7 Awesome Gifts Your Dad Will be Thrilled to Get On His Birthday

gifts for dads who want nothing

Are you at a loss for what to get your dad for his birthday? It’s understandable; dads are usually the hardest person to shop for in the family.

You could always get him another pair of socks, right?

Instead, why not get him something that totally suits his interests. A gift that he remembers and loves using. Something that makes him feel as awesome as he is.

If you want to ace his birthday this year, keep reading. Here are 7 ideas of gifts for dads who want nothing.

1. Beer Making Kit

Is your dad a crafty, beer-drinking DIY-er? If so, then this is the perfect birthday gift for him.

Beer kits come with all the components for brewing your own beer from home. Whether your dad wants a crisp lager or a classic pale ale, there’s a kit for him.

These make awesome gifts because they last more than one night. The brewing process takes around two weeks. He’ll be practicing his mad scientist act for days.

Another cool aspect of this gift is that it’s something you can do together. If you and your dad share a bond over craft brews, make a custom family beer. This gift could inspire a whole new hobby and family activity.

2. Stadium Seat Cufflinks

Sports memorabilia is a perfect gift idea for any sports fan. If your dad has a favorite team, consider getting him collectibles or a signed jersey.

For a twist on classic sports gifts, check out these stadium seat cufflinks. Each cufflink is made from the stadium seats of America’s best stadiums. Dark blue cufflinks from Fenway, lighter blue from Yankee, or orange from Shea.

Some dads love their team but don’t want to walk around with a logo tee and hat. Cufflinks are the perfect choice for the subtle and confident dads.

3. Finders Seekers Subscription Box

Dads all across America start their morning with a newspaper or the crossword puzzle. Their love for solving problems and current events is strong.

This subscription box is perfect for dads who like solving puzzles. Each month, the Finders Seekers Box sends recipients a new mystery to solve. The story is different each month but often revolves around adventure and travel.

The clues are perfect for intellectuals who have years of newspaper reading to fall back on. The puzzles include codes to decipher, trivia, and cryptic messages.

Any dad who loved playing the board game “Clue” with you as a kid will love this gift.

4. Consumables

What are you supposed to get a dad who already has everything? Anything he wants he buys for himself.

You get him the one thing he can’t buy from a store. Homemade consumables made in your kitchen.

If you’re not a baker, don’t worry. This doesn’t have to get complicated. Consider making a simple jam recipe and jarring it yourself.

But, if you’re feeling ambitious, why not take it to the next level? You could make a custom party mix by roasting the nuts yourself and seasoning them spices. Or, make special dessert clusters with his fave chocolate and pretzels.

Dads love snacks. Making him a special blend he can only get from you is a perfect gift.

5. Leather Jacket

Does your dad need an upgrade for his wardrobe? Sweater vests aren’t as cool as they once were.

You can’t go wrong with a classic leather jacket to level up his look.

Not only do they keep him safe on the motorcycle he buys during a mid-life crisis, but they’re warm. Leather jackets are a functional accessory that looks cool while keeping you cozy.

Choose from vintage leather jackets, motorcycle jackets, or screen replicas. He could walk around in a replica Resident Evil jacket. Or, a red throwback jacket to Fight Club.

If you know this will be the best birthday gift ever, learn more. Finding the exact leather jacket he’ll love will make this birthday his best ever.

6. Experience Gifts

Sometimes, the best birthday gifts can’t be wrapped. They can only be experienced.

This can include fun nights out with you, or an experience for him and whoever he wants. You could prepare a homemade picnic basket for his Sunday lunch. Or, get him movie tickets to the next Star Wars film.

Another fun gift is upgrading his travel plans. If he’s going to Florida for golf, consider bumping his plane ticket up to first class. Or, call his hotel in advance and book him the nicer suite.

Many dads won’t treat themselves to luxuries because they’re used to taking care of others. You can make him feel like a king by treating him to fun experiences and luxuries.

7. Gift Cards

When you’re at a complete loss about what to give him, you can’t go wrong with gift cards. These make functional and practical gifts. They’re perfect for dads who aren’t sentimental or sappy.

Get him some pre-paid gas cards at the local gas station. Or, gift certificates for his favorite coffee shop. You could even pre-pay for his lawn or snow shoveling service.

Is there something you know he’d like, but would never buy for himself? Like, a new suit or fancy luggage? Buy him a gift card for the store and he has no choice but to treat himself.

This is also an awesome gift for months when money is tight. Helping out financially can be a more heartfelt gift than you’d think!

Want More Gifts for Dads Who Want Nothing?

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. They either have everything they want or don’t need anything new. Sometimes they’re also cheap and don’t want you to spend money on them.

Use the list above of birthday gifts for dads who want nothing. Whether you buy him a subscription box service or bake him treats, he’s going to love what you give him.

For more gift ideas and tips for living your best life, check out the blog.

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