Top 10 Gifts Football Fans Will Absolutely Love

gifts for football fans

Buying a great gift for someone who has a deep-seated love for something makes it so much easier. It takes the guesswork out of it. You only need to find out if they already have it.

There is no shortage of options when looking for gifts for football fans. Besides the regular items for sale at the games, you can either visit the team’s website or official store for many more unique and fun ideas.

It’s much fun to shop for great gifts as it is to give them. Depending on the team, there can be all kinds of different gifts available. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Great Gifts for Football Fans

Finding items with the team’s logo probably isn’t too difficult, but finding authentic items may be. There are always gifts on the market but they can be knock-offs.

1. Vintage Items

You can find a lot of older items for sale with team logo and images. These can be found online through the team’s website, or for sale from collectors. A quick look through any site where you can buy sell or trade should turn up any number of items.

Be careful when buying online from private sellers. They may claim something is authentic but it can be fake or newer than advertised. Look for old rings, pins, pictures and clothing and gear worn by your recipient’s favorite player

2. Tickets

Depending on how much money you are willing to splash out and of course, depending on the team, tickets to games can be a great and welcome gift. There are single tickets, books of ten or specific numbers and season’s passes.

You can treat them to an away game with a weekend package of hotel, tickets and it’s a gift that any fan will love and remember for years to come.

3. Reading Material

There are plenty of books and magazines available for the sports fan. Biographies or autobiographies, magazine subscriptions or even old programs and even player’s old diaries can be found.

4. Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a bit of jewelry as a gift? There are plenty of options available, like cufflinks, rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, and pins. There are many items available, and some you can have custom made.

5. Jerseys

Jerseys are a popular choice for sports fans. They wear them when they watch the games at home, they wear them to the live games, they can wear them when they play themselves and many even sleep in them.

You can also have them custom made, to add that extra touch for the rabid fan. have their name or their favorite player’s name and number put on, or customize however you choose. If that’s the way to go, learn more about that here.

6. Cases

Cases for your phone, your e-reader, the tablet, the laptop, they have them all. You can also get backpacks, suitcases, gym bags and any other type of tote, grocery bag or duffle you can imagine.

You can usually find these items at any larger department store. Look around for glasses cases, pencil cases and, pillowcases, while you’re there.

7. Glasses, Dishes

Popcorn bowls, the salsa dish, or sipping whiskey from your favorite cut glass is a great gift that also serves a purpose. You sports fan can use their favorite sports mug for coffee, their bowl for soup and even casserole dishes for dinner.

You can get full sets, complete with trays, napkins, and cutlery for the football parties they love to host. There is no reason why the whole house can’t be decked out in team colors, logo and spirit.

8. Meet and Greet

Sometimes there are opportunities to actually meet your favorite players. There are a few ways to do this. First, follow them on social media, and their team. They will tell you where there are going to be special events planned the public can attend.

Find them at charities, or book signings and attend practices and training sessions at their home field. There are many opportunities to say hello, ask for an autograph or get a picture.

However, it’s best if you can make arrangements to meet them or go to their public appearances. Don’t follow them around and bother them when they are in the store, at a restaurant or with their families.

9. Jacket, Socks, Hats

Besides the jerseys, there are many kinds of clothing items you can find. Ball caps, socks with insignia, T-shirts, team jackets and sweats, top and bottoms and bandanas. These are always a safe gift and you know they will be put to good use.

People love to wear their team logo and brand to proudly display their team. They can wear them to the games, maybe even hoping that if one of the players gets injured, they will be called in. They are already suited up.

10. DVDs

Here’s a gift that will provide hours of entertainment. You can find highlight reels of all the greatest plays, recordings of great games and even educational DVDs to help them with their own game.

There are also movies with football themes, some of their favorite players may appear in a movie and there are tons of blooper and outtake DVDs to keep everyone entertained.

Get Onside

It shouldn’t be too difficult finding great gifts for football fans. A quick look on the internet for items at their own website is a great place to start. If you have an artistic flair, you can even make your own.

For those on a budget, try second-hand shops and flea markets. You never know what kinds of treasure you will find. Larger department stores will have many items with sports insignia, from bedsheets to sweat socks.

If you know the person well or even if you don’t, finding something with their favorite team will always be a big hit. You’ll definitely be invited to the next football bash.

Oka, that’s gifts covered, now, keep reading for more tips for the next tailgate party.

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