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Funny Yet Functional: 5 Funny Winter Hats That Definitely Keep Out The Cold

Looking for a great winter hat that makes a statement while still keeping your head warm?

It used to be you had to choose one over the other. But not anymore.

Now there’s a wealth of unique and funny winter hats out there that handle both jobs. And you’re sure to get noticed! 

Funny Winter Hats That Will Brighten Your Winter

Winter can feel really long. Especially in cold weather climates. 

So check out these five special hats that will bring a touch of whimsy to your cold weather season.

1. Wide-Brimmed Felt Hat

Felt is a great winter weather material. It’s warm and cozy like cotton or wool. But unlike other materials, it doesn’t freeze when it gets wet.

This is an important point, given that winters can be pretty soggy. And nobody wants to wear a wet hat. 

Add a wide-brim to that felt hat, and it you’ve got increased protection from the rain and snow. And it’s an eye-catching look in a season when so much other warm weather gear just wraps you up like a mummy.

2. Watch Cap 

You may be more familiar with this one as a beanie or a stocking cap. This simple knitted cap is the ultimate solution for those winter moments when practicality trumps formality.  

The watch cap can be worn against the head, of piled atop it. They’re especially practical when they have a folded brim that provides a second layer of fabric over the ears. 

You can silly up the watch cap with tassels, pom-poms or other decorations. Or you could opt for the South American Chullo – a watch cap made from  alpaca wool that has ear flaps and a string to tie around the chin. These are usually decorated with intricate designs or patterns.

The versatility of the watch cap is undeniable. 

3. Ushanka Hat

When you’re looking for solid protection from the cold, what better country to turn to than Russia?

Whether you’re donning your business ware, or dressing up for the evening, the ushanka hat is the perfect – albeit playfully silly – topper for your winter ensemble. 

Also known as a shapka, this hat was used in the Soviet military to protect soldiers against some of the most brutally cold weather on the planet. With flaps that fold down to protect the ears and chin when needed, they’re the ultimate in unique, yet utilitarian, style.

4. Stormy Kromer Hat

This Stormy wasn’t a porn star.

Stormy Kromer was a train engineer. And back in 1903, it was impossible for him to find a hat that kept him warm and didn’t blow off his head when he stuck it out the train window. So his industrious wife stepped in.

First, she modified a baseball cap to make it fit more snug. Then she came up with a six-panel design that would keep the hat in place – even in the most blustery of winds.

It worked. Since there was nothing else like it at the time, it didn’t take long before they took off with railroad workers. And then everybody else.

5. Animal Hat

We’re not talking actual animals here.

But the last decade has seen an introduction of hats that allow you to don everything from a penguin to a koala on your noggin. And these warm and wooly hats pair with everything. 

The best part? They bring a smile to peoples’ faces.

Happy Winter!

With a few of these funny winter hats tucked away in your closet, you’ll be armed and ready for a more enjoyable winter.

And if your curious mind is hungry for more, keep checking back with our blog to find even more inspiration!

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