30 Of The Most Beautiful Men of All Time – Singers & Actors

In the world in regards to beauty, we never discuss men.. beauty is something else for a human. Attraction can happen on any object whether its flowers, place or women etc..  But a man has something which we consider as hotness. On this edition, we will discuss men’s beauty, like how they look like, what they do, what they have done to be a part of our beautiful men list. They are conquering the world by their great attitude. Some of them left early, some them still alive, some of them get old and some them are still young but age or time is nothing in front of them from being the most beautiful men of all time It’s now our honor to make them honor here. Scroll down to see one by one.

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The Most Beautiful Men of all Time

1. Michael Jackson

Michael jackson most beautiful & handsome men of all time
With the most photogenic face, Michael Jackson is the top in our picks. He has the look with eyes, lips and above all the most beautiful smile. We have shared enough with this man. Let’s come to next men.

2. Paul Newman

Paul Newman Most Beautiful men of all time
The list is incomplete without the most handsome man in the history of the world. Paul is better known for his performance in the film The Color of Money.

3. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando Most Beautiful men of all time
Talented, handsome, and the biggest star of the film industry, best known for his role in the world’s best movie The Godfather.

4. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe Beautiful Guy of all time
His eyes are enough to make his presence in the most beautiful men’s list. This good-looking guy is perfect in all features.

5. Alain Delon

Alain Delon Beautiful guy of all time
Well-known for his appearances as the sex symbol on the screen in the 1960s. Very handsome and incredibly talented, still look dashing in old age.

6. James Dean

James Dean most beautiful guys of all time
No one can ignore his hot appearance around. he looks decent with charm avatar. James has won many awards for his outstanding roles in Hollywood films.

7. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Most Beautiful men of all time
Ian can make any girl down on the knees because he’s beautiful and perfect from all side. Such jaw-dropping features if one has ever got is Ian.

8. Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles Most Beautiful men of all time
Have you seen his smile? If not, you missed something very precious. He’s very good looking along with his heart melting smile.

9. Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
Our generation truly missed his strong and enthusiastic performances in the history of cinema, but his hot attendance is still active on this list.

10. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
The humblest and kindest and most generous philanthropist handsome man. Although he was the sexier than being handsome. Above all, he was the truly shine start of 21st century.

11. Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
The best actor from silent movies to the golden age of classical Hollywood films. Without saying a single word, he won the millions of hearts around the world. His existence says it all.

12. Andrea Casiraghi

Andrea Casiraghi Most Beautiful men of all time
Humble, kind and soft-spoken person. Please don’t call him Andrea, call him handsome or beautiful because he has everything which makes man perfect.

13. Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
Chace is so beautiful and thanks, god he’s alive. He’s so cute and very innocent and we all love him for his work in the films such The Covenant and Twelve.

14. Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift Most Beautiful men of all time
No wonder we have the list of beautiful men and Montgomery is one of them. It’s sad he’s no longer with us as he died at the very young age of 45.

15. Sebastián Rulli

Sebastián Rulli Most Beautiful men of all time
Sebastian is the guy who has the beautiful face along with physical appearance. We haven’t seen such handsome model ever. Hmmm…. Perfect man.

16. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Most Beautiful men of all time
What if somebody has good smile, eyes and hairstyle as well as the appearance? Yep, we all consider him as the perfect package of beauty. Matt is one of them.

17. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender most beautiful guys of all time
With all great features, he’s the most handsome man in our generation. Oops.. forgot to mention, He’s genuinely sex symbol of the current era.

18. Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley Most Beautiful men of all time
Nothing can stop him being sexy, he was sexy, he is sexy, he will be sexy. One more thing to add.. as the day passes he’s sexiness grooming.

19. Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy Most Beautiful men of all time
Let’s just not talk about the race here. We see the beauty by man’s nature, personality and attitude, and Ealy has enough features to make him on this edition that’s it.

20. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds The Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
No tight custom would be looking better for anybody, but we are okay with Ryan tight suits. By the way, have seen Ryan in a red tight sexy suit?

21. Jared Leto

Jared Leto most beautiful guys of all time
Talented and the most handsome man from TV industry. Well, he’s not only TV personality, he’s much more than Hollywood films. Best known for Fight Club, Suicide Squad… okay let’s put a full stop here, otherwise, the list will go on and on.

22. James Franco

James Franco Most Beautiful men of all time
Super-hot comedian and action movie star, James will make you fall in love with his acting skills. He looks magnificent in the shirt with a tie.

23. Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power most beautiful guys of all time
While adding most beautiful men, we can’t ignore the true beauty of Tyrone. Tho, gone too soon but left dozens of great movies for us. Thank You, Tyrone!

24. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman Most Beautiful men of all time
Simply cute and young man. He proved that age is nothing in the matter of being talented. Although, he looks younger and pretty with short hair.

25. Laurence Olivier

Laurence Olivier Most Beautiful men of all time
The most beautiful man alive. In case you want to find more his sexiness go watch his TV shows and movies. Let us know which your favorite movie or show.

26. River Phoenix

River Phoenix Most Beautiful men of all time
Why beautiful and talented people die so early? Maybe god later realizes how beautiful men these are. The river is one of them.

27. Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis Most Beautiful men of all time
Tony hair is way more sexier than any girl ass…. Sorry, but it is true. He is extremely talented and beautiful by nature.

28. Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill most beautiful guys of all time
Every girl wants this superhero. Tho, he saves people life but his appearance kills women around the world.

29. Jeffrey Hunter

Jeffrey Hunter most beautiful guys of all time
God must have been taken more time than an average to build Jeffrey’s eyes. His eyes are enough or should we continue…?

30. Jonny deep

Jonny deep Most Beautiful men of all time
talented, philanthropist, full of great features such as eyes, lips, hair, body, length. We think it’s enough to make any guy beautiful.

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