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Totally Righteous, Dude: The Top Arcade Games from the 80s You Wish You Could Still Play

Did you know that in 2016, revenues of amusement arcades became worth $2.08 billion dollars?

Interested in learning more about the history of arcade games? Not to worry! In this article, we’re going to look at the top arcade games from the eighties.

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Top Arcade Games

Arcade games in the eighties were a favorite pastime. Have you played some games and wondered what the original games were like? Let’s look at some favorite games people loved to play.

Ms. Pac Man

This game came from Midway Games. The gameplay of Ms. Pac Man is like Pac Man. The player earns a point when they eat pellets and avoid ghosts.

When you eat an energizer, the ghosts turn blue, and you’re able to eat them. This game was quite popular!

Robotron 2084

This game’s released through Williams Electronics. There are two joysticks you use. One shoots and the other aims.

It had two-dimensional graphics, and the game was set during 204. Robots had turned against humans in a cybernetic revolt.

The goal of Robotron is to blow up as many robots as possible. You also want to try and save humans.


Joust’s developed by Williams Electronics. It featured a two-player cooperative play, which was a big deal back in the eighties.

The player presses a button and joystick to direct a knight on top a flying ostrich. The goal of Joust is to defeat groups of enemy knights.

You control a yellow knight and ride a stork or ostrich. Use the two-way joystick and button for flapping the wings. You must hover above pools of lava and floating rock platforms.

Star Wars

This game’s produced by Atari. It’s a combat game using three-dimensional color graphics. It simulates the attack on the Death Star from the film. The game features digital samples of voice from the movie.

You get to take on the favorite role of Luke Skywalker. You must destroy enemies throughout the game.

You need to survive for a certain amount of time. Either by killing enemies or avoiding their shots. You have six shields and lose one during a collision.

These are the top ten video games of all time.


This game released by Atari and is like the Donkey Kong game. The player becomes a boxing glove-wearing mother kangaroo. You must rescue the child from monkeys throwing fruit.

There are four levels. The mother kangaroo must reach the top floor where the baby is being held captive.

The monkeys throw apples at the mother kangaroo on each level. You can punch the monkey with a boxing glove and destroy the apples.

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Want to Learn More?

Did you find this article informative on top arcade games? The eighties are the golden age of arcade games. Now we know why!

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