5 Things to Know About Hiring a Professional Escort Service

professional escort service

According to a study conducted by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dunbar of “Super Freakonomics” about 15% of the American adult male population has paid for sex. Other countries like the UK don’t pace far behind at nearly 10% of men surveyed having admitted to working with sex professionals.

Those numbers, which given the world’s progressively liberal attitude towards sex workers and escort services are steadily growing, are a tell-tale sign that many appreciate the convenience and incredible experience that can be had when working with a professional escort service.

If you’re considering hiring an escort for the first time, the experience could be an unforgettable one. On the other hand, your expectations may get shattered quickly if you don’t understand some basic ground rules.

To help you understand more about the ins and outs of hiring an escort, our team has put together this list of 5 things you should know before doing business with a professional escort service.

1) The Booking Process

You’ll likely book your escort via a service’s mobile application or website. These mediums allow you to browse women that are available for you to take out. During browsing, you’ll see the women’s pictures, interests, and typically their rate.

Rates with escort services are almost certainly non-negotiable. When you get on the phone with management to arrange to take a woman out for the evening, if you attempt to haggle, you run the risk of being blacklisted from the service.

If prices are not explicitly posted on the escort service’s website, you will need to call to figure out how much a particular girl costs. There’s no shame in talking to management, asking for rates and then thanking them for their time if it’s out of your price range. So don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to call if you’re generally interested.

Once your escort has been booked, you’ll agree to a mutual meetup or pickup location and can start getting ready for your night to remember.

2) High-Class or Low-Class Escort – Does it Matter?

For some, they’re looking to find any escort they can at the lowest possible rate. Based on feedback from people that are regulars when it comes to working with escorts, this attitude is a big mistake.

Think about why you’re hiring an escort.

You want a beautiful woman who is not only a pleasure to hang out with but an absolute sex professional. Cheap, low-class escorts will not tick those boxes.

For an evening to remember, opt for an upscale escort like the ones offered at Impulse 247 and prepare to be blown away.

3) Preparation

Once you’ve arranged to meet your escort, it’s important that you prepare for your date.

The way you carry yourself from your attitude to your basic hygiene will directly affect the level of success you experience during your evening. It’s not worth splurging on a high-class escort just to meet up with her, make her feel like you put no effort into the date, and turning her off.

To get the most out of your experience, go through the following checklist:

  • Take a shower
  • Shave/groom your facial hair
  • Pick out clean clothes
  • Have the escort’s fee in hand
  • Do not get drunk

Take the 5 bullets above seriously and you’ll be sure to start out on the right foot.

4) While You’re Together

When you finally meet up with your escort, nerves can get high. If you’re working with an upscale escort, they’re going to be able to guide you through your experience and help you feel more comfortable.

A good escort should be able to provide you with an experience that’s almost indistinguishable from spending the evening with a girlfriend. That means, she will be striving for your encounter to feel as natural and as fun as possible. You should do your best to work towards the same experience.

To help guide you, here are some ground rules you should have in the back of your mind during your encounter.

  • Keep conversion fun and steer clear of topics revolving around the escort’s profession
  • Be prepared to hand your escort her fee when she requests it
  • Overall, just treat your escort like you would any other respectable woman you would bring home after a date

The more respect you give your escort the more fun you’ll both have. Don’t be creepy, act like a normal adult and everything will go great.

5) When The Experience is Over

Once your time with the woman your professional escort service has sent over has expired, be sure to thank your escort, ensure she’s been paid and gracefully end the evening.

Under no circumstances should you expect to get free overtime experiences. For example, if you have 5 minutes left and want to initiate another sexual encounter, don’t. Not unless you’re willing to pay.

The same goes for asking if your escort would like to go out for a late night snack or catch a last-minute movie.

You wouldn’t ask your doctor, lawyer or any other professional for free work. Be sure to understand that your escort is no different and respect that with her, time is money.

Wrapping Up 5 Things to Know When Doing Business with a Professional Escort Service

Hiring an escort via a professional escort service can make for an incredible experience you won’t soon forget. To make sure you get the most out of your night, we recommend following the tips above.

Book an upscale escort, don’t haggle fees, clean yourself up, treat your escort with respect and you’ll have an awesome time!

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