Picking the G.O.A.T.: The 3 Best Wu-Tang Albums Ever Released

best wu tang albums

Wu-Tang Clan is widely regarded as the best hip-hop group of all time.

With their huge crew came a diverse mixture of styles, and each member contributed their individual flavor of rap. During their time, they produced a huge amount of music.

We’ve gone through their entire discography to give you the best Wu-Tang albums ever produced.

The 3 Best Wu-Tang Albums of All Time

If you want to delve into Wu-Tang’s extensive back catalog, here’s where to start.

1. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is not only the best Wu-Tang album, but it’s also one of the greatest ever hip-hop records made.

Released in 1993, it made a huge impact on the hip-hop scene, and its influence can still be seen years later. At the time, artists from Death Row Records were dominating the charts with their California sounds.

This album was part of the spark that created the East Coast hip-hop renaissance, bringing New York rap back into the spotlight. This paved the way for future generations of East Coast rappers, influencing artists like Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z.

Enter the Wu-Tang is where it all began, not only for East Coast hip-hop but for nine incredible rappers who went on to launch hugely successful world tours and solo careers. This album is also part of what prompted the huge popularity of the iconic Wu-Tang logo shirt from Bodyrags.

It features the group’s classic C.R.E.A.M, which Rolling Stone named one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time. Check out this album to hear some of the best music of the 90’s.

2. Wu-Tang Forever

Four years after Enter the Wu-Tang, this double album came along. It was clear that those years had given each artist time to grow, as their sound had changed and matured considerably on this release.

Gritty beats were replaced with a cleaner, smoother sound, and lyrics became much more complex and poetic.

Wu-Tang Forever was nominated for the ‘best rap album’ award at the 1998 Grammys but lost out to Puff Daddy. Still, that didn’t stifle its popularity.

The first single from the album, ‘Triumph,’ was an unlikely hit as a 6-minute song without a chorus. The 14th song on the track listing, ‘Impossible,’ features an incredible verse from Ghostface Killah, which RZA claims to be the best Wu-Tang verse ever written.

3. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

This album was the debut solo project from Wu-Tang member Raekwon.

Despite being a solo album, it still deserves a spot on the top three list. Other Wu-Tang members are also featured, with Ghostface Killah spitting bars and RZA taking care of production.

The album uses strong verses to do some excellent storytelling, perhaps best displayed on tracks like ‘Knuckleheadz’ and ‘Knowledge God.’ Listening to these songs is almost like being given a cinematic tour through New York.

On Cuban Linx, beats, rhymes, instrumentals, and excellent production all come together to create a hip-hop masterpiece.

More Party Anthems

Wu-Tang’s music is timeless.

Play some of these best Wu-Tang Clan albums at any club, party or get-together, and you’ll still see a huge reaction now. Even today, you’ll see people dancing, singing and rapping along word-for-word.

If you’re looking for more classical music to get a party started, see our post on the best dance songs of all time.

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