The 10 Reasons Why Americans Hate Donald Trump

10 Reasons Why Americans Hate Donald Trump

We’ve come up with a controversial topic this time, but a hot subject indeed. We’re here to share the 10 major reasons why Americans hate Donald Trump, the new US President elected on 9th November 2016.

Donald Trump is a person whose name can be heard and seen on almost every news channel and social forum as well. Due to many reasons, he has been disliked in fact hated by many people. Although as a result of fair elections, he has been designated as the President still a large number of Americans have hatred for him in their hearts.


You’re recommended to have a look at these 10 main causes of the hatred for Mr. Trump in the hearts of the natives of America.


When we think of Mr. Trump, the first thought that strikes our mind is his racist nature. Why so? Obviously, many of his statements and attitudes reflect his abhorrence for some particular nations, sects, and religions. Basically, the unfairness lies for the Mexicans, black Americans, Muslims and other minorities. After the elections and his victory, certain hate crimes against the ethnic minorities & Hispanic Americans lead by Trump’s supporters have been observed and stated. This is endangering them to survive in their homes where they’ve lived for a long time. Racism is widely disliked around the world no matter from what religion or culture people belong.

Judges women by their appearance

donald trump offensive tweets

Women desire to respect and esteem and they have a complete right to it, but if someone disrespects or evaluates a lady by her look, this is something very shameful and disgraceful for that man. Not any common man, but the US President Mr. Donald Trump is among those who rates women after observing their figures by using a scale of 1 to 10 and not the whole body has been appraised but each part has been ranked with a particular number. Isn’t this something dishonorable for someone who has been himself chosen by a large number of women?

Lies frequently

A person loses his integrity after speaking lies habitually. A common man speaking a lie won’t affect much, but if the honorable president of America would do so, what the public will feel? Obviously, it’s very disappointing. Mr. Trump has been caught lying frequently in certain speeches and interviews, in fact, over 25 days this man has the potential to speak lies on minimum 378 events. LOL! We don’t know what the intention behind those lies is but we can say this is something that isn’t expected from a famous and renowned person like Donald Trump.

Disrespectful statement for his daughter

Love and respect can never be compromised, especially when it comes to a father-daughter relationship. But Mr. Donald has again disappointed us with his controversial statement about her daughter, Ivanka Trump. Appearing in a TV interview, he joked about his wish of dating her own daughter. Well, Mr. Trump! This thing can never be spoken, even in a sense of kidding. You’re bold and daring enough to confess it even knowing that your reputation can be in danger after this. Talking about her booty and her body, she declared himself so much impressed with the sex appeal of her daughter. According to him, his ‘piece of ass’ daughter possesses a beautiful appearance.

Expansive ties to the Mafia

Something fishy is there with Mr. Trump as he has connections with certain criminal organizations. The links with the underworld with the President of US can be a threat to the public in various aspects. As ethically as well as legally, it’s really suspicious to have such associations. In 1979, Donald Trump was the focus of attention in a bribery case, while in 1981, he was examined in a racketeering inquiry. These previous happenings in the life of Trump have let a negative impact in the minds of the majority of the people.


It’s not a bad thing to love one’s own look and appearance, but when it comes to favoring others, ignoring the rules of justice and equality and supporting someone only because you like him/her, it isn’t justified at all. His narcissism is the most prominent factors for which he has been hated the most. This personality disorder has led Mr. Trump towards the journey of abhorrence and is directing him for various desires and deeds, including a wish for continued appreciation, conceited attitude. This is something that should never be compromised, especially when it come stop ruling a country, a state in fact.

Exhibits his wealth & property

Having the net worth of 3.7 million USD, Donald Trump is a person usually show off his wealth and possessions. In various visuals and pictures, Trump is seen with his helicopters, Jetliner, expensive vehicles, golf spot and many other pieces of evidence of his rich and supreme lifestyle. Although it isn’t a bad thing, but why flaunting your wealth man? With his poses, statements, and attitudes it’ clearly visible that he’s exhibiting his prestigious life. Certain articles have been published regarding his usual financial disclosures.

Severe lavish

Due to a lavish lifestyle, Mr. President is in debt. He also invested his cash in casino gambling. After his election campaign on the large scale for a long time, now that his campaign committee is demanding money just after 36 hours of his victory in the elections. The situation may be alarming for Trump or maybe it will be handled later on. It is said that Trump had previously spent his money on luxuries and other premium stuff. He is said to utilize $66 million for his election campaign.

Humiliate handicapped

The disabled and handicapped deserve more attention and respect than the normal people. Instead of being a role model and an inspiration to the world, Mr. Trump has been observed making fun of the handicapped people. Once, he imitated and made fun of a disabled newspaper journalist and also he mocked paralyzed Charles Krauthammer. This is something pathetic and extremely disgusting.

Sickened by Breast Feeding

He’s among those few people who think that a woman who is feeding her baby with her breast is disgusting. I mean, what’s the point to feel so? Since the arrival of human beings on the earth, this has been a natural process of nourishing a small baby for the sake of his/her health. Mr. Trump’s unique and distinguishing perspectives are the basic reasons why he’s called a sexist. The difference is good, but not in this way as he’s exhibiting. He even declared a lawyer ‘disgusting’ because of the reason that she used to feed her kids with breast milk.

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