearly 20 years ago

This one is a more grown up and logical version of the first and it’s affordable too; retailing for just under $400. 

It goes up to 18 mph and has an adjustable seat so you can sit and scoot at the same time, making it easier to balance and more user-friendly. While the charge only lasts 10 miles, it’s best for quick commutes as opposed to long distances.

The only downside is it takes about a full night to recharge the battery but at this price, you may just make that concession. 

Glion Dolly

Some companies claim their scooters are portable but when they weigh so much, that isn’t really the case. The Glion Dolly sticks to their word with the total weight of the scooter coming in at just 26 pounds, making it easy to tote around when necessary. 

You can also roll the scooter like a suitcase if the 26 pounds still doesn’t work for you.

With a retail price of $599, the scooter is sleek, compact and fast moving, making it a great option. The battery also only takes about 3 hours to charge, about a quarter of the time as many other scooters. 


The Scrooser is more of an investment ($5,000) and a scooter you would purchase if you truly wanted to swap out the use of your car altogether. In order to determine what type of scooter is best for you, compare here

While it isn’t the fastest on the market (it tops out at 15 mph) it can really go the distance which comes in handy for longer rides or if you need to use it all day without stopping to recharge. 

It can go 34 miles until a charge is needed and only takes about 2-4 hours to recharge, depending on how low the battery is. 

This scooter is more substantial than the two listed above, thus the price tag. However, it’s as sleek and streamlined as any we’ve seen with these capabilities. 

Buy Your Electric Scooter Today! 

With the three options above, you can make an educated decision about purchasing an electric scooter.

Determine your price range, consider what you’ll be using it for and how often you’ll need it. 

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