How Hard is it to Get a Maryland Medical Cannabis Card?

maryland medical cannabis card

Around 76% of doctors around the world approve of medical cannabis use. You, too, can obtain a Maryland medical cannabis card.

Over 92% of medical marijuana users say cannabis works for relieving their conditions. However, there’s a process to getting a medical cannabis card you must complete.

Here’s how you can get the state’s golden ticket to medical marijuana:

Qualifying Conditions For a Maryland Medical Cannabis Card

In order to get a Maryland medical marijuana license, you must be over the age of 18 or have a caregiver over 18 years old. (The caregiver would be the only one able to pick up medical cannabis on your behalf.)

You must also have a health condition that medical cannabis can treat. Conditions include chronic pain, anorexia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, allergies, migraines, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer, or any other condition deemed chronic, long-lasting, or life-threatening.

You must have legitimate documents that prove you have one of these conditions.

Register With The State

Go to the Maryland Cannabis Commission’s official site and register with the state of Maryland. Provide your name, date of birth, and address. Upload a valid identification card to prove your identity.

You don’t need to be a resident of Maryland in order to apply for a cannabis card here. Maryland residents and non-residents alike need to submit proof of address.

Enter an e-mail address that the MCC can use to contact you. Make sure you click the verification link they send you or else the process won’t be completed.

You must also submit a clear photo of yourself taken within a 6-month time frame. Your photo must resemble the photo on your identification card.

Have the last 4 digits of your social security number ready for the application process.

Finding a Doctor To Prescribe Medical Cannabis

Next, you need to find a doctor who will give you a Physician’s Statement. The doctor must be licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and registered with the Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission.

The majority of doctors support medical cannabis, but some don’t. Be prepared to face some rejection. Ultimately, you need to find a doctor who’s willing to give you a Maryland medical marijuana card.

If you’re not sure where to look, there are many websites that connect you with medical marijuana-friendly doctors in Maryland.

Your doctor will work with the state to certify you as a medical cannabis patient. The time length varies for how long this takes. People report that the process often takes 2 or 3 weeks.

Once You’re Certified

After you get certified, you’ll have to pay a fee for your Maryland medical marijuana license. This registration fee will be determined by the rulemaking process, but it’s normally around $50.

The cost will be recouped in the deals you’ll get on high-quality cannabis. With your medical cannabis card, you can enter legally enter dispensaries and purchase their products.

By going to dispensaries, you also get specialized knowledge on what kind of cannabis strains are best suited for your condition.

Let Medical Marijuana Work Its Magic On You

Over 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization. Your Maryland medical cannabis card is your first step to freedom.

Start improving your health and learning about wellness. Invest in yourself and transform your existence into something greater.

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