Concert Music: 7 Key Benefits of Attending Live Music Concerts

You’ve been enjoying music all your life, but there’s a good chance you’re not aware of how it’s benefiting you. There’s more to it than the pleasure of hearing your favorite songs.

Music can relieve stress in many ways. It transports us to another place so we can forget about our problems for a while.

However, if attending live concerts is what you like most about music, you’re getting a whole other set of benefits. The advantages of concert music may surprise and please you. Read on find out what they are. 

1. Exercise

Unless you’re going to see the local philharmonic orchestra, there’s a good chance you’ll burn some calories at a live concert. This isn’t a conventional way of getting exercise, but it works.

The type of concert you’re seeing will determine how much of a workout you get. Dance music offers the best calorie-burn. Rock shows will also get you moving.

Even if a concert is laid back, staying on your feet the entire time is a great way to burn calories. Think about how much your feet hurt the day after a long concert.  

If you’re attending a festival, expect to get a lot more exercise. All the walking will leave you worn out but feeling good once the show’s over.  

2. Discover Your Next Favorite Band

Today, there’s an inexhaustible amount of new music out there. Attending concerts is a great way to discover something you love.

Most touring musicians bring smaller bands with them to open the shows. Or, a local band you’ve never heard of may open for one of your favorite acts.

Discovering new music at a concert is a special feeling. Every time you listen to that band, you’ll think of the experience. It also makes you feel closer to the band.

When going to a concert, make sure you get there early to check out the opening act. If a friend asks you to go see a band you’ve never heard of, make this an opportunity to expose yourself to something new.

3. Boost Your Mood

If you’ve had a bad day and need something to lift you up, live music is a great remedy. There’s something about the energy and excitement of seeing a concert that makes people forget their worries.

Even seeing low-key, emotional live music is a great way to boost your mood. Good musicians can put you in another place and time. This is a healthy way to temporarily forget about your problems.

If you feel like you need some live music medicine, but don’t have any concerts planned, you still have options. Check out smaller clubs that host local bands.

Look for listings of these events along with other nightlife in your city’s local paper. Then, leave your troubles behind and make a night out of it.

4. Create Memories

If you’re a music lover, concerts are the best way to create memorable experiences. The sensory nature of live music is something your mind doesn’t quickly forget.

Arena shows are particularly memorable. The lights, stage production, and crowd energy are infectious. Some shows are even overwhelming in a good way.

Concerts also serve as great opportunities to make memories with your friends. The next time a big show is coming to town, get a group together and cut loose.

If you tend to shy away from concerts because of the price, try splurging a little next time. There’s a good chance the cost of the ticket won’t matter once you’re experiencing the show. Also, don’t be afraid to pick out cheaper shows in order to stick to your budget, as they can also often be very good. 

5. Be Part of the Community

There’s something very communal about seeing live music. You get to share an uplifting experience with total strangers.

Seeing a band you like is a great way to meet new people. Knowing you share the same interest helps break the ice. You may end up forming new friendships or even finding a new special someone.

Getting out and seeing live music also means you’re supporting the local scene. For musicians and artists, this type of support is crucial.

The great thing is you don’t have to go to a huge show to get involved. Many communities put on shows in parks, neighborhoods, and other public spots. Attending smaller shows at local venues is another way to support the arts.

6. Feel Inspired

Have you felt generally uninspired in your day-to-day life? Seeing one of your favorite bands live is the perfect remedy for this.

Watching a talented group of musicians doing what they love is an inspiring thing to witness. Even if you’re not a musician, you can still appreciate the passion of a live concert. Who knows, you may end up learning your favorite instrument.

If you’re a musician, seeing a live show provides a different kind of inspiration. You may get some musical insight from watching someone perform. Or, someone else’s talent may push you to be a better musician.

The great thing about live music is that it’s yours to interpret and experience as you wish. How the music inspires you doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re moved.

7. Nostalgia

Is there a band coming to town that was an important part of your youth? This a great opportunity to get nostalgic and feel what you felt years ago

One of the greatest things about music is it never completely leaves your brain. You may not hear a band for 20 years, but the second you do, you get a shot of nostalgia.

These feelings are good for your emotional state. Sure, nostalgia is usually fleeting, but at that moment you’ll feel your stress melt as you get to relive a time you’ve forgotten.

Seeing an old band with a group of friends is even better. That sense of remembrance will boost your energy and make for a memorable night.

Make Seeing Concert Music Part of Your Regular Routine

If you never seem to go to live shows, you’re missing out. Watching talented musicians can do more for you than you think.

Make it a point to see concert music once a month and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Check out the rest of our site for information on music and entertainment.

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