The Top 7 Music Streaming Services Ranked

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Do you know anyone who still owns a record player? How about a CD player?

Music streaming services accounted for over half of all global recorded music revenue in 2019. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone downloading music these days, let alone listening to CDs. With so many streaming services available, you have the entire music world at your fingers.

Most services now offer way more than music. Song recommendations and lyric scrolling are now must-haves for most streaming services. 

But with so many options, which one do you choose? Read on for a list of the best music streaming services to decide which one is right for you. 


Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service. Claiming over 36% of the streaming market with over 50 million tracks, Spotify will almost certainly have whatever songs you’re looking for. 

With an unparalleled selection, personalized playlists, and a free option, it’s hard to go wrong with Spotify. The free mode is excellent even with ads, and Spotify premium is only $9.99 per month. 

The main draws for Spotify: its podcast selection and impeccable personalization. Features like Discover Weekly and Summer Rewind combine your past and present music tastes to recommend songs. Spotify even invented its own music genres like ‘Brostep’ and ‘Otacore’ that combine music and culture. 

Despite complaints about underpaying its artists, Spotify remains one of the top streaming services. 

Apple Music

Spotify’s biggest competitor, Apple Music is the go-to for Apple users. Apple fans will love the ease of connecting their devices to this service. If you already have a large Itunes library, syncing your tunes takes just a few clicks. 

Want to listen on your iPhone, laptop, or smart speakers? Apple Music stores your songs in the Cloud for easy access on all your devices.

While Apple Music does not have a free version, if you purchase Apple’s AirPods, you’ll get three months free of the streaming service. AirPods not syncing with Apple Music? Find out how to fix common AirPods problems before you buy a new pair. 

Like Spotify, Apple Music has excellent personalization features. However, Apple Music’s human-curated radio station maintains an edge over Spotify’s algorithm-based formulas. 


Consider yourself a music buff? Do you take your audio quality seriously? Then Tidal is the streaming service for you. 

Tidal subscriptions start at $10 a month, but you can opt to pay double that for high-resolution audio files. 

While not as comprehensive as Spotify or Apple Music, Tidal still boasts an impressive collection. Since the service is artist-owned, musicians get paid more than on other services. 

What else is unique about Tidal? This streaming service offers music articles, live streams, and concerts. You can also get early access to concert tickets. For music lovers, this is a must-have! 

Amazon Music 

Amazon has not one but three music streaming services: Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Music HD. 

Prime Music comes with Amazon Prime but only has around 2 million songs. Amazon Music Unlimited is only $8 a month for Prime members and boasts over 60 million songs. 

Like Tidal, Amazon Music HD offers high-res audio files for $15 a month or $13 for Prime members. HD also includes an innovative 3D Music format that plays live concerts on Echo Studios devices for an immersive experience. 

All three streaming services are compatible with Alexa. The only downside: there’s no free version.


SiriusXM offers the best music and radio station streaming for your road trip needs. 

What makes SiriusXM unique is its comprehensive offerings including everything from music to comedy to talk radio and more. For only $10.99 a month you can upgrade your radio experience with SiriusXM. 

The service offers nearly a dozen subscription tiers, so you can choose the best level for your budget.

Listening on your boat? Opt for SiriusXM for Boats. Want extra Howard Stern? There’s a plan for that. What’s more, they now offer an “Outside the Car” package so you can take your radio with you wherever you go. 


Combining live radio features like SiriusXM with an even bigger song collection than Spotify, Deezer is a promising newcomer in the streaming service world. 

Deezer rivals its more established predecessors in variety and features. One notable feature is the service’s SongCatcher that identifies songs playing in your surroundings. 

Even better, Deezer has a 100% free version and works with nearly every device on the market. With high-res options like Tidal, Deezer isn’t missing much.

YouTube Music

If music videos are your preference then YouTube Music is the way to go. As long as you don’t mind ads, you can watch millions of music videos for free through this service. 

Curate your own playlists or discover rare live versions of songs. YouTube Music is also an excellent choice if you prefer listening on your desktop or laptop. 

Another unique feature is YouTube Music’s location-based recommendations. At a party? The service might recommend some good dance tunes. Plus, you can search for songs based on lyrics. 

Music Streaming Services: The Bottom Line

Rap, metal, or pop? Radio, podcasts, or music videos? Whatever content you prefer, there’s a streaming service for you. 

If budget is a priority, choose a service with a free option like Spotify or YouTube. If you’re willing to spend a little more for high-quality audio then Tidal or Amazon Music HD are your best bets. SiriusXM is perfect for car listeners, and Deezer is a great all-around option. 

There are plenty of music streaming services that didn’t make the cut, so if you want to read more about the music world then check out our blog! 

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