The Top 10 Hot Hollywood Movies of All Time

We hope that your excitements will touch the highest peak after knowing the theme as we’re today going to reveal the top 10 hot Hollywood movies of all time here.

You’ve been going through certain lists of adult and porn movies with hardcore sex and other sexually explicit scenes. But these movies are usually represented the nude hot scenes on the bed, public places or any other place where the lovebirds can do lovemaking. The naked seductive bodies of the couples will be seen involved in enjoying sexual pleasure and fulfilling their desires by lip locking, fucking, penetrating and other ways out.

Below mentioned are the sex movies of Hollywood that are strongly recommended to you or in case you’re choosy, you may have a look at the trailers and this will give you an idea how precious this list is for you. Have a look and enjoy the journey with your beloved ones.

List of the top 10 hot Hollywood movies ever:

Another Nine & a Half Weeks (originally known as ‘Love in Paris’) – Watch Now

Another Nine & a Half Weeks
What’s more exciting and flaming than enjoying watching steamy hot scenes in bulk in a movie within 1 hour 45 minutes? It’s no big deal to spend your time watching such movie offering so much to view. Directed by Anne Goursaud, this movie contains mesmerizing scenes featuring nude chicks while bathing and getting hot in bed. Sometimes, the same people whom we used to take in some other way come into our lives again but in a new way. This movie is about sexual desires and a hot relationship between a man and a woman who know each other from early.

Antichrist – Watch Now

Antichrist Hot hollywood movies
Whenever horror comes with hot sexy scenes, there’s almost no chance that the audience will ignore the movie. Divided into four chapters along with a prologue and an epilogue, this movie is directed by Lars Von Trier. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe wonderfully played the roles in a much better way than anyone could play. Intense sexual intercourses with some ultimate purpose make this movie more interesting and definitely makes the audience curious about what will happen next?

Malèna – Watch Now

Malèna Hot hollywood movies
Young boys and girls are very much desirable due to the particular beauty and age. They can incite and can easily be seduced by someone in such age. This film is directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and under his supervision and an outstanding direction the team, especially the actors have given their best to perform up to the mark. The movie depicts the era of World War II but the level of intimacy and blazing hot scenes is unbeatable. The most interesting fact about the movie is that it revolves around two main characters with the extreme age difference between them but obviously with the best bonding.

Showgirls – Watch Now

Showgirls Hot hollywood movies
Some titles are self-explanatory that what the audience can expect from that particular movie and that will be shown to them what they desired. This movie revolves around prostitution, nudity, and sexual intensity. Competition is always there and whatever one can do to beat the rivalry and to overcome the problems will be featured in this movie. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the credit for the success of this movie must be given to Elizabeth Berkley for the tremendous performance in the film. With the budget of $45 million, the movie did a business of $37.7 million at the box office.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Watch Now

Fifty Shades of Grey Hot hollywood movies
The super erotic movie released a year ago can never ever be missed at any cost. In fact, after watching the trailer every heart shouted out loud that obviously, how can we miss it? Starring the most beautiful Dakota Johnson and the very handsome Jamie Dornan, this film has completely justified the true meaning of nudity, sexual abuse and strong sex covering all the aspects wonderfully. Imagine the passionate love making of this sexy couple on the bed with their nude bodies on each other. The OST of the movie “love me like you do” by Ellie Golding is just superb.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Watch Now

The Handmaid's Tale Hot hollywood movies
The intentions of having sex may be various, maybe for getting pregnant or may be just for the sake of romance and love making. Within just 109 minutes, you’ll encounter the feelings of a handmaid, the grief of her past and the fear of the future. Directed by Volker Schlöndorff, these movie sex scenes are extremely sizzling and blazing that will surely give you goosebumps. Natasha Richardson has brilliantly performed the leading role undoubtedly. Briefly, we can say that the plot of the movie is the based on the happenings in the life of a sexually suppressed girl.

Romance – Watch Now

Romance Hot hollywood movies
Sex has no boundaries, especially in terms of age, you’re never bound. This movie shows that it doesn’t matter whether you have a compatible mate or not, you never know, maybe your sexual relief is in the hands of someone who is much older than you. Sounds interesting? This movie is directed by Catherine Breillat and focuses on sadomasochism as well as the sex scenes were not acted but were actually performed by the actors. Now you’ll be able to expect the level of intensity in those moments.

Caligula – Watch Now

Caligula Hot hollywood movies
This super erotic movie was released in 1979 (Italy) and in 1980 (US) and is directed by Tinto Brass. Being an explicit pornographic film, every possible effort was done by the director, the cast, and other team members to make this movie as hot as possible therefore unsimulated sex scenes were also there in the movie. Hardcore sex, as well as homosexuality, was also focused throughout the movie, in short, the movie is the complete package of sex and porn.

The Brown Bunny – Watch Now

The Brown Bunny Hot hollywood movies
Another presentation of real sex scenes along with oral sex among which few were also controversial. The movie was produced, written and directed by Vincent Gallo and the way he made the film is just remarkable. It isn’t that easy to work in a movie with unsimulated sex scenes, but it’s the mastery of the director that he wonderfully did everything. Within 118 minutes, you can have a complete package of entertainment and fun watching the hot sparkling scenes.

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy – Watch Now

3-D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy Hot hollywood movies
Originally known as “3D Rou pu tuan: Ji le bao jian” Directed by Christopher Suen, this movie is the extreme level of sexual desires born naturally in a guy. The journey of satisfaction of those needs and the failures that he faced are the main focus of the movie. This erotic movie is actually made by Hong Kong and therefore the cast is taken from the respective country, but this is one of the coolest adult movies you’ll or you could’ve ever watched.

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